Monday, August 31, 2009

Going Private tomorrow

About a month ago I thought about going private and now I've come to the decision that I am going to. I don't know if it'll be permanent or not. Once my blog goes private, I'll explain the reasoning for it. SO....
If you would like to continue to read my blog please either comment with your email address or email me with it. However, if you emailed me last month with it, then I've already got it. 

I hope everyone is well! 

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Drunk texting, extensions & plowing

Some days I thank the heavens above that I have unlimited text messaging. Last night, I literally had 3 people, completely unrelated and all at separate parties/gatherings, drunk texting me. It was interesting to say the least. I had people confess their un-dying love for me. Um... awkward.
Can someone inform me? Maybe I'm wrong. When did ever become ok, to drunk text someone and confess love?

Also when did ever become an expectable to use the word "plowing" when talking about sex?!? 

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ups & Downs

Sometimes I feel like my life is a never ending roller coaster ride. I am not a girl who will sit around and pick splinters out of my ass, waiting around for decisions to be made. I make a decision, go with it and stick to it! 
Two quotes I'm loving right now:
  • You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  • I'm going balls to the walls. 
Hope everyone's Saturday is going well! It's POURING the rain here!'s done this all summer long. 

Friday, August 28, 2009

Changing your view?

I've really wanted to pose this question in blogland for the past few days but I've been scared to. It's a sensitive subject when talking about it with people. I can never gauge how comfortable or uncomfortable people become when discussing it. not feel like you have to give any input. If you do that's great though...remember..this blog is a safe place. 

Question: Would finding out that your boyfriend, potential boyfriend, fiance or husband has had a sexually transmitted disease (std)in their past, bother you? Not like a life altering one such as HIV but something that can be cured with a good dose of penicillin. Would this alter your opinion or view of them? 

I recently had a friend confess to me that they have suffered from an STD. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't completely shocked when they told me. This person has slept around... a lot! However as the days have went on I've started to think about it. As I've thought more and more about it my opinion of the person has kind of changed. I think, "Hmm...maybe this person is skeezy." yet I also thing "well maybe I'm just being too judgemental." 

I bet you're all wondering what has been up with my blog posts recently but I promise....come Labor day weekend you're going to get the FULL scoop! 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Theater Thursday

This week for Theater Thursday I've decided to kick off the holiday season with While You Were Sleeping.
While You Were Sleeping stars Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman and takes place in Chicago, Illinois. Lucy (Bullock) works for the city's department of transportation, precisely the metro station.

One day at work she spots a beautiful man and becomes smitten with him named Peter. Everyday she looks for him and even though they never speak he brightens her day. Lucy doesn't have the best life, she has no family and very little friends, because of that she is asked to work on Christmas morning.

Lucy reluctantly agrees and goes to her token booth. To her surprise Peter comes through that morning but is involved in a bad incident which inevitably places her into his families life but not his. 

This movie obviously takes place during the holiday season. It spans from Christmas to New Years. I love watching this movie anytime of the year. It always makes me laugh and smile and get in a Christmas mood. If you haven't seen it then you're surely missing out. Give it a try...even if you're not a fan of holiday movies this is definitely a goodie. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Skeezer Part II

In my previous post Skeezer, I asked all of you what is your definition of a skeezer? If you haven't given your ideas yet, please still free to do so. Now, some of you told me you had never heard this word. Also, I was asked what my definition of a skeezer is.
Remember this is just my own opinions. 

A Skeezer- Is a word I use to describe men or behavior done by said man. Skeezy behavior can be anything from they undressing you with their eyes in public, to lying about having a girlfriend. I reserve the phrase "Skeezy Mr.Skeezster" for those special guys who use the ultimate pick up lines such as "I'm looking to settle down. I'm ready to have a relationship, get married and start a family." Then the next day you find out they're plowing girls all over town.

Also I've began using the phrase for guys who want to be your friend after break ups. You know the kind I'm talking about. The ones who don't want you to hate them. They love you, they care about you....yet they don't want to be with you. Yet they want to be your friend. Um..yeah, ok? No. They still want to call you, talk to you, call you pet names and pretend they didn't stomp on your heart. Um...yeah, no. That's skeezy. 

