Friday, October 30, 2009

The Wish List!

I started thinking about what I want to put on my "Wish List" for Christmas. Below is the top 5 items on the, I want it, I need it, I have to have it! Wish list. They are in no particular order. 

The Slap Chop & Graty! Everytime I've seen it in stores there's been no accompanying Graty! This girl needs both!
The Sound of Music Soundtrack. I adore this movie! I have it on dvd, now I just need the soundtrack to jam out to!
A Clocky! Have you seen these? This is a fabulous alarm clock that WILL make you get up! After you hit that snooze button once, it will jump off the surface and you have to chase it to turn it off!!!! A-MAZING!

Mad Men Season 2. I fell in love with season 1 and sadly I haven't seen any of 2. I refuse to watch it on tv because I want to make sure I watch it in order. Plus I already have season 1 on dvd. Why not add to the collection?

This silver cuff bracelet is HOT! On the inside it says, "I will travel down the path of my dreams". I want it the most actually!

So there you have it. My top 5 items I'd like for Christmas. What's yours?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Theater Thursday

Theater Thursday is here! This week we're taking a ONE week hiatus from our Christmas Edition to observe Halloween

In honor of Halloween we're looking at the 1996 movie, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This movie eventually led to the television series which lasted for many seasons. 
The movie stars Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina Spellman. Sabrina goes to live with her two (Hilda & Zelda) aunts while her parents travel to a far away land for an archeological dig. When Sabrina arrives at her aunts' house she has no idea she has magical powers. On her 16th Birthday she will be made aware that she is a witch.  
And the best part...Ryan Reynolds plays her love interest. In 1996 he may have not been as hot as he is now but you could tell he was still going to be a looker!!! Here's a preview...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cake Boss!

First of, if you haven't entered my giveaway, then I highly suggest you do! It can be found here
The other day I got bored. I didn't feel like reading, I didn't have any of my television shows on and I didn't feel like going out. I started to surf the channels and I came across a gold mine. 
Cake Boss! 
This show is amazing! TLC was doing an all night marathon and seriously I sat there all night and watched it. Buddy and his team are AMAZING! The cakes that they do are out of this world! Does anyone else watch this show? I was so upset for Buddy during one incident that I almost wanted to punch the lady! 

Here was the scenario: Buddy made a beautiful wedding cake for her. She showed up unannounced the day before her wedding to see the cake. Buddy reluctantly agreed to let her inside of his baking area. He gets the cake out for her, expecting her to be thrilled. The lady sees the cake and instantly tells him she's disappointed and wants a whole new cake. Buddy tries to accommodate her, so he tells her to wait there while he goes to talk to his team. While he is gone, she finds colored icing bags and draws on the cake, forcing him into doing another cake. Buddy comes back and he is SHOCKED! He's so upset he kicks the woman out of his store, calls her mother (who's paying for the cake) and explains to her the situation and why he won't be able to make another cake. The mother starts balling crying. Buddy felt bad for the mother and for that reason only he made her a 2nd cake. BOTH cakes were amazing! 

If you don't watch the show, you should definitely check it out! It's highly entertaining.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

As mentioned yesterday, I would be hosting a giveaway in honor of my blog anniversary. I debated for days on what to giveaway and finally found something cute, fun and festive. If you've been reading my blog for awhile then you know I have major love in my heart for the holiday season and Hobby Lobby. What could be a better time than a blog giveaway to merge the two?
So without further ado, I bring you my giveaway!
The winner will receive both of these little guys:

The winner will receive both of these snowman candles. That's right, they are also candles! 
The Giveaway ends next Friday, November 6th, 2009 at 8:00pm est. 
How do you enter? Leave a comment below. Yes, it's that simple. 
Want a 2nd entry? Let me know if you're a follower. 
Want a 3rd entry? Blog or tweet about my giveaway. If you blog about it please come back to this post and let me know. If you tweet about it, throw the @jmomiller in with the tweet. 
Enjoy! Tell your friends. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Today marks one year that I have been blogging. All I can think to say is, Wow! I can't believe it's been a whole year. 
When I started blogging last October I had no idea that it would be where it is today. I started blogging because I was bored. I wasn't working at the time and someone I know had mentioned blogger to me. When I started my blog it was originally planned to be with my best friend. We thought that we would take turns writing in it. Um...that lasted about a week. The next few months I didn't blog that much but then I finally got into blogging. 

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog. I have came across and met some of the most wonderful, caring and giving people. You're comments make me smile and I always love getting your input on things I have to say. No matter how many people reads or doesn't read my's to another year!  

