Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Smiles

Every Saturday, I'm going to try and post five things that made me smile during the week. Often I find myself getting caught up in the small stuff but this year I'm making an effort to be conscious of it. This year is about being happy and finding happiness even in the small things! Want to join me? Go ahead and post your Saturday Smiles!
1. The Kings winning games.
2. Cuddling.
3. Skyping with my mom!
4. Wrapping Christmas presents.
5. Always Beezy!

What's making you smile?

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Beach Tree

If you've been following for awhile now, then you already know that I am crazy for Christmas. It is by far my most favorite time of the year. I've loved it since I was a kid and the love has grown over the years. When I became an adult, I started collecting ornaments and Christmas trees. I knew that one day I'd have the room to display all of them. I set out just buying ornaments that I really liked. Then I decided I wanted a candy tree. So I collected those ornaments, then I wanted a beach theme tree and then a movie theme tree. With every theme that was chosen, I would search out the ornaments and have so much joy getting them. Each tree is a labor of love. A love of the theme and a love of Christmas!

This is my beach theme tree...
I started this tree last year and I spent a few months leading up to Christmas searching for the ornaments. I found some after last year so there is quite a few new ornaments on there for this year.
First we have the tree topper. It's a light house. I found this little gem in a Christmas store in Pigeon Forge last year when I was visiting my mom. It's actually a figurine for a Christmas Beach village. However the lighthouse was hollow so I put it right down on the tree.

I've got three extra set of lights on this tree. One set is the hula girls dancing. The second set is the flamingos and the third is seashells.
Anyone need some clams? Or how about a Santa scuba diving?

Scuba Santa found a treasure all right. He found one full of Christmas bells and telling everyone to have a Cool Yule!

Then there's the glass octopus. I got this ornament in Sacramento and the famous Dorthea's in Folsom. I thought the price tag said $12.00. Too bad it was $22.00. He's got a good home though!

This one was a new addition. I got the swordfish this year. I was strolling around Khols with Beezy's mom and stumbled upon this beauty! I also found a palm tree that's new on the tree too.
Need a drink? There's three different little, fun drinks spread out on the tree. We've got this one, a martini and another fruit drink.

This ornament I got before I even had the idea of a beach tree. The Fabulous Annie who use to blog from Hawaii sent me this in a care package from Hawaii.
 Then we have the lobster. He spends his time searching for his lobster on the top of the tree.

This Santa is spending his time getting buried in the sand...

I have three different color star fish on tree. Here we've got white. I also have peach and green. They are spread out and add more color to the blue tree. I found these beauties last year and this year at Cost World Market. They didn't have white last year and this year they do! I saw it and knew I had to add them.

That's just a little bit of the ornaments on the beach tree.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... its Theater Thursday! This week's featured movie is a holiday classic called, Christmas with Holly.
Christmas with Holly is a Hallmark Hall of Fame original movie.

Maggie is fed up of living in the big city. She's starting fresh after being left at the alter and she's moving to a small town in Washington state. She's living out her dream of owning a children's toy store. On her first day in town she bumps into a local named Mark who owns the town's coffee shop. She also bumps into his niece Holly. Maggie mistakes Holly for Mark's daughter.

Holly is being cared for by Mark because her mother recently died. Being devastated by the loss, Mark moved her back to their hometown so his two brothers and Holly's uncles could help take care of her. They'll do everything they can because once Holly's mother died, she stopped speaking. They want her to get better so they all live together in an attempt to help each other out.

Maggie didn't expect to be attracted to Mark but she is. Not knowing his story she finds out that Mark isn't Holly's father but she starts to connect with Holly who loves coming in her toy store. These three will get more than they all bargained for this Christmas season.

I originally first saw this movie on television. I loved it so much I went and found it on dvd! Watch it! It's a really cute Thanksgiving and Christmas movie.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What I'm Watching

My dvr is busting at the seams and I've always got something to watch. This season of television has been one of the most entertaining in a long time. Here's some shows that Beezy and I have been watching and loving.