I loved all of your opinions on What makes someone skeezy. I love the elevator test. I also agree with a lot of you when you said you rely on your gut. However, I've been burned many times now and I feel my gut reaction to some people is wrong. I feel like I walk around surrounded with brick walls and barb wire. How can you let someone into your life after you've had it crushed over and over again? 


Alright ladies, help me out. What is your definition of skeezy? I'm talking about when it comes to people. What do you think some of the qualities are in a skeezy dude?

Go ahead...this is a safe place....share!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Day to Day

In the mist of all my happiness, I have been dealing with something that weights very heavy on my heart. 
I don't have a large family but it isn't that small either. However, the family I do have, I cherish. Around a month ago, my uncle and his wife took a random weekend vacation to North Carolina. One of my other uncles (and his brother) is building a house there in Washington, NC., so they decided to visit him. Half way through the drive down my uncle began having severe pains. He tried to continue the drive thinking it might have been something he ate, maybe he was getting sick, etc. He soon realized he couldn't keep driving. They had to stop and find the nearest hospital. The hospital ran tons of test on him and it turns out he was passing kidney stones...and a lot of them! Crisis averted. 


The hospital let's him go and he gets back in the car. They make it to my uncles and go to bed. The next morning they get a call from the hospital saying that they need to see him again and speak with him. They wouldn't tell him what it was about, they would only stress that he NEEDED to come back. uncle drove a few hours back to the hospital where they sat him down and proceeded to tell him that they spotted something. 

In his initial visit they had done a full work up of x-rays and tests. One of the test being of his lungs. The doctor sat him down and told him that he had a spot on one of his lungs. My uncle flipped (which of course I think anyone would), he immediately went into question mode, "What do you mean a spot? Is it cancer? Am I going to die? Are you sure this is even my xray?" The doctor was honest and told him he didn't know what it was, just that it was a spot that shouldn't be there and they were going to have to check further into it. 

Flash forward a month, we still don't know what the "spot" is. They've put him on a ton of meds and they've been trying to do everything to avoid surgery for the time being (my uncle doesn't have insurance). We're hoping that he's ok and so far the doctors haven't said the "C" word. Let's hope people. He's only in his late 30's and even though I shouldn't say it..he's my favorite uncle. I can remember when he would come over and watch episodes of Hunter and 90210 with me (even though I wasn't suppose to be watching those more adult shows at the age of 6). 
Please be ok....

Monday, August 24, 2009

3 Strikes.

I believe in 2nd chances. I do not believe in 3rd chances. Whatever caused the 2nd chance shouldn't happen another time in which to create a 3rd chance. It's like baseball, you get three chances to hit the ball and you're out. Just in my world if you strike out the 2nd time, there's no third. 
I have this theory about the male species and this is in no connection to guys in my daily life. 

Guys like to treat girls as dolls. They take them off the shelf and play with them. Once they get bored with them (even though they may love them), they place them back on the shelf. Sometimes they get another doll, sometimes they just don't play at all. Either way they throw the doll to the side and forget about it. 
Another boy will come along and pick the same doll up off the shelf. Big no! The original guy will instantly become drawn back to that doll. No one else can play with it. He must have it! Even though he may not want to play with it, he doesn't want the other boy to enjoy it. 

Just a you agree?

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I feel like I could poop rainbows and vomit butterflies, while singing show tunes. That's how happy I am. 

When God shuts one door...he opens a window. Life is amazing right now and I can't wait to share it all with you. Just a few more days. I promise. As soon as Labor day weekend gets here, all will be revealed! 

Blog friends, you are amazing! I rolled my eyes at your comments of, "Don't worry, one day it'll all work out and if not you'll be ok" but guess were all right! 

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gave In

So after months of me saying that I wouldn't give in, I finally did. I joined twitter. Yes that's right! Me! If you want to follow my crazy shenanigans in real time then go add me JmoMiller


Friday, August 21, 2009

Hurry Up & Wait.

I have been torn all week long. I have something going on in my life that is great news to me but I can't really talk about it on here yet. 
I can tell you that I have been very happy all week. If you've noticed, my comments have been coming in later to your blogs. That's because I've been pre-occupied and busy in the evenings and thus getting behind on commenting and reading blogs. Sorry. I do catch up quickly. 

