Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Bit Too Much?

It's no secret, I am a huge fan of reality television and especially the Real Housewives franchise. 
But... is it becoming too much? It all started so simple with The Real Housewives of Orange County. (Ironically there's only one of them left from season 1)
Then came along The Real Housewives of New York. Then Atlanta and New Jersey followed. Now there's even the District of Columbia (DC). 
Apparently that's not enough because the rumor has it that Bravo is currently filming the real housewives of Beverly Hills. One of the housewives is rumored to be Kelsey Grammer's wife. Another is Paris Hilton's aunt. So my question is, where will it end? There's housewives everywhere and more out there that are real.

Don't get me wrong, I'm as guilty as anyone else who's watching. We feed into the show's success by tuning in each week. I've been sucked into their arguments, drama and cat fights. I even get excited wondering what will happen next. However, D.C. stopped me in my tracks. I can honestly say that this is the bad lemon in the bunch. It's boring with a capital B O R I N G! 

So as the show's continue and women come and go per season, I keep in mind that while I may not live their lavish lifestyles that I am in fact, healthy, cat fight free and happy. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Newest Obsession

For the past 2 weeks I have been doing yoga. 
I decided to do it on a whim one day and fell in love with it. I've been doing it 3 times a week and to me it feels fun and not like a work out. Don't get me wrong, I sweat while participating but it doesn't feel like one of those makes me want to cry kill me now tradition workouts. For me that's what got me hooked. I don't want to be screamed at while working out. I don't wanna hear, "Give me 5 more!" I just want to work out in peace. 

I love the poses. I love that it's helping me bring back some of my flexibility that I've lost. I love that it makes me feel good. I also love to golf clap at the end because I just feel that good. 
For me to be excited about a workout is unreal. I haven't been motivated for a long time in the work out department. I use to be obsessed with working out in college and since then it fell to the way side. Yoga... it's putting me in a good balance. 
So my question is, do any of you do yoga? I've been trying to find places online that sell great yoga clothing but for cheap. I'm the only girl who's been rocking gym shorts and a t-shirt so I'm thinking I might need to rectify that soon. But I'm also not one of those girls who wears strappy little tank tops and tight tight shorts to the gym. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm like Hands Across America

Last week, I was sitting at home on my day off, watching television and debating what to eat for lunch when my phone rang. 

It was my friend Cheryl. I've known Cheryl since I was in college. We worked part time at a crafts store together and have been friends ever since. I'd say we've been friends for at least the last 5 years. Basically, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary to see her name pop up on my phone. 

As soon as I answer the phone she starts the conversation with, "Guess who I just saw." I was kinda nervous to hear the answer because I was assuming it wasn't good so I said, "Um... No idea. Who?" and then she said an answer I would have never guessed: Kristin. 

Now Kristin and I are best buddies. We went to college together, pledged the same sorority and have been through major life events together. If anyone has my back, it's been this girl. She's awesome. Yet there was only one problem with hearing Cheryl say that it was Kristin...

They didn't know each other. 

In all the years that I've known them, they've never met. Never even said each other's names before. So at this point I was very confused. Turns out that Cheryl was visiting her mother and was shopping at a Walmart in Ohio. Cheryl actually lives in Virginia. The walmart that they were shopping at is actually really close to the WV/PA state lines. That's where Kristin lives. So when Cheryl looked up and saw my friend Kristin she recognized her from.... my facebook

I laughed so hard! As soon as she told me about the exchange and how she introduced herself to Kristin and told her how she knew who she was (through me), I couldn't help but laugh. It's so funny how small the world is. 

Needless to say, I got a phone call almost immediately after from Kristin telling me the same story. What can I say folks, I'm like the new hands across America uniting people. Haha!

Theater Thursday

This week's featured Theater Thursday movie is One Fine Day!
One Fine Day follows the life of single mother Melanie (Michelle Pfeiffer) and single father Jack (George Clooney). After Jack's ex-wife remarries and goes on her honeymoon, he's un-expectantly thrust into watching his daughter for the week. When Jack misses dropping his daughter off at his ex-wife's friends house, he inadvertently makes Melanie's son Sammie miss the school field trip throwing the day into chaos. 

