Friday, September 4, 2015

How To Have A Strong Nail Game

I use to never go to the salon and get my nails done. Then I got engaged and everyone started looking at my ring and would notice my nails. So I decided to start going and getting them sculpted. Did I mention I was a nail biter? I would bite my nails all the time but that stopped and my real nails were able to bounce back. I have really small hands so my short, little nails would stand out when they'd be painted. They looked even worse painted so I knew it was time to get some professional help. See how short and uneven they were?

Now my nail game is coming on strong! So how do you bring a strong nail game?

First you have a find a great salon. I found one and their perfect. They have hundreds of polishes, ample space and their super close to my house. The only thing that sucks about my great salon is that their so busy you HAVE to have an appointment to get in. They are literally that busy and packed every single day. Once I tried to call in and they had no openings for 3 days. Now I have a standing appointment for every 2-3 weeks with my favorite nail girl.

Second, you have to throw in a little sparkle. Who doesn't love the glitter?

Third, accent nail! Why have ten stubs all looking the same? Mix it up and show off that ring finger with a special design, color or sparkle.

Fourth, try some different designs on your nails. I've recently done an some color ombre designs and glitter designs.

Fifth, Don't be afraid to use bright colors! Now that we are getting into the fall/winter you can really do some great holiday designs.
Last, the shape! I go with square because I've always loved square. I have them round my edges sometimes if their feeling a little too sharp. When I first started going to the salon they would ask me what shape I wanted and started spouting off all these names. The only one I first knew was square so here's a cheat sheet incase you didn't know all of them either!

If you can't decide what to do with your nails on your next appointment check out my pinterest. There's tons of great designs and polishes on there. I'm surfing over there next to find something for my next appointment.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lake Tahoe Fun

My mom was able to come out and visit so we made the most of her time and drove over to Lake Tahoe. It's kind of an accidental tradition because each year I've lived out here we've went there during the summer. This time we went with the purpose of hiking down to the Vikingsholm on Emerald Bay.
When we saw this sign we were like, "Ok. One mile, we can do that. No problem" but oh my gosh. This was the hardest and longest mile of my life. It was extremely steep, uneven, in direct sunlight and seriously felt like three miles not one. There is a few landing areas where you can sit down for a few seconds to catch your breath. The scenery on the way down though is breathtaking.

Vikingsholm is a 38 room mansion located on the shore of Emerald Bay. It was built in 1929 by Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight as a summer home. Most of the house was made with materials found from the Lake Tahoe area.
Wouldn't you love to have a house this size and in prime location as your summer home? The outside is amazing and also has a larger inner courtyard.
 The view from the front porch....

The inside has been preserved with that old world feeling. The hard wood floors, furniture and fixtures is everything from the original house.


During the hike back up we stopped to enjoy the scenery. My mom had a great time again in Tahoe!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September

Today marks the first day of September. The past two months, I took a break from blogging about my life to focus on Christmas in July and Elvis in August. This month I'm back and talking about anything and everything. Summer has flown bye and the beginning of fall is here. One of the things I miss about living on the east coast is the major season change from summer to fall. I miss seeing the leaves change color and I miss the rain. California has been in a major drought so I'm hoping for some rain drops in our future.
I've been a busy little bee the last two months and we are 103 days out from our wedding. Needless to say, planning is in full force. Since I've got so much on my plate, I've made some goals for the month. I figure if I write them down, it'll help motivate me to get them done!
1. Send our invitations to our calligrapher.
It took us a month to finalize our invitations for the wedding. We've had them hand made and hand painted. We personalized everything from colors, envelopes to the return stamp. Their being flown in from Arkansas and once they arrive, they'll get shipped out to New York so our calligrapher can fancy up the addresses. I can't wait to have the finished product!
2. Knit 4 scarves.
Last month I got back into knitting. I use to knit a lot in the winters but it had been awhile. Life gets busy and I just hadn't knitted in a long time. So last month, I got out some knitting needles, yarn and started knitting while I watched television on the couch. I've knitted 5 scarves and I'm debating opening up an Etsy store. I get that there's 1000 people on there knitting but oh, well. I like to knit for fun!
3. Read at least one book.
I've read nine books so far this year but two of them were books I re-read. I'm hoping to read 10 new books before the end of the year is out so I'm starting with a new book from my favorite author this month. I can usually read his books pretty quick. I wish he would come back to California on his next book tour!
4. Finalize our wedding menu with our venue.
We went to our food tasting last month and it was amazing. We tried so many dishes we thought they were going to have to wheel us out of there. We also did our cake tasting the same day. We know what food we are ordering but just haven't sent in our final decisions. Tick tock goes the clock! I need to scan that to our coordinator. The cake on the other hand is done. We picked the flavors, the fillings and came up with a great design!
5. Schedule my hair trial.
Confession. I've already done one hair trial and two makeup trials. The first girl did my hair nice. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad. The makeup trials were bad. The first one was just ok but not what I was wanting on my wedding. If the girl couldn't get what I was telling her on the trial then clearly she wasn't going to get it right on the wedding day. The second makeup trial lady made me look like a snow beast. I'm talking 1980s eye shadow and eye liner so thick I was going to get Julia Roberts a run for her corner in Pretty Woman. Finally, the heavens opened and I met a really nice lady who's not going to charge me an arm and leg. We will be doing the hair trial soon but she got married in August so we couldn't do it then.
6. Start Christmas shopping.