I am very happy about what is going on but at the same time I am so torn. I'm afraid. I'm afraid that things aren't going to end up how I wish they would. I'm scared that I'm getting played for a fool. I guess only time will tell. I feel like my life is that Gary Allan song, "Learning How To Bend."

Let's just say, come Labor day weekend I will be able to reveal all to you and I'll know. Right now I'm just playing the hurry up and wait game. 

On a work note, my schedule is getting ready to change. Can I get an amen! I am so excited for this schedule change. No joke. I'll be getting 3...yes 3 days off a week!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh.My.Gawd! Kim from Real Housewives Single.

I am a huge fan of The Real Housewives. Kim Zolciak's first single Tardy For the Party got leaked onto the internet. Have you heard it? Check it out here.
Hahahaha, wow!

At least she sounded better than the train wreck she was on season 1!

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday kiddos! That means its Theater Thursday. This week we're looking at Only You, which stars Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr (pre-iron man). 

Circa 1994, Faith (Tomei) a middle school teacher is going about her life, loving every moment.She is surrounded by her best friend Kate (Bonnie Hunt) and her soon to be husband. One afternoon she stumbles upon the name of a person she was given as a child. Faith had put the name behind her because as a child, she went to the fair and was told her soul-mates name. 

Instantly Faith realizes she must follow her destiny and find this man who called her house from overseas, looking for her fiance. Once Faith and Kate get to Italy they run into Peter (Downey Jr.) who may or may not be her destined man. 

This movie is extremely cute. If you believe in faith, destiny and love then it's right up your alley. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monroe wasn't a dumb blonde....

Just when you're ready to give up, throw in the towel, move on or have lost faith, something unexpected can happen. 
I've learned to never say never. I've learned that things happen when you least expect it. I've learned that things come into our life just when they should. I love this quote:

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."-Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The State Fair

I am so tired. I didn't get back last night till around 3am. I. am. exhausted. But that isn't the start of the story sooo let me begin. 
I have a friend named Clint. We met in April through work training (he works for the same gov. agency but just in a different part of the state). Well we've always remained in contact. Last Friday, I received a message from him saying that he had extra tickets to the Gary Allen concert. I'm not a big country music fan so I have no idea who this guy was but I thought it would be fun to go to the state fair and see him. I told him that I would take one of the tickets. 

Well come Saturday I found out that I wasn't going to be getting off work until 6:30pm when usually I get done at 2pm. I called him and said that I wouldn't be able to make it there on time because of the 3 hour drive (the concert started at 8pm). He was like, "Oh don't worry, I'll just come get you." Um....Clint..we still can't make it. It's a 3 hour drive. This is where it gets interesting. He goes, "No, I'll just come pick you up in my plane and it'll only take an hour to get there." WOW! Alright. 
So last night at 6:30pm I was whisked away in a private plane to the state fair. The flight wasn't bad at all going to the fair. Now coming back was a different story. But we'll get into that in another second. 
(The inside of the cockpit)
(A view from the plane)
Gary Allen Concert. We had floor seats!
More Gary Allen

Notice the awkwardness...that's because he's 7 feet tall

Now for the trip home. We were able to fly to a nearby town and land. There was fog so we had to drive the last 2 hours home. I got home a little after 2am and Clint didn't get home until 4am. All in all it was a good time! And now I'm a huge fan of Gary Allen. 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Give Away Winner & The Fair!

Thanks to I was able to input all of your entries and randomly draw a winner. Without further ado...the winner of Sookie Stackhouse books 1 &2 is: Katie! Katie, just email me your address and I'll send them out this week! Congrats. 

Don't forget to vote in my poll!! It's located on the right sidebar. 

Tonight, after work I'm headed to the state fair. It's 3 hours away and since it's so far I wouldn't be able to make the 8pm concert so.....I'm being picked up in a private plane so I can make it on time. (yes there's a story behind this)  I'll have to fill all of you in tomorrow with pictures and the low down! 

Apparently I'm seeing someone named Gary Allen but I've never heard of him before...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Slacks & Calluses

The mystery was solved! The name of the book I asked about yesterday is called Slacks & Calluses: Our Summer In A Bomber Factory. It's a great book. It's about 2 school teachers who spend their summer vacation (1943), working in the factories, doing their part in the war. I'm so glad to have re-discovered this book. Check it out! It's really entertaining and informative. 

