Thursday, February 26, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... It's Theater Thursday! This week's featured movie is, Cast Away.
Cast Away came out in 2000 to glowing reviews. I thought the movie was all hype and I never watched it. I had seen a few bits and pieces on television but had never actually seen the movie in it's entirety. This past week, we finally set down to watch...

Chuck is a high level executive for the worldwide shipping company, Fed Ex. On Christmas Eve he's told that he is needed in Malaysia. He says goodbye to his long term girlfriend, Kelly (Helen Hunt) at their Memphis home and gets on a plane to head over the Pacific. When a massive storm puts their plane off course, Chuck realizes they could be in real danger. The pilots are unable to control the plane and they end up crashing into the ocean. Chuck is the only one to get out that he can see and he lands on an uninhibited island.

He'll have to wait it out for help. In the meantime he'll have to learn how to survive. He'll need food, water and fire. Three things that he'll have to really work to get. As packages begin to surface on the island, he starts collecting them. Time passes and the packages stop coming. He also starts to realize that help isn't coming. The entire time he thinks about his girlfriend Kelly. She is also he can focus on to stay calm.

I'm actually really glad I waited so long to see this movie. I thought it was really good but at the same time it was long. It was also a little awful to watch in parts because of how sad it was for Chuck. If you haven't watched... check it out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Things

Time is hopping. Things have been going at warp speed the last few weeks and I feel like there's been so many little and big things that have happened that I've forgot to post about. Sometimes I just haven't had the time. So here's a few things that I feel like should get pointed out...

1. Beezy got me some great gifts for Valentines day. I got a dozen roses, new Nike shoes, Nike work out pants and new underwear. Tesco got a cute towel about cat hair being a the new accessory.

2. Our Save the Dates arrived and I love them! We went with a magnet so people can have us on their fridge for an entire year. We used two photos from our Kings engagement shoot. I would post a photo but it has our wedding website and Beezy's real name on it. We got them from Wedding Paper Divas and they came in the cutest packaging and nice boxes.

3. I finally got my butt into gear and asked my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids to officially be in my wedding party. Due to the storm hitting the east coast, only one of them have actually got their box and card. So I officially have a bridesmaid!

I want to remember everything that happens this year as we plan our wedding so I need to get on the ball about posting! I'll do better these next few months.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Review Time Two

I'm only a weekend behind...
Last Friday, I was all prepared to be going to Reno on Valentines Day morning. We were going to celebrate his mom's Birthday, enjoy being with each other on Valentines day and come back to rest on Monday before heading back to work on Tuesday. That all changed in a matter of 15 minutes.
On Friday at 4:00 p.m. I got a call from Beezy saying some of  his family was going to Vegas for the weekend to hang out with some of their family that lives in Las Vegas. They had called him to let him know and invite him. So he calls me, get's his mom to cancel Reno and by 7:00 p.m. we were on the road to Vegas. We got there at 4am on Saturday and realized our hotel, The Aria was celebrating the Chinese New Year which is the year of the Ram. We hung out with his family, rode the new Ferris wheel, hit up Hersey world and M&M world. Then we had to make the long 12 hour drive back because of bumper to bumper traffic.
Before we left Las Vegas, I also indulged in this little treat....
It was heaven in my mouth and it was worth it. I figured it would be my treat considering I was going back to a week of work.

This past weekend, we spent our Saturday in San Francisco taking the rest of our engagement photos. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Didn't they already take their engagement photos? We took our casual shots at the Kings arena but these were our fancy photos. I had my hair and make up done...
And then we headed off to San Francisco. We took photos in a few multiple locations but here's a little preview of one from our phone. I can't wait to get the real ones back! Our photographer is pretty fast with the turn around so hopefully we will get them in the next few days!

On Sunday, we finally got to relax and watch the Oscars! Now just another week of work

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Engagement Photos Have Arrived

We got a few of our engagement photos back and we are very excited!
Since we are season ticket holders with the Kings and the fact that it was the home of our many first hang outs and dates we thought it would be fitting to take some of our photos there. The Kings were nice enough to indulge us and let us use the arena and court. So without further ado... Beezy and I.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Smiles

Every Saturday, I'm going to try and post five things that made me smile during the week. Often I find myself getting caught up in the small stuff but this year I'm making an effort to be conscious of it. This year is about being happy and finding happiness even in the small things! Want to join me? Go ahead and post your Saturday Smiles!

1. Travel.
2. Free money.
3. Our Wedding website.
4. Valentine's Day!
5. Engagement photos with Beezy.

What's making you smile?