Friday, March 10, 2017

4 Shows to Watch Right Now

I love finding a great, new television show to watch! I also love when we get recommendations so if you know of something great to watch let me know! Right now we've find a few new shows to occupy our time since several of our other shows have gone on break. Plus when it's a show that's available all at once (like Netflix shows) we burn through them fast! Here's a few shows that we've watched and really liked...

The Missing

My husband found this show and we just finished watching season one. Season one is about a man named Tony and his wife trying to find out what really happened to their son 8 years after he went missing. Tony has never given up in trying to find their son after he disappeared one night while they were on vacation in France from London. With the help of the original investigator they go on a journey to find Oliver the missing boy and to try to piece together what happened eight long years ago.

There is several seasons of The Missing out but we have only finished season one. Each season revolves around a different story line so season two will have all new characters in it.

Murder in the First

This show use to be on TNT but now it's available to stream on Hulu. There was three seasons of this show before it was cancelled and I have no idea why it was cancelled. It was so good! We watched the entire series in a weekend because we literally binged watched it for three days. The show is set in San Francisco and follows San Francisco homicide detectives Terry and Hildy who are partners. Together they work the streets of San Francisco. Each season is about a different murder/crime and their truth to find out who the killer is.

A fun fact for us was that Hildy's neighborhood in the show is actually the street where my husband's cousin lives so we would see their house in the background anytime they showed scenes with Hildy coming or going to her house. We love that it was set in S.F. because in all of the shows scenes you get to see more of the city.

I'm so worried their going to cancel this show. It's currently on NBC and they still have not confirmed a season two. Viewers continue voice their love of the show online but the network continues to harp on their numbers being low for live audience. Well I'm sorry but who's up at 10:00 p.m. on a Monday watching it live instead of watching it on DVR? This home girl has a job and can't stay up that late which is I'm sure the case for most people. I really do love this show so I'm hoping it gets a season two.

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus find themselves in a different time period with every episode. They are a three man team that is working to save history because a man named Flinn is going back into time and changing big moments in history. Together these three will try to preserve history and not change the future in the process.


I want to pre-face this show by saying that I have always hated James Franco. I can't stand anything that he's in and usually refuse to watch anything with him in it. When I heard of this show though, I wanted to watch it because I love everything to do with the Kennedys. When watching this show, I actually don't have a problem with Franco. He does a good job in making me forget who he actually is.

In this eight episode mini series, Jake (Franco) goes back in time using a wormhole in the local diner to a time before JFK was assassinated. He's on a mission to make sure that the assassination doesn't happen. He lives in the past for three years to try and track down Oswald and learn if he's working alone or with others. He hides himself in history and tries to do everything in his power to keep JFK alive.

These are just a few of the things we've been watching on TV. What have you been watching?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It's been awhile since I've done an edition of the good, the bad and the ugly so I figured it was time to bring it back!

The Good

I thought we were going to owe on our taxes and after many cold sweats I finally found out from our accountant that we don't owe! Thank goodness! Maybe my mom's affirmations worked but either way we don't owe any money. I had been worried about it for weeks and dreading hearing the news so that was a major relief to find out that we don't owe and we are actually getting a little back!

The Bad

My husband and I had to spend two weeks apart! His work sent him to a training for two weeks and it was located in Georgia. This had been the longest we had ever been apart since we started dating. We had only been apart for 3-4 days before this work trip. It felt a little weird being at home without him and my days off were very silent. Now that he's back we can get ready for vacation to New York City!

The Ugly

While my husband was away he took our large suitcase. Our luggage use to be my luggage before we got together. I've had that luggage since around 2006 and taken it tons of places. Well finally it gave up and the wheels fell off. It was a great set and this is the second bag that finally bit the dust. Since it was only a three piece set that leaves us with only one piece of luggage and it's the carry on size. So we had to bite the bullet and get some new luggage. I mean you can't go to New York with only one carry on for two people.

We were lucky though and got a great set for a good price. We each got a checked bag and carry on. Now we can spin our luggage 360 degrees and have the handlers through them around and nothing get smashed inside our hard shell luggage.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Adult Book Worm

Every year I make it a goal to read as much as I possibly can. I enjoy reading and finding new authors that make me want to read even more. Most years I set out with a number of books I'd like to read but this year I'm just seeing how many I get through without the worry of hitting a specific number. There shouldn't be pressure on doing something you enjoy spending your free time doing.

We are into March (which I can't even begin to wrap my brain around how it's already three months into the year) and I've already read several books. I wanted to break all of them down since I've enjoyed all that I've read so far.

First up... How We'll Live on Mars.

I'm a huge nerd when it comes to space. I mean clearly.. look where I use to work lol. I'm obsessed with the thought of us going to Mars. Ever since I sat down and watched The Martian, I can't get enough about the red planet. This book can get a little technical so it can be a slower read. If you aren't hip to the engineering or biologist lingo then it's going to get challenging to read but I really enjoyed it. This book also happens to be what the recent National Geographic channel based their scripted mini series Mars on. The book mentions the current work of Space X and their efforts in getting us onto the red planet.

Next up... The Dana Girls Mystery Series. The Mystery of the Stone Tiger.