Hating each other on first sight, Melanie and Jack must figure out a way to work together during the day to ensure that each make their appointments and safely watch each other's children. Along the day they're thrown curve balls from every direction including ex's and weather. 

I hadn't seen this movie in a long time and I'm really glad that I watched it recently. It's cute and funny. If you haven't seen it, it's a definite George Clooney classic. 

Now here's the fun part! Have a movie you love that's out on dvd? Well great! Post about it and then come back here and link up. That way everyone can see a great movie that they may not have known about. (Sadly for the past 2 weeks no one has linked up! If there's no one this week then I'll probably stop posting the link because it's just a waste of time then)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello Hottie!

Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays have become my favorite days of the week since the start of.... Big Brother!

I can't help it! I love it. I watch it every summer and into the fall. This year my favorite is definitely the hunk, Lane. 
I mean seriously people, he is a HOTTIE. He's hilarious too! You lucky ladies that live in the DFW area of Texas, count your lucky stars. Maybe I should move there? Where there's one hottie, there's always more. 

From what I've seen, he's the man of my dreams. Cute, successful, down to earth and funny! Hey lane when you get out of the house, call me. Haha!

Have you been watching? Who do you want to win it? I think it's safe to say I'm rooting for Lane. If you've seen my tweets then you're already aware of my big brother obsession! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The One Where I Open Up

So this is the post where I open up and talk about my personal life. So here it goes... Be warned I thought about titling this post "The One Where I'm Pathetic."

First of all, I'm single... I did what was right for me. I'm not going to get into all of it but I think when you come out feeling that way then it was definitely the best decision. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and more set in my ways but over the last year, I've realized more and more what I do and do not want from a partner/relationship. They say you do get wiser with old age. 

I started talking to one of my friends this weekend about everything and she asked if it had anything to do with ghosts of boyfriends past. Well... I'm pretty for sure that's playing a part. Actually, if I'm being really honest it's played a big part. I don't know what it is. I compare everyone to this one guy. Lately, I've been thinking about things and wondering. Wondering is never good. Not when it's a situation like this. Not when there's a better chance of the Titanic sailing again than us ever speaking to one another. 

I tried to reach out a few months ago and got nothing in return. Now, that's ok. If he doesn't want to talk to me then there's nothing I can do, I tried. I've accepted that. That doesn't mean that I don't wish things were different. As I said before though, I've found myself wondering and hoping that he's well. No matter what some may think, I honestly wish him well. I loved him, why wouldn't I want him to be happy? However, that doesn't stop me from the what if's. 

I'm such a kid from the 80's.... It was probably all those John Hughes movies but sometimes I hope that I'll look out my window and there he'll be holding up a boom box or even standing on my doorstep. Heck, my little heart would boom with a text. Haha. Right about now, I'm really wishing my best friends lived closer. We're all scattered now and it's hard not having someone to call and say, come over and them be there in 5 minutes. 

Anyways, I'm sure this post made absolutely no sense now and kind of rambled but that's just how I'm feeling. Tomorrow's post will be more upbeat, I promise. 

Keep an eye out you may see these again one day... What Not to Say/Do on a Date 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Scary Island Meets the ER

It all started Friday evening.
Friday evening we converged at Fat Patty's (a local restaurant that has amazing food) and laid out our plans for Saturday: a day at the lake on a boat.

Once Saturday morning rolled around, we blew up our floats, grabbed the food and headed out onto our 14 person pontoon party boat for our 8 hour adventure. The morning started out nice, the weather was warm, the breeze was cool and the discussion of Teen Mom was had. After we decided that Farrah wasn't liked and Maci was the favorite. We ate lunch on the boat, did a little swimming (at least until the meniton of snakes) and did a little fishing.