In honor of my 1 year anniversary in blog land I'll be doing a giveaway. So check back tomorrow! I have to say, it's a GOOD one! I think you'll like it. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am the biggest Sap

For days now, I have been the biggest sap ever. If you don't read Steph's blog The Adventures of Jon & Steph then you may not understand this story. A few days ago she posted about her recent trip to Cologne, Germany with her husband Jon. Being the loyal follower that I am, I read the post. Simple enough right? Wrong. I fell in love with this post. She introduced me to the greatest and cutest idea ever. Let me explain. 
While being in Cologne she traveled across the Hohenzollern Bridge which you'd think is just a simple bridge. No. The bridge is covered in locks. Every single lock represents love. Do you have any idea how much I love this idea? 

I liked the idea so much I started to research the bridge, looking for more information. I was able to find all kinds of cute pictures and information. This place quickly moved up on the list of places I want to go to. So much so that I called my boo and told him that I wanted us to go there. Here was the conversation (I found it very entertaining):
Me: I want to go to Cologne, Germany.
Him: Um..ok?
Me: I just read the greatest story about people putting locks on a bridge to represent them being together and their love. I want to attach a lock.
Him: Hmm, that sounds interesting.
Me: You think I'm a sap, don't you?
Him: Yes baby but it's so cute. 

I encourage all of you to look up the bridge or head over to Steph's page to read about it. 

Friday, October 23, 2009


Lately, I have been stressing out over a few situations. Work, considering grad school again and getting to see my boo. I guess with all of the stress, my face has decided to rage a war with me. That would be fine if I was 15 again but I'm not!!! I'm 25 years old! I thought acne was suppose to go away and stay away once you became a real adult! Anyways...I know a few of you have mentioned having the same problem. Well I've found the solution...
Introducing the mecca of acne killers:

Neutrogena's Acne Stress Control. I put this on my face 3 times in 2 days and it had won the battle. Now I won't have to go around looking 15 years old. Acne 0 Me 1

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ya heard?!?

Incase you haven't heard. Here is some fabulous things happening out in blog land. 
Justine over at Almost There is having a fabulous Christmas Ornament Exchange. Sign up for it! The more people the merrier and I'm super excited to be participating in it. 

My blog anniversary is coming up on Monday, so come Tuesday I'll be hosting a giveaway! Don't forget to come back for that. Tell your friends! Cause it's going to be fabulous!

Have you met my friend Miranda over at And Baby Makes Three? I have had the pleasure of knowing her in real life for years. Miranda is funny, kind, smart and a wonderful friend to have. Her blog is always interesting to read because she tells it like it is. No sugar coating. Check her out. 

Theater Thursday

It's that time again! Another Theater Thursday Christmas Edition! This week we're looking at a winter/holiday favorite Snow Day.
A Snow Day is every kids dream come true. The movie Snow Day follows what happens when a small town gets an unexpected snow storm overnight, canceling a day of school. 
The movie follows three main story lines. 

The first follows Chevy Chase as weather man Tom Brandston. Tom (Chase) is in the thick of a full out ratings war with rival weather man Chad. The two spend the entire day fighting for ratings and who can claim calling the first warning of the storm. 

The 2nd story in the movie follows Hal (Mark Webber) and his best friend Lane (Schuyler Fisk). Hal sets off inquest of getting the attention of Claire Bonner. Claire is the most popular girl in school with an on again off again boyfriend. Hal believes the snow day has fated him with a chance of being her new boyfriend. Lane tags along even though she had other ideas of she'd like to spend the day with Hal. 
The 3rd story follows Hal's littler sister Natalie (Zena Grey). Natalie and her friends on a mission: to get a 2nd snow day. The only thing person standing in their way is Snow Plow Man. Natalie and her friends must figure out a way to stop the plowing before it becomes too late and hope is lost. Will they get a 2nd day? Who will be the top weather man? Will Hal or Lane get their way?

Watch the movie! It's really cute and family friendly. It also gets you into the winter/holiday spirit. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Planning & Misunderstandings

First of all, yesterday I posted a clip of the song that's been stuck in my head, "Ain't No Sunshine." Apparently a lot of you thought I was having a rough time or depressed. Wrong. I promise I'm very happy and doing well. I posted the song because it's been stuck in my head and yes I do miss the boy but we're doing FABULOUS. 

