Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reading Time!

I love to read. You know this, I know this. When I was offered a copy of Muffins & Mayhem: Recipes For A Happy (If Disorderly) Life, I jumped at it. 
Muffins & Mayhem is a great summer read written by Suzanne Beecher. If you've never heard of Suzanne then you're missing out. She's done everything from own a restaurant, start a program to feed the homeless, to writing for

What inspired Suzanne to write this book was actually a reader who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was wondering how to leave a legacy to her kids. Suzanne suggested a recipe box filled with memories and family stories. In turn, the readers question actually sparked her to share her own stories and recipes. 

This book is witty and useful. The recipes are great and hearing the stories of Suzanne's life is really interesting. It's a great summer time read and if you haven't seen this book, go out and get it. The great recipes make it more than worth it. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vintage Closet Part 3

Incase you missed parts 1 and 2 you can find them here. On my long shopping trip to American Vintage, I found some great Lacoste shirts and some fabulous winter items. 
I've been a huge fan of Lacoste clothing since I was a kid. My dad would wear the shirts with the little alligator and I always thought they were "cute". I guess as I grew up I fell in love with them more, so when I stumbled upon the mother load of them, I bought them.
This shirt, seen on my birthday
This green shirt, looks more emerald in person
I also got a basic black polo and a basic pink polo or Locoste as well. The winter finds were great. Don't worry, it's not real fur. 
I also got this coat but this is the only photo I took of it. oops!

The coat is actually pink & white and goes down to about my knees. 
That concludes my vintage shopping while I was in Los Angeles. Hopefully, I'll be able to hit up a few more vintage shops within the next few weeks. I love it!

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Day at the Lake

Be on the lookout for a product review soon! The wonderful people over at CSN have graciously offered to send me a product of my choice to review. CSN has a variety of stores and offer everything from a bathroom sink to children's toys. You need it, they have it.

Now, on to my weekend! My best buddy Kristin came into town for the weekend and that always means a great time is in store. Even though I had to work all weekend we were able to find time to hang out. I also had the pleasure of getting to hang out with some other lovely people. 
(Kristin & I Bff's)
On Saturday, 9 of us headed out to the lake, where we spent a few hours out on the boat and in the water. When we arrived at the marina, we noticed they have an area where you can feed fish and since the fish have realized people do this they swim around there continuously. There was so many fish it was unbelievable! Take a look...
It was sweltering hot and had I listened to Kristin, I wouldn't have brought my bathing suit but thanks to my judgement call before rushing out the door, I packed it. Thank goodness, because it was so hot out, we all ended up jumping into the water. 
Basically the girls got in the water and the guys fished. It also didn't dawn on us to bring floats for the water so we were stuck with life jackets to use. Next time, we'll remember! It was also on this trip, that I realized my friend Kristin could be Rosie O'Donnell's twin sister. You be the judge...
Honestly, the lake was exactly what I needed after days of hard work. It was fun in the sun with great friends and in a great setting. Doesn't the lake look so pretty with the sun setting...
Now it's back to the reality of Monday. Hope everyone's weekend was fantastic!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Vintage Closet Part 2

Incase you missed the first part of my Vintage Clothing shopping you can find that here
On my second trip to American Vintage, I focused completely on clothing. I have a very eclectic style but I'm pretty bohemian but I also love Lacoste clothing. I was in Heaven. So feast your eyes on my finds.
Silk Scarf
Another silk scarf
Dress Front/Back
These super cute shoes!

I also bought a ton of winter clothing and casual clothing so be on the lookout for that post!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Theater Thursday

Welcome to 
Every Thursday here at Crazy Shenanigans is Theater Thursday. That's when I pick a movie I love and review it. There's only one rule for Theater Thursday, it must be out on dvd and not currently in the actual theater. If you wanna play along, grab the button on the side & link up. 
This week's featured movie is, Mogambo!
Made in 1953, Mogambo stars Clark Gable as Victor Marshall who owns a game trapping company down in Kenya. One day he comes back from a safari to find Eloise (Ava Gardner) stranded in his camp. Eliose who thought she was surprising a mid-eastern prince has missed him by a week and is now stranded in the jungle without a penny to her name. 
An instant attraction occurs between Victor and Eloise, that is until Nordley's show up. Mr. & Mrs. Nordley have come down to Kenya and have sought out Victor's expertise on tracking wild animals to record for studying purposes. Linda Nordley (Grace Kelly) finds herself attracted to Victor even though he is the complete opposite of her husband. 
Who does Victor end up with? Well you'll just have to watch it to find out. This movie in my opinion is an under rated classic. It was actually filmed in Kenya and other parts of Africa. It's a great film so if you've never seen it, GET IT! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vintage Closet Part 1