In other news, my favorite new phrase for people who piss me off is, "I hope you get a big glass of Suck It!" Feel free to use it if you like. I don't mind. 

Monday I'll be announcing the winner of my Sookie Stackhouse Give Away. Stay tuned for the winner! Also I'll be doing a poll soon so check that out on the sidebar. Plus I've got some big news coming Monday night so more than likely I'll be blogging on Tuesday about it!!! Hope all is well out in blog land! 

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Don't forget today is the LAST day to enter my GIVE AWAY! You can find the link in my sidebar. The winner will be announced Sunday evening. 
Ok ladies, I need your help! This past week I've been a speed reader and read about 5 books. While reading I thought of a book I read in college but can't remember the name. This is where you come in. If you know the name of this book PLEASE let me know! 

The book took place during WWII and followed the lives of two women who were friends and lived together. Well during their summer months they decided to work in one of the factories on the swing shift helping to construct planes (I believe that's what they worked on). I know it was something being sent over for the troops to use. I loved this book but in my broke college days I had to sell it back at the end of the semester and have since forgot the name. 

Also if you have any good book suggestions please let me know! Thank you! 

Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Vacation

This week's "Show Us Your Life" is favorite vacation spot. For me this was a no brainer. I've been there a few times and I absolutely feel like it's my 2nd home: London, England
In front of the London Bridge
Stuck in a phone booth
At Castle Howard

If I could I would pack up all my belongings and move there. I love the entire country not just the city of London. The people are some of the nicest I've ever met during my travels. The city is enriched in history and to me, I always felt as if I belonged there. 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Something To Talk About

Whoa...apparently alot of you are fans of the Ghost busters! A few of you wanted to know where I got the shirt (visible in yesterdays post). It can be found at Hot Topic. I randomly walked in one day and saw it on the wall. It's still available online. Here's a photo of the whole shirt. I think it was $19.95 but it might have been $29.95...I can't remember. But it's the Ghost Busters!! Does money really matter?!? Stimulate the economy!

I also got asked what were some of the books I've read over the past 2 days. Ask and you shall receive ladies...

1st I read: Loitering With Intent by Stuart Woods (He's by far my favorite author). It's a stone Barrington Novel which I believe is his best character (His books follow the lives of about 5 different people). 2nd read: Mounting Fears by Stuart Woods. A Will Lee Novel (another one of his characters). 3rd read: sTori Telling by Tori Spelling. Finally my 4th read that I'm currently still reading: 7th Heaven by James Patterson. It's the 7th (who would have guessed?!?) book in the Women's Murder Club Series. 

So I'm not going to lie. I think Tori Spellings book has changed my life. If you've read the book then you know she talks about her past relationships with me. Tori mentions a book that a friend gave her called Men Who Can't Love, she also discusses a lot of "red flags" that she should have seen. When I read this in the book. It all clicked for me. I thank you Tori Spelling (the last person I thought I would ever thank). 

PS: I read a blog the other day by Sara over at When In Rome about cleansing people from your life that don't really need to be in your life. This blog came to me at a point in the day that I felt like it was a sign. Thank you as well! 

Theater Thursday

This week's Theater Thursday is going to be a little bit different. If you haven't caught it in an early post, I am a huge fan ofold movies. I know that a lot of them are cheesy and corny but I love them. Now, with loving old movies I've become very familiar withCary Grant
He is by far my favorite male actor ever. Wasn't he gorgeous? I think so! I wish there were more guys out there like him. His manners seemed impeccable and don't even get me started on his amazing sense of humor.
Anyways, with that being said this week is dedicated to him. So without further ado these are my favorite Cary Grant films. Enjoy!
The first being: Indiscreet
Indiscreet co-stars Ingrid Bergman and was made in 1958 with a lovely back drop of London, England. Anna (Bergman) is a well known actress who is casually introduced to Phillip (Grant) a diplomat to the United Nations. They are both immediatly attracted to each other and have instant chemistry. At the end of their first meeting Phillip breaks the news to Anna that he is married. From there, they must decide how involved they want to become.
The Second Film: The Bachelor & The Bobby Soxer
Grant's big name co-star in this film is Shirley Temple. The Bachelor & The Bobby-Soxer was made in 1947. Grant plays an american painter who volunteers to lecture at a local high school for the day. Among the students is Susan (Temple) who instantly becomes infatuated with him. She devises a plan to hang out with him and become his girl friend must to his dismay and displeasure. 
The Third Film: That Touch of Mink 
That Touch of Mink co-stars Doris Day, was made in 1962 and was filmed in New York City. Cathy (Day) is a career minded woman out looking for a job. Phillip Shayne is a very successful business man (think the 1960's version of Trump). One morning on Cathy's way to a job interview her dress gets splashed with rain water by Mr. Shyne's Rolls Royce. Feeling guilty he tasks out his assistant to find the woman and offer to pay for her dry cleaning. By the end of the day gotten more than he bargained for. 