I got this book along with two others at my work's used book sale. The covers were vintage and from reading books like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, I recognized how similar they were in style. Well I was right! The Dana Girls were written around the same period and by the same author of some of the Nancy Drew books. This time it's about two sisters who go around solving crimes in their free time when they aren't at boarding school. Since I never read these books when I was young I've been reading them now. This one is about a museum featuring a stone tiger that keeps getting vandalized while the time begins to have odd occurrences. Together, the Dana sisters go about finding out what's going on while their on break from school.

The Dana Girls Mystery: The Phantom Surfer.

This one has been my favorite so far. The sisters along with their friend's go to a sleepy little off season beach town for a school trip. When they arrive they find that their room has been cancelled by a rival student that they don't play nice with at school. That quickly becomes the least of their problems as they realize someone else is trying to drive them away from town. The sisters quickly decide to help out the staff after they receive threats if they don't all quit their jobs and leave town.

Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.

I use to love, love, love the Real Housewives of New Jersey. They were my favorite from the moment they hit the air. Those first few seasons were explosive with drama and family craziness. Once Theresa hit the news for her taxes and her husband scamming the U.S. government the drama got even more crazy. I had followed the story in the news and now to read her side of it, it's definitely interesting. I think she probably really didn't know what Joe had been doing. You can also tell she really loves her kids and wants everything to go back to normal.

Angels Flight.

I got into these books because I loved the Amazon Prime show Bosch. I didn't know it was based off the Michael Connelly book series until a co-worker told me. Since then I've been reading the books in the order they were published because they build upon each other. This book like the others takes place in Los Angeles and a prominent civil rights attorney is murdered. Bosch like always is on the case and out to find the killer while the weight of the department and the tension of the city rest on his shoulders.

The Dana Girls Mystery: The Mystery of the Winking Ruby.

The Dana Girls have been hired by their uncle who's the Captain of a cruise ship to solve a mystery. One of his employees has fallen ill and lost his memory. He's able to tell the Captain that his sister and mother are in danger and little information about a winking ruby. The sisters take the case and hit the high seas and then Europe to solve the mystery.

A Darkness More Than Night.

This is in the Bosch series that I mentioned earlier. I believe this is book seven in the series and it also happens to be the book that Amazon just realized will be the plot of the next season that hits prime memberships next month. They always seem to change the story around a little bit for the show so I'm interested to see what they do with the plot. This time Detective Bosch is getting the finger pointed at him for a murder.

Colony One Mars.

I told you! I'm obsessed with the red planet recently! This fiction book written by a British author sets the scene on Mars and what's happened after a failed mission from three years prior. When the astronauts get there they find that not everything from the first mission is gone. What they do find startles them and quickly breaks up the five member crew. Now their in a fight to get off the planet and back to Earth one day. This book ended with a cliffhanger and I can't wait to read book two!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Two Movies for Tonight

Looking for something to watch tonight? Time is precious and you don't want to spend time searching for a movie to only be disappointed with it in the end. So that's why I've brought you two movies for tonight. The movies I review here give you an idea of what's good to watch any time you want to quickly get a movie and start watching it. This week I'm giving you two movies that are totally worthy of your time. 

The first movie... Hard to Kill.

Can you believe I had never seen this until recently? This is a classic 90's movie staring Steven Seagal. If you only remember his failed attempt at a reality show and being a real police officer then you are missing out. He was THE man apparently in the 90s for these types of movies. The movie is incredibly cheesy and awful in some parts but it's highly entertaining. If you've ever watched a movie and chuckled at how unbelievable it is etc then this movie will make you laugh for sure.

Seagal stars as an L.A. Detective named Mason Storm. When he witnesses a crime for hire taking place with someone who has a prominent name, it brings the danger to his front door. His wife is brutally killed right in front of him and his young son has to try to flee the home. Mason is shot and enters a coma. Years past and he's still never woken. Seven years later Mason finally begins to come out of his coma and finds the world very different but his problems still follow. 

Realizing he's still in danger he enlists a nurse to help him escape the coma institute and together they go on a journey to get his strength back and to find out who has it out for him. Watch this movie and enjoy the laughs. It will make you want to watch more of Steven's movies. At least it did for me!

The second movie... Titanic.

I saw this movie twice in the theaters and so did my husband. It's still as good today as it was then. Recently, we sat down and watched this classic movie for the first time in awhile. The scenes on the ship make you feel like their really on the Titanic. It's amazing the work and details that they did for the movie. If you've been reading my blog for awhile then you know that my husband is a huge fan of this movie. He loves it and he loves all things Titanic.

Last summer we went to Tennessee and did the tour at the Titanic museum there. He loved it! We got to feel a huge ice berg and experience the temperature of the fateful night. We got to see furniture and clothing and items that were retrieved from the ship. We also got to see photographs that were taken by people aboard. It was really great. We enjoyed it a lot. So when we sat down to watch the movie I wondered if it was just as good as it was back then.

Well it was... I did forget how long it is though! Everyone knows the fateful tale of the Titanic but the movie gives you a better understanding of the horror that night as it began to sink. If you've never seen this movie watch it. It earned several Oscars and was nominated for a record breaking amount.