Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Why I'm Mad at My Favorite Author

I love to read. I love nothing better in the winter to curl up under a blanket, eat warm food and read a good book. My favorite author for over two decades now has been the New York Times Bestselling author- Stuart Woods.

I can remember being at my mom's work when I was about 14 reading the book Choke.

Surprisingly, I wasn't a big reader till then. My poor mother would buy me book after book because I would like the cover art and then I would never read them. That all changed the day I read Choke. I loved the book and started reading all of his books that he had out at the time. I also expanded my reading and kept going.I've read now, every Stuart Woods book that he's written including his autobiography, Blue Water, Green Skipper. That's saying a lot... definitely if you aren't into sailing.

Since I had a baby earlier in the year in February, I got a little behind on my reading and I've been playing catch up. I'm about 8 books behind in Stuart Woods books and I've been slowly catching up. I'm currently reading Indecent Exposure and I've noticed something in the last few books which started to really annoy me. Just hear me out...

The main character in his book is Stone Barrington. He started out as a NYPD police detective but took a bullet to the knee so we went to night law school, passed the bar, got a lawyer job and worked his way up from there. That's all good and well. That's a relatable kind of guy. As the books have went on, he's started become the 1% and I'm sorry but I can't relate to having lunch on a yacht with the President, Former President and the Secretary of State. I also can't relate to having half a billion dollars, private planes, houses in multiple states and a son who's a movie producer. That made me a little sad.

When I first started reading those books Stone and his main friend Dino were both down to earth, somewhat relatable characters. Dino is still a little relatable but he's become an afterthought in the books who seems just around for short phone conversations and dinner dates. What happened to the days when they were actually friends and would have good ol' capers together? I miss the old Stone Barrington who didn't have millions of dollars at his disposal, who didn't hang out with the Presidents and white house staff constantly, who went out and found himself involved in normal affairs and crazy antics.

Maybe it's a sign of the times? Is this what people want to read? About someone else being a half billionaire? I miss the old Stone and Dino. I miss Stone going out a solving crazy things that happen and getting Dino in on it. I guess nothing can ever stay the same.

I've got about 8 more books to read to be completely caught up so maybe in one of these he'll go back to being semi normal.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

18 Summers

A few months after Presley was born, I heard a story that stuck with me. It basically came to the fact that you only get 18 real summers with your children. Yes, you'll spend time and other summers with them after their 18 but those first 18 are the most precious. As children become adults they get their own friends, want to do their own thing, move away, start jobs, go to college etc. The moral of the story was to enjoy and make the most out of those first 18 summers.

I heard this right as we were going into the summer months. This summer Presley was a baby. He may never remember the trips or the stories or the sights but the memories for his mommy and daddy and the photos will live on forever. So what did we do? Well I booked a vacation.

Presley's first trip was to Lake Tahoe for Mothers Day.

Then we jumped on a plane and went cross country for July 4th to our Nations Capitol. He did really well on the flight to DC but the flight back to California was a different story. He was starting to get a little head cold so that didn't help either. Thankfully he didn't get full blown sick and was just a little stuffed up for a few days.

While summer may have came to a close, we have trips lined up for the rest of the year. Next up is Disneyland next month. While I've been to the one in Florida, this will be my first time going to the one in California. Since I've lived out here 6 years now, I guess it's about time I visit. Haha! Wish us luck on the theme park adventure.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Breastfeeding Update

Presley is now six months old and I'm still going strong in my breastfeeding. The last time I talked about it, I gave you all a detailed account of my struggles. I thought since I was have a little bit better of a time, I'd give you an update on the feeding front.

Presley is working his way towards seven months old (cannot believe it already) and I'm still pumping it up. At this point, Presley won't latch on at all and hasn't for months. That means I'm exclusively using the pump. I don't care how he gets the milk but I'm still able to supply it to him anywhere from about 65-75% of his daily intake.

I'm using the hospital grade Medela Symphony 2.0 pump. If I didn't have this pimp I don't know what I would do. My insurance provided a pump and honestly it was complete garbage. I pumped the same amount of time with it that I do the Medela and didn't get anywhere near the ounces amount that I do with the hospital grade pump. I try to pump a minimum of 10-15 minutes each pumping session. I also try to pump a minimum of 10 times in a 24 hour period.

Presley eats anywhere from 30- 37 oz. a day and recently he's went a little higher. We started him slowly on solid foods at almost 6 months old but I still feel milk is really important at this stage and offer him milk before and after the solid feedings. So far he enjoys vegetables and we haven't found a fruit that he really loves. Needless to say breast milk and supplemental formula are still his biggest meals throughout the day. With all of the pumping I do, I get anywhere from 20-24 oz a day. I was producing up to 28 oz a day but my supply has went down some. It's clearly a science.

Recently, I had a health scare and had to go on a steroid and an anti inflammatory. I had to go on them for a seven day period. I had read extensively online that the anti inflammatory passed through the milk and the steroid. I chose not to give him my milk during that time. I just didn't want to take a chance of him getting any of those drugs. Luckily, I had pumped about 10 ounces of milk beforehand and spaced that out with 2 oz a day until I ran out so he got at least some each day. In the meantime, I kept pumping and dumping because I didn't want to lose my milk.

Now that I've been off the medication for a week, my supply has went down to about 20 oz in a 24 hour period. I'm working on trying to get it back up to the normal 24 oz. Again, it's clearly a science.

Is this whole process easy? No... no it's not. Do I want to give up some days? Yes, I sure do. But somehow I keep going. I find the will to keep pumping, to get up at 3 a.m. and do that night pump. To keep pumping at work, on vacations, planning my days around the pump sessions, to freeze it, thaw it, bottle it, etc. I keep going. My goal originally was to get through those first 6 months. Then when I hit the 6 month mark, I decided to keep going. My next goal is 9 months. That'll be November. Since he's still drinking a large amount of milk each day, I'm going to going. I'll re-access again in November but we will be right in the thick of cold and flu season and those antibodies are priceless.

Did you pump? If so, how long did you do it for?