If you haven't seen any of these films or you've just missed out on 1, I highly recommend you go out and get it or netflix it. These are great!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Wheels Keep Turning

I finally uploaded the pictures off of my camera card! Remember this post? Where I talked about how close my hotel room was to the airport runways... yeah this is a view from the room.
(It may not look too close but guess what? When you have 747's and other large aircraft taking off and landing every 15 seconds...that's pretty loud.)

Now, on to other news. In my post-earth shattering event from yesterday, I've been trying to be non-stop busy. I've read 2 books in 1 day. Let me tell you, if you haven't read Tori Spelling's book sTori Spelling then you need to run, not walk to the nearest book store and buy it. It's HILARIOUS. Before you judge, I saw her in tons of movies and was a faithful fan of 90210 but I never really knew that much about her. One day years after the end of 90210 I saw a preview for a new reality show following none other than...Tori Spelling. I gave it a chance and thought it was interesting and funny. She seemed pretty normal for someone who grew up rolling in cash. Flash forward to Monday...I'm walking around aimlessly waiting to meet up with a friend and I see her book. 
I ended up buying it and currently I'm about half way through it. It's good, real good. Now I understand the feud with her mother. I can't wait to read her 2nd book & her mothers.

Besides my great book find, I got to meet up with my friend. This girl & I have known each other since our 2nd year of college. We were in the same sorority and have been friends ever since. We haven't got to see each other for about 2 years so yesterday was a special treat. 

(and yes I was wearing a Ghost Busters t-shirt)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Big Picture

After receiving crushing news last night (that I'm not ready to talk about), I had to sit down and try to think of all the positive things in my life. 
The most important in my eyes...I have a mother who will always love me and think that I can do anything I set my mind to. I have a job (even though I'm not 100% in love with it) which allows me to pay my bills. I have family (I don't get to see them that often) but at least I have them in times of need. I have a great friend (who will listen to me sob into the phone for an hour) and a really important one, I was blessed with another day on this great earth.

In other news I am counting down the days until Labor Day weekend. My vacation to Gaitlinburg. It can't get here fast enough. No joke! Seriously, counting down the days. I'm ready to eat salt water taffy, walk the streets of gaitlinburg while shopping and see some funny shows. I need some comedy in my life. 

Don't forget about my give away...if you haven't entered yet you have until the weekend. 

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear So & So

Sit back because this one is going to be a doozie...

Dear Paula Dean, 
I'm going to be frank. I do NOT like you. I want to punch you in the face every time I hear you pronounce the word butter, "butta". Not everyone wants a whole stick of it in every. single. thing. they eat. Also I've lived in the south and when you say "ya'll" it sounds forced. I do not like you, I have never liked you and I will forever not be a fan. Sale your hams somewhere else.

Dear Heat Index, 
If you could please pretty please lower yourself this week that would be great. I do like having to reapply make up non stop because I've sweated it off. Does it really need to be 94 degrees I think not. 
Please cool down,

Dear "Friends" who never speak to me anymore,
You are no better than you think you are. I was nothing but nice to you. I went out of my way for you and always had a smile on my face. I know that you have things going on in your life but you'll realize one day that it's not about the things you have, or that fair weather friend who you opted to hang out with. Instead it's about the people who stick with you in the good times and bad. 
Party of one, 

Dear Television show Big Brother, 
Thank you. No really I mean it. You help me escape my life not 1 night but 3 nights a week. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be making it through the summer with my sanity. I don't know what I'll do without you once you say goodbye this fall.
Your biggest fan,

Dear Frank Sherwood, 
You are by far the hottest Army Officer , Soldier , Man I have ever seen. If you were really real, I would fight Denise to the death for you. The way you handle every situation, you should be a guide line for all men. And by the way, I think it's safe to say that many women feel this way. You are seasoned and did I mention extremely attractive. I mean so hot, I have to turn my AC up just a little bit more. 
Please marry me,

Dear Work,
Pick a schedule and stick to it. You're starting to piss me off. 