1. How To Get Away With Murder.
In my opinion this show has blown Scandal out of the water this season. It's addictive and I always can't wait for the next episode. I can't wait to see who killed Sam. I have my theory! And the episode where she asks about the photo on the phone?! Yes!! So good.

2. Scandal.
Am I the only one that feels like this season started really boring and slow? We get that she had to come back to D.C. We get that she couldn't stay on the island with Jake forever. When they returned to D.C. I feel like the show just didn't have any spunk. The episodes are getting better but I'm kinda starting to get over this whole pick the President, pick Jake storyline.

3. Madam Secretary.
I keep hearing conflicting stories about Tea Leoni's Madam Secretary. One day the news will say it's getting horrible ratings and going to be cancelled and then the next will say it's their rating star. Either way the episodes are really good. It reminds me a little bit of the West Wing but without the great writing. The episodes are really interesting though.

4. The Mysteries of Laura.
I really didn't want to like this show. Beezy wanted to watch it and we started and it was funny. Each episode is funny and has a good story line. I feel like this is one of those new cop shows that you actually can't figure out who killed the person until the very end.

5. The Shatner Project.
I am a huge fan of William Shatner. I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, I'm an actual fan of William Shatner. I think he's hilarious. If you have ever seen an interview with him he's always really open, honest and oozing sarcasm. Even though he's a multi millionaire and famous he's had to deal with a lot of life issues. He's dealt with losing a child in a terrible accident and then his first wife. He's rebounded though and doing great. The Shatner project is all about him and his wife redecorating their house in Los Angeles and it's really good. Each episode is a different room and they do such a great job!

6. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
The Atlanta crew has always been my favorite. Since the beginning with Kim and her wigs and Sheri hocking her non existent clothing line. Now this season we've got Apollo going to prison, Nene working in Vegas and Kandi still dealing with her crazy mom. The season opener was AMAZING. I can't wait to see what else is in store for these ladies.

What are you watching on television this season? Am I missing something good?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Review

I always hate to see the weekends come to an end.

On Friday, Beezy and I headed out to the Apple store. While he waited in the line there, I walked over to Sephora and drooled over the Urban Decay makeup. Afterwards, we went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I love their deep fried macaroni and cheese hamburger. I get it any time we go there. If you haven't tried it... be warned. It's addictive!

On Saturday, Beezy and I spent the day at his dad's house. His Uncle Joe passed away about two weeks ago and yesterday they had a family ceremony ending with the military coming to fold the flag. I hadn't met a lot of that side of his family so even in the sad circumstances it was nice to meet them. They tried to make it a day of getting together with family to celebrate rather than being sad. His dad's back yard is a fairly good size so everyone was able to fit in.
Beezy and his dad aka Edward James Olmos. They are so similar yet Beezy would never admit it. He's also very similar to his mom in many ways. It was good to see his dad as always though.

Later that night after the ceremony was over, we headed to the arena to watch the Kings take on the San Antonio Spurs. The Kings had started off the season really great getting 5 wins. Then they lost 3 games on the road so we really needed a win. If you don't know it, the Spurs won the championship last year so we knew this was going to be a rough game.
It was also Veterans Appreciation night, so instead of sitting in our regular seats we were further over and sitting right at center court. It was very nice of the Kings to give us the seats. Thank you Beezy for all your years served!
Before the game
The score was close the entire game. The crowd supported them and the Kings were able to pull out a win! We'll be at the game on Tuesday and we are hoping for another win! Come on Kings... climb out of the cellar!

Sunday. We relaxed. I wrapped Christmas presents. Skyped with my mom and mentally prepared for a very busy week at work. I'm responsible for my agency's awards ceremony and it's this Wednesday. I've been working on this ceremony for two months now. I can't wait till it's over and hopefully a success!

Happy Monday!