And then the rain hit...
Once the thunder and lightening started, our fun day at the lake turned into, Scary Island Part 2 (since we experienced part 1 a few months ago). So our eight hour adventure turned into six but by this time everyone was either red from the sun or had to take a poop (basically just me)  so it was back to shore we went! It continued to rain off and on all night. 

This is where you could say the evening got a little interesting...
After getting the lake water off of us we celebrated Josh's belated Birthday. As LeAnna said, it was either the best or worst Birthday party she's ever attended. See what happened was Kristin and LeAnna had got him these really awesome shooting sparkler candles. Little did anyone know that they'd end up setting off the hotel fire alarm. Oops. 

Once we got the fire alarm situation under control we set back to watch a movie and enjoy a little champaign. Sounds pretty harmless right? Wrong! Long story short... Josh ended up slicing his finger open trying to get one of the corks out. He sliced it so deep that we ended up in the ER at midnight. 
The best part about the trip to the ER was the fact that there was all of us sitting in the lobby talking to each other via our iphones thru facebook status updates. Then we see this guy who will remain face less... 

This guy was a total creeper. First of all, the two signs (incase you can't read them) are for the bathroom and vending. They were side by side. This dude couldn't decide which one to do first. He stood there debating whether or not to get his snack or take a poop for at least a good 5 minutes. Ultimately he decided on the poop first but we're still not a 100% sure about whether he took a snack in with him. We also saw a Tom Selleck worthy stash but sadly no picture was taken of it. 

If you're wondering how Josh ended up....well he walked away with some parting gifts of stitches and the tools that were used to heal his wound. 
All in all, it was a fabulous weekend! Now it's back to my new found love of yoga and whispering, "Chaturanga" as I do the moves during class. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage Closet Orlando!

Last week during my trip to Orlando, I made sure to stop and visit a vintage clothing store. If you've been reading for awhile then you already know I have a major love affair with vintage clothing and finding great pieces to add to my closet. You can see some of my great finds here.

I've made it a point now to scout out vintage clothing stores before I go on a trip so I'll be able to make quick stops at them while on vacations. So last week when I was in Orlando, I was able to stop a shop called, Dechoes
Dechoes was a really cute store located not far from all the usual attractions (Disney, Universal, Sea World). The drive only took about 20 minutes and in my opinion it was well worth it. Be warned... they do not take Discover cards. Here's a few things I purchased...
I love this dress. It falls about mid-calf and it's perfect for the end of the summer with it's darker colors. I also love the beading on the top. 
This blue & yellow top is fantastic on. The sleeves actually have elastic in them and are 3/4 long. I also love that I can either leave the neck untied or tie it. 
I was so excited to find this top. It's sheer and will have to be worn with a cami underneath but it's a great piece. I love the red and the colors. 

So there you have it, my vintage finds in Orlando! My next vintage shopping stop will be in Memphis. Got any suggestions Memphis bloggers? 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Theater Thursday

It's that time again!
Around these parts Thursday means it's Theater Thursday! Each week I choose a movie that's out on dvd and feature it. Got a movie you love? Great! Post about it, then come back here and link up! Just remember, the only rule... it currently can't be in the theater. This week's featured movie is the 1992, Jersey Girl

Not to be confused with the more recent Jersey Girl, this movie stars Jami Gertz as Toby, a born and bred New Jersey girl. In the daytime she works as a daycare teacher and in the evenings can be found hanging out with her dad or 3 best girl friends. One night she starts thinking about what she wants in life and realizes she wants to have a life in NYC with a great New York man. 

Not knowing where or how to find a successful NYC man she asks her friends for advice. Their only suggestion... at a BMW dealership. So Toby heads out to land a man and along the way she bumps into Sal (Dylan McDermott). Sal, originally from NJ has worked his way up the corporate ladder and is now a successful tycoon living in Manhattan. When he meets Toby he realizes a few things he misses about Jersey but isn't willing to be embarrassed among his new set of friends. 
If you've never seen this movie, you are missing out on a true early 90's classic. It's funny, warm and a true testament to chick flicks. You won't regret it, even if it's for seeing the fashion!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Countdown Has Started!