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh brother!

First of all, if you missed my announcement yesterday, I'm doing a
I don't know about all of you but there's some days where as soon as I walk into work, I think "Oh man I really don't feel like being here today!" Well today was one of those days for me. My workplace is gearing up for schedule bidding and it's not pretty. People are already complaining and bickering about what they want even before anything has been said or done. I don't know how much more I can endure before I snap and yell at them. 

Thank Goodness for Sunday night television: Big Brother and Drop Dead Diva!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My 2nd Giveaway!

Hello Ladies! Since I had such a fun time doing my first giveaway, I've decided to do a 2nd one! This time I'm giving away the first 2 books of the Sookie Stackhouse Series. These books are brand new! If you've already read them, then they'd make a great gift for a friend who hasn't. 
The winner will receive...
Book 1: Dead Until Dark
& Book 2: Living Dead In Dallas

The giveaway ends next Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 8:00p.m. eastern standard time. Now how to enter: You get 1 entry for commenting, 1 entry for being a follower and 1 entry for posting about my giveaway on your blog (leave a link to it on this entry so I can go see it). So that's 3 entries you can get! I'll choice the winner using a random drawing and the winner will have 2-3 days to get ahold of me before I choose a replacement. Also, if you're not in the USA feel free to still enter! I'll ship anywhere!

Have fun!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I started early this year

So don't hate me ok? But I've made it no secret that I love Christmas. I started my Christmas shopping last week and I've already bought 3 gifts. I've already bought two things for my mother and one thing for my grandmother. I feel on top of it this year because usually I don't get started until Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). Have any of you started as well?
I feel like putting up one of my many christmas trees but I feel it's just too early for that. Maybe once Halloween is over I will haha!

Besides early Christmas shopping, I haven't done much. I've been reading a lot the past few days thanks to my boring work trip.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post because I've decided to do my 2nd giveaway!!! I'm pretty stoked about this one and I'm hoping you will be too! 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's a Good Day!!

Yes! I am home! No more skeezy hotel for me! 
When I arrived home I found a box sitting there waiting for me. I wondered what could this be?!? I opened it up to find...
A few weeks ago I had won Sara's giveaway and it arrived! Thank you so much!

Also, does anyone remember this post? It was about Bake Me A Wish Cakes. Well a few days after that post I received an e-mail offering me a free cake to taste. I picked a cake and it arrived last weekend. I got the Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake. It was great! I was surprised that it arrived in such good condition. It even remained cold during shipment. Bake Me A Wish has been so nice!
This is the cake they sent me...
I thought that was really nice of them. These cakes aren't cheap so I thought was really nice and thoughtful to let me try them for free. Thank you Bake Me A Wish!!! 

Theater Thursday

Theater Thursday! This week's featured film is Necessary Roughness. This movie is a little bit more obscure than my normal musings so if you've seen it, I will be very impressed. 

The stars at night are big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas! That's right folks, Necessary Roughness takes place in the great state of Texas. The movie revolves around a struggling, Armadillo football team. The schools dean is on a mission to end the school's football program. His ways have even left the team with a shortage of players causing them to play "Iron Man" football. 

With the team struggling just to stay a float, they must also try to win games and not forget their education. The team is lead by none other than a retired h.s. player currently 40, Scott Bakula. His fellow retiree Sinbad comes out to help get the team on it's feet. 

If you can find this film or catch it on television, it is totally worth investing 2 hours into. Check it out! Am I ever wrong?!?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm rolling out of here!

Today is the 2nd day of this work conference. At 5:00 p.m. I am going to run up to my room, change clothes, throw my bags in the car and get out of here! I'm scheduled to stay the night and leave Thursday but I want out of this beast! Why you ask? Well let's do positives and negatives. 
Negatives: The shower curtain has mold on it. I called the desk. They did nothing. There's 7 channels on the television. We're so close to the airport I'm waving goodbye to people on planes. This is suppose to be a nice hotel. Um no. This is a sure sign the government isn't doing too hot because my last accommodations were much nicer. 