Our wedding is during the Christmas season. Our honeymoon will be literally days before Christmas. I'm not going to have time to shop during the month of December so everything needs to be purchased, arrived and wrapped before our wedding day. So that gives me 3 months to shop for everyone. Better start giving Santa your wish lists now! I've got to make a list of everyone and things I think they'd want this holiday season.
What do you want to try to accomplish this September?

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Final Performance

Elvis Presley's final concert took place June 26, 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Market Square Arena. The Arena has since been torn down however a monument remains on site marking the site as Elvis' Last Live Performance. The concert began at 8:00 p.m. and included hits such as Release Me, I Can't Stop Loving You and Bridge Over Troubled Water. Elvis arrived at the arena was his girlfriend Ginger Alden. The Memphis Mafia and his father Vernon were also in attendance. His long time drummer Ronnie Tutt however, missed this show due to personal reasons. Sadly, he would never play for Elvis again.
Elvis arriving with Ginger Alden
Elvis was not in good health. During his 1977 concerts he had several incidents where he had to leave stage due to intestinal issues. Just weeks before, Elvis had filmed a live concert for CBS. To fulfill his duties they had to record two concerts to get the results they were looking for. Elvis agreed to these concerts because of the money and the fact that his manager had practically guilt tripped him into it. Elvis was paid the high price of $750,000.00 for the CBS concert. His manager took half. Elvis wore the Mexican Sundial Jumpsuit during all of these performances and it was the last jumpsuit he would ever wear in concert.

Elvis was in good spirits during his last concert. He even brought his father Vernon onto stage with him. Vernon had had several health scares in the previous months including a heart attack scare. His improving health no doubt helped lift Elvis' spirits. He gave out scarfs, spoke with the audience in between songs and played the guitar.

While Vernon's health was improving, the members of the band had grown increasingly alarmed at Elvis' erratic behavior. They noted he was forgetting words to songs, slurring his speech and his graceful mannerisms gone only to be replaced with a slower and sluggish Elvis. No one knew that only months later we would lose the King of Rock n' Roll.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Elvis & Charlie

You may have never heard this name before but you've probably seen him in photos.

His name was Charlie Hodge and he was one of the privileged to be one of Elvis' closest friends. They met in 1955 briefly when Charlie was playing guitar in a musical group. In 1958, they were both stationed at Fort Hood together in the Army. They quickly became good friends and at Elvis' request they were placed in the same area and were both sent to Germany.
Once they left the army, Charlie came back to the States with Elvis. He moved to Graceland and  began playing back up guitar for Elvis. He also went to Hollywood with Elvis while he filmed movies. Charlie was given many back ground parts. When Elvis' daughter was born Charlie was there and got to be one of the first people to hold her.
When Elvis went to make his comeback appearance in 1968, Charlie was there to support him on the intimate stage. He played guitar and back up vocals. Once the comeback launched Elvis in to performing full time again, he brought Charlie with him to Las Vegas for his sold out shows and then again on the road.
In one concert, Elvis took off his guitar and threw it behind him. Luckily, Charlie was there to catch it. Afterwards, Elvis was so impressed he started incorporating it into the act.

Charlie was present and behind the scenes for all of Elvis' major life events. He was there performing in Las Vegas, on the road, movies, etc. He even had a permanent room in all of Elvis' homes. He lived in Elvis' homes for more than 15 years.

The Memphis Mafia (which was Elvis' bodyguards and closest friends) say that Charlie was one of the few people who truly cared for Elvis. Charlie was one of the people who didn't need gifts or expensive things from Elvis. He really cared about his friendship. He remained by Elvis until the end. Charlie and Elvis were real friends. Charlie was also asked to be a pallbearer by Vernon for his funeral.

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