Now, with that being said, I am a planner. I like to have dates laid out, things organized and a general overall plan for activities, trips, time frames etc. The boy...not so much. I thought it was really cute though that he humored me last night when we were talking about my next trip to see him. We think we've finally figured out the dates. With his work and mine it's crazy hard to schedule things...definitely with the upcoming holidays! 

PS: This part is a rant, so if you want to avoid it stop reading now. 

Hi blog stalker, yes...I'm talking to you. Why must you continue to come on my page and read about my life? We're not friends. I'm not in your life, why must you continue to want to know about mine? I mean think that I'm nothing but a liar so why are you interested in what I have to say? Hope you've enjoyed reading about my life recently because it's been FABULOUS. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All I can hum

For the past two days, this song has been on my mind non stop. Replace the she with a he and you have my thought process right now. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Live From The Leopard Carpet

The leopard carpet is down! So without further ado here is the new downstairs leopard carpet!

Remember this post? Well I finally found some place to hang all those "Old Time" photos.
I'm still debating on getting a leopard toilet seat cover...
So there you have it! Maybe one day you'll have the pleasure of using my downstairs bathroom. Haha!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

PSA (Crazy Shenanigans Style)

Today, I'm bringing you a little Public Service Announcement but in Crazy Shenanigan Style.
First Announcement: Remember me talking about my leopard print carpet? No..that's fine. You can read about it here. Well today, it's finally getting installed! Pictures tomorrow for you all!

Second Announcement: I've recently gathered a few new followers. Please say hello if you haven't already! I love reading and finding new blogs so if I don't follow you, please let me know and I'll go over and check your blog out!

Third Announcement: If you haven't heard, my twitter feed is like a dvd commentary to this blog. You should totally go follow me over on twitter. Go here to do so. 

Fourth Announcement: Justine over at Almost There is hosting a Christmas Ornament Exchange. If you love Christmas and ornaments then you should definitely sign up! I know I have! Plus I've already got my eye on the ornament I want to send my exchange partner (whoever that lucky person may be). 

Fifth Announcement: Um....where did the Fall go? It's turned into a full blown winter already. Boo on that. 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sex & The City

I am a huge, huge fan of Sex and the City. When the show originally aired I did not have HBO. Once the show became syndicated on TBS I began watching it. During that time season 7 had not finished and was not out on dvd yet. From the time I saw the first episode to when I finished the entire series was probably about a month. Kid you not.
The show was my mecca. Anytime I needed an answer to a guy problem it was right there on the show. These 4 women have seen and heard it all. Hello! They gave us the book, "He's just not that into you." Thank you!

When news broke of their return for the movie, I was thrilled. I loved the show, how I could I not love the movie. It was great.

Now there's a 2nd movie being filmed.

So help them! If they break up these two...

I will hunt down every.single. writer, producer, script handler and director.
Don't mess with Carrie and Big. They are classic.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Texting v. Talking

I'm a big fan of texting. I can text while I'm at work but it's impossible to talk on the phone. If I had my choice though I'd always choose talking over texting though. There's just something about getting to hear the persons voice. you prefer to text or talk? 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It was the best of times...

The past few days have been great. I had an amazing weekend which lead into a great start of the week. I spent Monday-Wednesday in Cincinnati with friends. Let's recap:
Monday: Got up, drove to Cincinnati. Once I arrived I met up with my bff Erin and we were able to grab breakfast at Panera before she had to rush off to work. I spent the majority of the afternoon at the Natural History and Science Museum with a friend and their family. 
We grabbed some lunch at one of my favorite places: 
Later that night we ended up going to Dave & Busters where a good time was had by all. 
(The bff Erin & La Doucher aka Jeff rocking out some GH)
Where we played games for hours and ended up leaving with new shot glasses earned from our ticket count. I don't remember too much of the car ride back but I'm pretty for sure I'm lucky to be alive. Never ever let a guy drive another guy's brand new bmw on the cinci beltway at night and it being a manual transmission. Ek!

Tuesday: I got to spend the day with someone fabulous at a fabulous place, known as the Cincinnati/Newport Aquarium. If you know me, then you know I love love love aquariums! The day was perfect! 

Wednesday: I sadly had to leave town. Major sad face. Before I had to travel back though, we made a pit stop to Jungle Jims (if you know anything about Cinci, this place is a MUST go to) and had lunch at Penn Station with my fabulous. 

So there you have my first 3 days of the week. Now....I'm just counting down until I get to hang out with peeps. 