It's official folks! My next trip is booked! In a little under a month I will be here...
Anyone care to take a guess? If you guessed...
then you would be correct! I'm so excited to finally be going there! I use to only live a few hours away when I lived in Alabama but never made the trip up and seeing as how I go to Nashville and Pigeon Forge a lot, it's shocking that I've never stepped foot in Memphis. I figure it's about time I made my pilgrimage to the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock n' roll! 

Plus, I'm a huge fan of Elvis (take off the judging hats everyone). He rocked, his music rocked and his jumpsuits rocked even harder! Here's a few of my favorite ones... Needless to say, I'm really excited to see all of it in person! I have a whole dedicated to touring Graceland.

Yep, that's right...I just posted about Elvis and my love of the jumpsuit AND I am excited!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday First!

This is the first time I've ever participated in the Top 2 Tuesday Posts! I loved the topic so I just couldn't help myself! 
Top 2 Characters You Would Want to Play on a TV Show or Movie
1. Kathy Griffin, My Life on the D-List. 
I know she can rub people the wrong way but I think she's hilarious! I love her show, I love her stand up and I love her mom Maggie. I love that she spares no mercy for anyone when it comes to her comedy show. If you interact with her, she's going to talk about it! I also love the fact that she's such a tight ass with her money and that she worships Suzanne Summers. Plus she'll do anything for a little publicity, including hanging out with my secret crush, Levi Johnson.

2. Pudge (Annabeth Gish) in the movie Shag. 
Shag is one of my ALL time favorite movies and Pudge is by far my favorite character in the movie. Her real name in the movie is Caroline but everyone calls her Pudge because she's perceived as a little bigger than the other girls. She loves to shag dance and on the girls trip she meets Chip, a guy who wants a pen pal to have once he's away for navy training. I don't want to ruin the movie if you've never seen it, but I love it! I love the ending and I love seeing Pudge become her own woman!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation Recap: Gatorland & Sea World

Vacation Day 1 (Downtown Disney) can be found here.
Vacation Day 2 (Wizarding World of Harry Potter) can be found here.
On our last full day in Orlando we decided to visit Gatorland and Sea World. Both of these places, especially Gatorland hold a special place in my heart. Until this trip, I hadn't been to Orlando since the late 1990's. The last time I had been there was on a family vacation with my mom and dad. The trip was one of only 2 that I can remember my dad being with us. It's one of those childhood memories where you only remember having a great time and only remember certain instances from the time. So for me to say that I was excited to go back to both of these places is an understatement. I was ecstatic!
Bright and early we headed to Gatorland! It was exactly like I remembered it! 
(obviously the gators don't care about personal space)
(this guy was nuts! He wrestled an alligator!)
(feeding/competition time)
(This bird almost attacked me, note the scared face)
Once I was done reliving my childhood memories at Gatorland we made our way over to Sea World. Did I mention it was about 105 degrees and so muggy outside that you felt like you were breathing in water? No? Well it was, trust me. 

After taking the long hike in from the parking lot we made our way into the shade and sat down for the Killer Whale show, Believe. Even though Shamu died years ago, I still end up calling every killer whale Shamu. I can't help it. I saw the real Shamu as a kid so the name is sticking.
We were still sweating balls after the Shamu show so we headed over to the seal show. This show was hilarious and not on purpose. Everything that could go wrong did and the actors were totally making fun of themselves. Loved it.

The last thing we did at Sea World was head back over to the killer whale show for, Shamu Rocks. This was by far the best show and it was packed out. The entire show lasted about half an hour but it was great. The whale's come out and perform to rock songs and it was great. The crowd got into it and was clapping and doing the wave. People were dancing from in the seats it was just one of those nights were everyone in the stadium was having a great time. If you go to Sea World I highly suggest staying for this late night show.

Sadly, the next morning we had to jump on a plane to come home. Hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip to Florida!