The positives: The ice machine works, the free shampoo actually smells nice and the elevator is fast. The greatest positive, this place is only 4 short hours from home. 

I'm praying it's not raining/storming tomorrow evening. That's the only thing that will stop me from driving home. Oh, on another positive note. I went shopping last night after getting out of the meetings and found a super cute shirt at Forever 21. Sweeeeet!
Cross your fingers that it doesn't rain this evening! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Things I realized today

Today is day 1 of 2 at this work conference. I've already learned the following:
  • Dress Sock Companies have got to be making a killing.
  • Straight back chairs with no padding will make your back ache!
  • 1 hour for lunch doesn't cut it in rush hour lunch traffic.
  • Even though it's summer, it's still no ok to make the room a -2 degrees. 
I'm sure I'll find more things later. But for now it's back to the meetings. 5 o'clock can not get here fast enough! 

Monday, August 3, 2009

Games People Play

Hello!!! I made it to Pittsburgh! when they said my hotel was close to the airport, they weren't joking. I have no idea how I'm going to get any sleep for the next 3 nights. The planes are so close to the hotel that I could probably wave to the passengers and get a wave goodbye back. 

I don't know what it is with work trips but every time they break out ugly behavior. Maybe it's the fact that you get trapped in a car for hours at a time? Maybe it's the fact that you get away from home so people treat things like it isn't their own?

Oh's only a few days!

On the Road Again

By the time you're reading this I'll be on the road traveling to...

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! 

Now as much as I wish this was entirely a pleasure trip, indeed it is not. I have two 8 hour work days to accomplish while I'm there. However, I am hoping to take in a Pirates game since their playing at home both nights. Now if I can just coerce one of my co-workers into going with me!

Have no fear ladies, rumor has it the hotel has free internet! Gotta love government jobs for something! They definitely hook you up when it comes to accommodations. 

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Let's define it, shall we...
Frustration is an emotional response to circumstances where one is obstructed from arriving at a personal goal.[1] The more important the goal, the greater the frustration. It is related to anger and disappointment. Sources of frustration may be internal or external. Internal sources of frustration involve personal deficiencies such as a lack of confidence or fear of social situations that prevent one from reaching a goal. Conflictcan also be an internal source of frustration when one has competing goals that interfere with one another. External causes of frustration involve conditions outside the person such as a blocked road; or conditions linked to the person's actions but not directly such as lack of money, or lack of sexual activity. In psychologypassive-aggressive behavior is a method of dealing with frustration. According to N.E. Miller "frustration produces instigation to a number of different types of response, one of which is an instigation to some form of aggression."

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Reservation for One

I feel I should permanently get use to doing things alone. 
Me = The Cheese Stands Alone. 

I have no problem doing things alone. I'm a grown adult. I'm 25 years old and out of these years I think I've spent probably at least 22 years of them single. I've ate at restaurants alone. I've went shopping alone. I've been to the movies alone. I've vacationed alone. Do I enjoy doing these things alone? No, not at all. 

Sometimes in life we don't get the things we want. I feel some people are destined to walk alone. If you would have asked me a few years ago if I thought everyone had a soul-mate out in the world. I would have looked at you doe eyed, tilted my head and said, "Of course!" Now...not so much. Maybe some people really are destined to be alone. I think I'm one of those people. The only problem with this is, I don't want to be one of those people! 

When I was 20 I made a life plan for myself or goals, however you want to call it, to have done or accomplished by the time I was 25. Here's some things that were on the list.
  • To be married or in a committed relationship that could lead to marriage.
  • If married to have a child.
  • Have a grown up job that I love. 
  • Own my own home or be working towards it. 
  • To have traveled multiple places around the world. 
So that was my list. What do I have accomplished off of it? Well....I have a grown up job but most days I don't love it. The travelling...well I've been to Canada, around the USA some and tto England and France. Whoop-t-do. AND I'm not even going to touch on that whole relationship and child thing. Huh!

I feel like a big fat failure. I mean really. Where did the last 5 years go? Was I in a walking coma? Wasted....wasted years.