Saturday, August 29, 2020

Well... Let’s Rewind

Remember the one post that I did back in December with all my wishes for 2020? Well... that’s out the window! Due to Covid-19 everyone’s year and life has completely changed. What a garbage year this has been. No travel, everyone sick and if their not their afraid of getting sick, not seeing friends and family in person. What a skid mark in the underwear! 

One of my goals this year was to blog more but clearly that went out the window too with everyone else’s hopes and dreams for the year. We typically would have been on a vacation by now but that didn’t happen in June because of Covid. I’m still bitter...

Between teleworking and watching my 2.5 year old all day, I’m beat. I’m also making face masks like a crazy monkey all night long once he goes to bed. While this year has been completely crazy and nothing like a normal year, I am thankful that I’ve got to spend so much time with my Presley. I didn’t realize how much he really needed me till I started staying home during the pandemic. He’s talking so much more, playing and even finally started eating a little bit more. The one thing that really suck though is not seeing my mom. We usually see her in June, November and December. We didn’t see her in June and unless there’s a vaccine we won’t be able to travel cross country and see her in November and December for the holidays. For us it’s just too risky to take multiple airplanes and expose are ourselves to that many people and then expose my mom once we get there. 

I’m really hoping something will turn around and we can salvage the holidays. I’m trying to mentally prepare but it’s hard. 

In other news, Presley is obsessed with watching a video on Niagara Falls and Greenland. When everything is over, you can guess what trip we are planning. 

I just thought I’d check in with everyone and let you guys know I’m still here. Still living life and trying to plot my way home for the holidays. Stay safe! 

Monday, January 6, 2020

Entering the Roaring 20s

Am I the only person who’s sitting around trying to wrap their mind around the fact that it’s now 2020? I feel like it was just yesterday that everyone was running around, freaking out that computers were going to crash going into 2000. Now we are out of the teens and it’s the roaring 20s. It's crazy to me to think that my son could see the year 2100. I'll be long gone but hey if they ever get that freezing thing right... I could be back. 

It's a new year. It's a whole new decade! I've told you all about my goals. I've got my plans ready and I've got my dreams. I've already been working hard on my ornament side business. I've been working hard to get our new house in order.

Did I tell you that we moved? Yep. The house we built 4 years ago... we sold it. I hated it. I rarely showed any photos of our house on here because I just wasn't into it. It was all new, super huge and spacious but  I wasn't a fan of the "great" neighborhood and those really nice floors... (hard to clean and cold).  The super huge kitchen? Hated it, it was too dark. So we got out of there. We sold it and bought a house that we really liked. It isn't a cookie cutter home, it's in a great neighborhood close to things we love with mature trees and a street Presley could actually play on. 

We've been there since September and I have yet to unpack the garage and half of one bedroom. We went right into the holidays so now it's time to organize. I've been doing that while I pack the Christmas décor up and it makes me feel great! It may not look obvious to my husband but I'm cleaning, maximizing the space and it makes me happy! I'm hoping to have the house completely unpacked and organized by the end of January. I've almost got all the Christmas down and that right there will allow me to finish everything else. I've got a Christmas village up in one room but Valentines Day décor on our mantle already...

So while I'm over here trying to get organized, what's something you are working on as we enter the roaring new 20s?

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020 Goals

I’m not a fan of New Years Resolutions. I feel they set you up for a big let down and failure. However, I am a fan of setting goals and in the last few years that’s what I’ve done for myself. This year I have a few goals...


I love to travel. I also think it’s a good thing to teach your child to love to travel, get out and explore the world. You will always remember a trip and if you don’t the pictures will live on forever for you to look back on. So when Presley was born, I made my mission to try to give him some great travel experiences. Our goal has always been 4 good trips a year. In 2019 we took him to West Virginia, Tennessee, Lake Tahoe and Disneyland. We we to WV three times, to Tennessee twice and Disneyland twice. So while he got four different places he went several times to the majority of them.

In 2020, I would love to take him overseas. I am wanting so bad to go back to England but I’m also wanting to go to Australia. I’ve always wanted to go there and I’ve been following the prices and its really cheap right now to book for later in the year. However, I know we will go to Tennessee and Disneyland again this year. I’m also weighing Hawaii. So while we are debating our actual trips this year, I know we will travel. I also love the idea of going to Philadelphia and seeing the liberty bell and doing the Rocky steps. I also want to see the grand canyon! The list goes on and on....


This goes hand in hand with travel. Presley needs a passport, so does my husband and I need to get mine updated with a name change. It seems like a simple task but I’ve been trying to do this now for a year. We both have to be present with Presley so that’s challenging due to work schedules etc, the post office schedule etc. So I’m making this a goal this year. We have to get everyone their passport. This might be the easiest goal on the list!

Weight Loss

When I was pregnant with Presley, I gained 60 lbs. It was insane and once I had him I dropped maybe 5 of those pounds. I started breastfeeding and that helped me. I got down to about the last 20 lbs and I’ve stalled. The holidays have come and I still need to drop those last pounds. Now he’s almost two and I’ve still got those 20 lbs on me. It’s time to get them off. So my goal for 2020 is to finally get those last 20 lbs off of me. I plan on doing better at portion control, walking more and trying to stay away from sweets. I think that’s what gets me. I love cookies and ice cream and chocolates. YUM! We also got a bike so I could ride that even in the cooler, wet weather of the winter. 

Be in the moment

I've tried really hard to do this since Presley was born. I've tried to stay off my phone more when we are together and during big moments. I use it for the photos and to track his diaper changes etc but other than that I'm trying to live in the moment and be authentic. I can't handle all of the perfect posts and photos people put out there. Here let me post my picture of my messy house with my messy hair and you can see the real me. That's where I am at. Live your life and if people don't like it then UNFOLLOW. My life isn't about followers. But I do like it when you heart my stuff. HAHA

Fabric Christmas

I've been working really hard to grow my side hustle. If you haven't heard or don't know, I make handmade fabric ornaments. I focus a lot on Disney so if you are so inclined go check them out on IG or my website. I make them all year long and really enjoy it. It's fun and it's extra income for my little family. Plus they bring tons of happiness for people at the best part of the year when they hang them on their tree! I want to continue to grow my audience and spread the love of Fabric Christmas. 

A Cross Country MOVE

No, not me again. I want my mom to move to California. We miss her everyday and Presley would love to have his mumsie around all the time. This is one of my main goals in 2020. I want to help my mom move to California or be closer to us even if she moves to Nevada (cheaper). That way we could see her more and she would get to spend more time with us. So I've bought my lottery tickets and I'll be saving as much as I can!

What's your goals for 2020?