I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally post about the great vintage clothing I got while in Los Angeles! 
I love love love vintage clothing, so when I was stumbled upon American Vintage on Melrose Avenue, I was in heaven. Pure heaven. 
The first time I visited A.V. I was in a rush. I only had about 20 minutes to look around before needing to be over at Paramount Studios and if you've ever shopped vintage before, then you know that's not even time to find great finds. So, the first trip there I focused on accessories and jewelry, mainly rings. 20 minutes later, I walked out with buying 5 rings & a purse:
Pink above, clear below
I also got this style of ring in red. 
In addition to the rings, I also scored this great bag. It's leather and has tons of great pockets. It's huge and holds a lot of stuff. I've posted pictures with me carrying it but here's a picture of it by itself.
Stay tuned for the second part of my vintage shopping! It's all of the clothing. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Falling into a Manhole

Nope, not even kidding. Yesterday, I fell into a manhole. You know what I'm talking about right? We've all seen them...
It's the hole down in the ground that water companies use to shut off water, read meters, etc. 
So after a week of rain, the grass needed to be mowed. I went outside, started the lawn mower and started getting the grass cut. I was on the last patch of grass and then BAM! The next thing I know I'm down in a manhole. 

Outside of my house there's a manhole in the corner of my outer front yard, the part that's near the curb. The last time the water company came to check the meter or who knows what, they apparently didn't replace the cover all the way. So what happens when the cover is somewhat off and you place your foot on it while pushing a lawn mower? It will teeter totter the rest of the cover and you'll fall straight down into the hole. 

The manhole was about 3 feet deep. I was taking a step back so my lawn mower was coming at me and then BAM, I was in the disgusting manhole, with it's rusted inside which had cut and scratched up my right leg. Thank GOD that my lawn mower didn't continue to run me over as well and that no cars hit me (since it's so close to the curb). 

So once I was able to get out of the manhole, get inside, try to stop the bleeding on my leg and call someone I called the water company. FIRST of all, it took me 2 minutes to get through the automated system before I could even get the option of waiting for a real human being. SECOND once I did get a human being and ask to speak to a supervisor, I was put on hold for another 8 minutes bring this phone call to 10 mins without getting anywhere. 

Finally the girl came back on the phone and tells me that since it's Monday, that all of the supervisors were on conference calls with all the other supervisors. Um... excuse me?!? Didn't you just hear me say that I fell into one of YOUR manholes and that I'm bleeding?!? She asks me to hold AGAIN. At this point, all of the niceness that I had left in me went out the window. I was mad, hurting, bleeding and needed to get out the door to seek medical attention. 

Then a supervisor named Cindy with customer service skills as a wet rag, asked me what the problem was. Well Cindy, someone from your company neglected to cover a manhole completely and I fell into it and I'm going to need to seek medical attention. Her response, "I can't tell you if you need to go to the doctor or not." Um, I don't need you to tell me, I KNOW. Then she told me that the claims (or some similar department) would be calling me later in the day and that they'd send an emergency crew out to make sure that the hole got covered. Greeeeaaaat. Well I've gotta bounce to the E.R. now. 

So I go to the doctors and they are in shock. I tell them what happened and they can't believe the response from the water company. They immediately get back into a room and give me a tetanus shot, clean up my leg, treat it and wrap up the cuts.  I get back home and guess what!? No call from the water company and the manhole hasn't changed. 
Um....water company, you haven't heard the last from me. I will be calling you and your negligence will not be forgotten or swept under the rug. Have you ever looked into one of those holes? They are NASTY! Rust filled and a cess pool for every bug and or rodent.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Fun

This past week was wonderful and the weekend was just as great. Saturday night, I went to my very first, Starlight Cinema

(At Starlight Cinema)
All last summer, I had been wanting to go to one of these and this year it worked out that I could attend. Basically, it's like a drive-in theater but you bring your camping chairs or blanket, sit on the group and watch the movie. However, in this town they show it at an amphitheater which is located on the river front. They have this giant screen up and you literally watch a movie under the stars (hence the starlight) and with the river breeze blowing. I thought it was really fun. They show a random array of movies and this weekend they played Big Daddy. I'd definitely like to go again! If you've never done something like this, then check your local listings because I know in other areas they have similar things.

I also had the luxury of getting to hang out with some great people this week. It actually feels like summer is finally here! Before this weekend it had rained for almost 9 days straight. How awful is that? Awful!

Lately, there's been a few things that I've wanted to talk about but I'm still debating if I want to. I usually talk about it on twitter so if you're over there tweeting, look me up! @Jmomiller

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not Your Average Father's Day

When I was born, it fell on Father's Day. Over my 26 years of life it's fell on fathers day a few more times. This year it happened to be a few days before. 
Now, I know most people are wishing their Dad's a wonderful Fathers Day today but today I'm dedicating today to my grandpa.
Let me explain... When I was 15 years old, my parents separated and later divorced. Over the next few years we barely communicated and rarely saw each other. And trust me, I'm using the terms barely and rarely very generously. 

During those years and growing up my grandpa was always there. We'd have family dinners, went on family vacations, go to church together, hang out, etc. To me he was a father figure.

When I was a senior in high school, he had a stroke. Over the next few years, he never fully recovered and was later bedridden. Sadly, four years ago he passed away. I miss him more than words can describe.  SO today, I'm wishing and missing my grandpa a Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday Recap!

I had a fabulous Birthday! Yesterday was such a great day! Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! You guys are the best followers a blogger girl could wish for!