Theater Thursday

This week's Christmas Themed Theater Thursday feature is Just Friends!
Just Friends takes place over the holiday season in New Jersey and California. Just Friends follows the lives of Jamie (Amy Smart) and Chris (Ryan Reynolds) 10 years after they've graduated high school. 

Chris (Reynolds) who use to be obese in high school has grown up into a very successful and thin record label executive who left NJ for California. Jamie (Smart) once the most popular girl in school and Chris's old best friend has stayed behind in NJ to become a teacher. 

While Chris is jet setting across the country on his way to Paris with one of the most popular music stars Samantha (Ana Faris) they make an emergency landing in NJ. 

Being trapped in his hometown for at least a night Chris goes back to a local hang out. He runs into his old best friends and Jamie. He realizes that all of the old emotions he had for her come to the surface and he must get her to like him. The only problem is he's suppose to be leaving town the next morning and he has a super star client to babysit and deal with it. 

This movie is a holiday must him. Plus hello...Ryan Reynolds makes great eye candy! 

Monday, October 12, 2009


As you read this I'll be on the road to Cincinnati, Ohio! 
I'm so excited! My BFF lives there and when we get together it's always a good time. Then my old roommate from when I lived in Alabama is now living there as well. SO excited! 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let's Get Chili!

Today was a great day. A friend and I attended the International Chili Cookoff! 
It was only a 45 minute drive and we had a great time. Once we paid our 5 dollar entrance fee, we got to go around and test all the chili's. People came from everywhere! There was people making chili from all across America. We even saw one guy from South Dakota. The best chili maker gets a grand prize of 40,000 dollars! Now, that's got to be some good chili to win that!

Afterwards we headed to the shopping center where my friend was such a good sport and let me shop my little heart out. I found the most amazing sweater for the winter! It's from Abercrombie. It's comfy, oversized, warm and not to mention cute (at least I think so). 

It was a very good Saturday!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A little thing called the ipod

I'm glad to say that I successfully completed some of the goals I had set for myself yesterday. I finished all of my laundry, picked things up at Target and the carpet got delivered. Now I can start packing for Cincinnati come Sunday.

I need to update my ipod. This past week in Texas visiting R, he played his ipod non stop in the car. It made me remember a lot of good songs that I needed to add to mine. I busted out the Eminem cd's even. Oh yes. Another thing I realized while being around Hood....there is some skeezy looking people out in the world, who will wear anything for attention.

So what's on your ipod? I've updated with the new Britney Song-3, Lady Gaga's Paparazzi, Miley Cyrus-Party In the USA and yes.....Kim Zoliack's Tardy For the Party (Don't act like you don't love that song!!)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Odds and Ends.

First off, one of my favorites SS over at New Adventures of is having a fabulous giveaway in honor of it being Breast Cancer Awareness month. Go check it out, read her blog, stay awhile. She's great.

I think I need a vacation from my vacation. After being gone for 5 days, I have laundry piled up, dishes to put away, a new television to purchase (I somehow broke my living room tv) and tomorrow my NEW carpet is getting installed! I've been re-doing my downstairs half-bath and it's going to have leopard print carpet. Yes, I said leopard print. Deal with it. Once it gets put down I'll be sure to post the before and after pictures. I've already painted the walls and hung things up on the walls. The carpet is the final touch!

Next week I'll be heading to Cinci for the trip I should have made this past week. I can't wait to see friends!! I do however, have a friend coming into town this Saturday so that will be fun as well. 

Question: Has anyone been to Israel? My good friend Kristin is going in February for 10 days and really wants me to go along. The trip is priced at a really good rate. I'm mainly thinking about safety reasons and wondering if it really is amazing as much as everyone says it is. Thoughts?

Theater Thursday

It's another Christmas Theme Theater Thursday! This week we're talking about To Grandmother's House We Go

To Grandmother's House We Go stars the once cute and lovable Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Circa 1992. 

Julie and Sarah (Olsen twins) are being raised by their single parent mother Rhonda. Rhonda has to work long hours at her connivence  store clerk job to support her girls. This Christmas they won't be able to make the trip to grandmother's house. The girls overhear their mother talking and believe that they have become a burden upon her. The girls decide to make their own way to grandma's. 

Julia and Sarah decide to hide in the back of a delivery truck driven by Eddie. Eddie is a friend of their mom's who hopes to own day win it big with a lottery ticket. Once they get separated from Eddie they fall into the hands of Christmas scammers and thieves Harvey and Shirley played by none other than Rhea Pearlman and Jerry Van Dyke. 

