Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Smiles

Every Saturday, I try to post 5 things that made me smile during the week. Often I find myself getting caught up in the small stuff but this year I'm making an effort to be conscious of it. This year is about being happy and finding happiness even in the small things! Want to join me? Go ahead and post your Saturday Smiles!
1. Vacation.
Rental Car, accommodations, airline tickets and entertainment planned. It's all done! I am so excited to go on vacation. I'm just counting down the days. Literally I feel like this...

2. Canelo vs. GGG.
Clearly we know who I'm rooting for to win if this fight ever happens. Canelo gave up the belt and I think it's because he didn't want to come up 5 pounds in weight. Their promoters keep saying that the fight will happen but we have no idea when. The fans are guessing that it won't happen this year.

3. Warm Weather.
California is heating up. This past week was in the high 90s so everyone out here is planning for a hot, hot summer. I think they might be right because the weather feels like it did when I first moved out here and that was the hottest summer I had ever felt. I can remember on July 4th it was like 120 degrees and the electric grid couldn't even stay up. Let's hope it doesn't get that bad again.

4. Bosch Books.
It all started for me by watching the Amazon Prime series Bosch. We binged watched Seasons 1 & 2 and are now left hanging waiting on season three to come out. When I was telling a coworker this she informed me that it was made off of a book series. Indeed she was right! I got the first book by Michael Connelly and flew through it. Now I'm on book two. These books are great and I can see why they made the show off of them. Now I've got something to get me through until the next season starts.

5. Christmas Ornaments.

I'm my own little factory every night after I come home from work. I come home, get changed and relaxed, eat dinner and then start working on my ornaments. Some nights I can finish an ornament and then some nights I have to finish them the next. On the weekends I try to make at least 2-3 ornaments. I'm still loving making these! I'm taking orders so let me know if you see something you love. Once certain fabrics are gone I can't get them again.

What's making you smile?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Two Movies For Tonight

Looking for a movie to watch tonight? Don't have anything to watch on television since we are going into that summer lineup blackout? Well don't worry I've got two movies right here that are worth watching. Don't have time tonight? Watch them this weekend!

The first movie... Deadpool.

I should preface this by saying that I am not a huge fan of comic book movies. I'm not a girl who instantly has to rush to the theater to see the latest Avengers or XMen movie. However, my husband is a fan and this weekend we finally got around to seeing Deadpool because we missed it in the theater. I have to say that I thought it was pretty funny but at the same time incredible raunchy. This is not a movie for kids by any means.

Deadpool is about a young man named, Wade who living in the prime of his life, he's young, he's got a great girlfriend but has an odd job. When he's hit with a terminal medical condition everything changes for him. Not wanting to burden his girlfriend he leaves in the middle of the night without saying goodbye to enter an experimental treatment program. This treatment program though isn't sanctioned in a hospital and he's told up front that it could cause some side effects even if the treatment does work. Luckily for Wade the treatment works but scars his body from head to toe. It also gives him the remarkable ability to regenerate limbs, take bullets without any problems and basically be indestructible. When his nemesis hits him where it hurts... his heart he's finally willing to face the demons and risk seeing her again.

The second movie... The Godfather Part I.

This movie is a classic and I had never watched it until this past week. Yep, it's true! I think because it's so long, I never actually sat down to watch it. The movie is a little over 4 hours long and I feel like it could have been condensed down to 2-3 hours. The movie itself was very good.

The Godfather follows the Italian family of Don Vito Corleone. The family lives and breathes the orders of Don. Don has connections everywhere from Politicians to shop owners. If he needs something done it gets done... no matter what the order is. If someone needs something done for them then they come to the Don but by coming to him, the person knows that they will later be called on for a favor by Don. The favor must be honored. Don has three sons one of them being Michael (Al Pacino). He doesn't want this life of organized crime for him. He's a war hero, a college graduate! He wants him far from this life.

When a hit is called on Don and he's gunned down, his son Sonny steps up to the plate. Michael tries to help the situation remain calm but ends up settling the score and is forced to flee the country and go to Italy. There he meets a beautiful woman and falls in love. When he gets new that he can return to America he does so but once he returns he joins in the family business.

At the same time Michael has a straight laced girlfriend who wonders what ever happened to their budding romance. Once Michael went to Italy she never heard from him again. Will she sit around and wait for him to one day return? Will Michael be able to go deep into the world of organized crime? Watch this classic and find out!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5 Belt Bags for Summer Vacation

I was born in the 1980s and when my family would go on a summer vacation, guess what was on my hip? A fanny pack! Who wants to carry around a big purse when their walking through a theme park or on an African Safari? No one! So when fanny packs came back in style I was ecstatic to see them in stores again. Now their being called belt bags and I'm ok with that because their all one and the same.

I've got a hot pink one in my suitcase ready for my upcoming vacation. If you're going on a trip this summer then here's five belt bags that you could rock while eating and drinking with your hands.

1.Rebecca Minkoff 'Wendy' Belt Bag.  

found here.
2. Avenue Dee Melon Fanny Pack.

found here.
3. Balenciaga Papier Zip Around Belt Bag.
found here.
4. SoJourner Silver Fanny Pack.

found here.
5. Victoria's Secret PINK Fanny Pack.
found here.