So the question is, will the girls make it to grandmother's house? Can Eddie and Rhonda find her girls before it's too late? Check it out! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm back baby! I'm back!

Shew! After a very, very long day of traveling I've successfully made it home! 
The morning started at 4:30am, got out of the house by 5am. Got to the Austin airport in good time, made the first flight where I sat by a woman who farted the entire time and pretended like it wasn't her. Got to Houston, made the flight to Charleston, then drove another hour to my hometown. 

How did the trip go? Well it wasn't like what I thought it would be. One really great thing about the trip is that I got to meet up with fellow blogger Allison over at I Heart Change. Who by the way is fabulous and an amazing lifesaver. Thank you soooo much Allison!!!! 

Now, I know that all of you want me to talk about my trip but I really don't have a lot to say. Did it go how I thought it would? Not really. Am I upset about this? Yes. But all I can do now is go about my life and maybe one day things will change.

Start looking for my comments tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dead or Alive?

I thought I would take a minute to let all of you know that yes, I am indeed still alive. I'm still in Texas and I just haven't found a second to sit down, collect my thoughts and write a post.
Today is my last full day in Texas and tomorrow I'll be getting on a plane to come home. There's so much I want to say but I don't even know how to say it. I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll know how to put it into words.

I can say that my flights getting here were crazy. Saturday morning I had to get up at 4:00 a.m. and be out the door. I had to drive an hour to the airport. I made good time and got there with plenty to spare. I breezed through check in, got through security and found my gate. My boarding time was 6:30 a.m. Everyone boarding the plane so we were looking good for our 7am take off. 7am rolls around and we're still sitting at the gate. Another 15 mins later and we're still sitting at the gate. Finally after another 15 mins (making it 7:30) the captain comes over the intercom and tells us that Atlanta doesn't have a place yet for us to land when we get there.

Finally at 8am we took off and made our way to Atlanta. My connection time was short and with the delay from the first flight I knew I was going to be sprinting to my next gate. I knew I needed to get to the B terminal. Where did we land? The C terminal. Which means I had to fight my way onto their underground system. That went fairly uneventful. I should have known then that there was more in store for me.

When I got off the underground train I checked the boards for my gate again. I was still at B29. Sweet! That's not far. I got to my gate, oh yeah. They lied. I now needed to get to gate B19. It doesn't sound far but if you've ever flown in or out of Atlanta then you know that's a good little hike. So I get to B19. Lies. They moved it again. I'm now fighting to get to B1 with about 5 mins to spare. Needless to say I refused to miss that flight and full out terminator sprinted it to the gate. Where I was probably one of the last people to get on it. So that was my getting to Texas part. Trust gets much more interesting after I landed.

I've been a bad bad blogger. I don't even want to look at my reader. The number of unread posts is probably going to be scary. I promise I'll be back to my lovely reading and commenting ways come Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of TEXAS!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blowing This Popsicle Stand.

That's right! I'm blowing this popsicle stand! Tomorrow by this time I'll be well on my way to the chosen destination. Where might that be you ask? Texas or Cincinnati? You'll just have to wait and see...

Can I just say that I've become addicted to twitter. I love logging in and seeing little messages to me. It's fun! Are you following me? If not go here and request it.... JmoMiller fellow tweeters will know where I'm off to before it gets posted on here (Who said there wasn't any incentives for being on twitter?!?!)

Plus recently a lot of you have been finding me on Facebook and requesting to be my friend. That's fine...but if you choose to do so PLEASE send me a message and let me know that you're from blog land. If not I'll just deny the request because I'll be like who the efff is that?!?

Alright lovlies. You'll be getting a scheduled post in the morning with juicy details! 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Theater Thursday

It's Theater Thursday and since we're in full swing with the Christmas Theme we'll be looking at Trading Places
Now, before you go thinking that this isn't a Christmas my book it is. 

Winthorp played by Dan Aykroyd works in the stock market for the Duke and Duke firm. One day when the Duke brothers decide to play an experiment Winthorp is thrown onto the street and must live a life of poverty. In his place, the Duke brothers bring in Valentine (Eddie Murphy), a rough, homeless man who can't believe he's been given a chance a luxury. 

Neither man knows what is going on or that the Duke brothers are doing an experiment. While down and out Winthorp meets Ophelia (Jamie Lee Curtis) a prostitute who takes pity on him and gives him, food, clothing and shelter. 
Once Winthorp, Valentine and Ophelia collide the results are quite comical and surprisingly touching. This movie is a year round favorite and easily fits into the holiday season since it takes place over Christmas and the New Year.