I mentioned yesterday that I was given balloons and a cake at midnight. I thought the cake was one of the cutest mini cakes I've ever seen. Since I'm not a huge fan of icing, we've done a mini cake for the last few years. Here's a picture of my cake...
and since you can't have a cake without balloons... I was given these as well.
Later after I got off work, we went to Cracker Barrel (one of my favorites) and had dinner. I'm telling you what, if you've never had their pork chops then you are missing out! 

I also given some great dvds, books and who doesn't love the great gift of cash?!?! lol
Again, thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes. I feel like 26 is looking good! 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

16 Candles Plus 10

Today is my Birthday! I'm 26 years old as of 2:20am this morning. Wow, where has the time gone? 
(Yes, that would be me)
(Another winner of myself)
The celebrating started early last night. I'm one of those gals who feels that you should always do something nice for yourself on your Birthday, so I bought this...
The iphone 3GS in white
After that we headed to Best Buy to pick up a protective case. I ended up with a really cute pink & black shell case. Then it was on to Coldstone Creamery where I was treated to some Cake Batter ice cream. Yum!

At midnight, I was surprised with balloons and the cutest mini cake I think I've ever seen. (Pictures tomorrow). I can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings! Sadly, I do have to work today. I opted not to take the day off because I'm saving all of my paid vacation days for my September adventures! 
Tonight after work, we're heading out to dinner to one of my favorite places:
Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Theater Thursday on a Wednesday?

I know it's only Wednesday but since tomorrow is a special day, this week's Theater Thursday is coming at you a day early! 
For those of you who may be new around these parts, every Thursday is dedicated to Theater Thursday around here. On Thursdays, I post about a movie that I really like and recommend to others to watch. I have only one rule with Theater Thursday- It has to be out of the theaters and on dvd. So without further ado, this week's featured movie is, Just One of the Guys.

Just One of the Guys stars Terry (Joyce Hyser) a girl who has everything. She's smart, pretty, popular and has the perfect college boyfriend. As a senior in high school she's trying to set up her plans for the future by securing a summer internship with a well known Chicago Newspaper. At the beginning of the semester her teacher tells her that her writing isn't good enough and that he can't pass along her work. Terry refuses to take no for answer and believes that he's being sexist. Terry sets off on a mission.

Terry enrolls her best friend and brother to help transfer her perfect girly look into a masculine male believing that if she submits her article as a male it would be deemed good enough. She even transfers schools and along the way befriends a shy, male student named Kevin. Terry instantly takes a liking to him, but remembers that she has a boyfriend. As time goes on she finds it harder and harder to be a "male" around Kevin and be Terry around her boyfriend. 

If you've never seen this movie, it's really funny and really cute. It kind of makes me wonder if the idea for that Hilary Swank movie, Boys Don't Cry was originated from this movie. Anyways check this movie out because you'll be sure to have a good laugh. 

As always, if you'd like to do a Theater Thursday post, feel free to grab the button on the side, post your blog and then come back here and link up!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food, Movies & Manners

First up, I want to say hello to all of my new followers. Yesterday, I had a few new bloggers come over and join in at Crazy Shenanigans. Don't forget to say hello, that way I can check out your blog as well!

Fair warning, this week is going to be crazy around here because it's my Birthday come Thursday!! I've been so busy already and it's only Tuesday. Yesterday was a busy Monday for me. I had lunch at Cheddars with one of my favorites, Erica. Then afterwards we did a little shopping. She moves to South Carolina in a few months and I'm so sad! Of course we've already decided that she has to be a super nice couch so I can come crash on it. 
(My friend Erica & I)
After that, I was able to get home, change clothes and get back out the door before being late to a dinner. Once dinner was over, we ended up seeing the A-Team. I'd heard a lot of bad reviews for it, but we both really enjoyed it and some parts were extremely funny. 

Ok, question! When did people stop being nice to one another? Can't someone just be nice when someone says or does something nice? I mean really, when did simple manners go out the window? 
Example 1: The thank you wave. Sitting in traffic is never fun. When you see that it's hard to get over and you've noticed someone's had on a blinker light for at least a good mile and you let them over. WAVE! It's a simple thank you to a nice gesture. 

Example 2: When you know someone is sitting alone at home and you call/text them inviting them to come out and do something fun. Simply respond with either a, "Oh yes that'd be great." or a "Thank you but no thank you." It's called being polite! 

Have a happy tuesday bloggers and if you see me out in traffic, I will wave!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Who knew?!?

(That's right, I climb mountains and carry a purse)

Today I'm guest blogging over on It's Blogworthy. Amanda is one of my favorite bloggers and real life friends, she's cruising in the Bahamas this week so she asked me to do a guest post. Hop on over there. I'm talking about something I normally wouldn't.

In other news, apparently you guys like my segments of, "What Not to Do/Say on a Date" because I found my e-mail inbox full of messages about it. Don't worry, I still have a few more bad dates that I can share. Someone also posed this question to me, "I thought you said you didn't talk about your personal dating life on your blog." My answer- I normally don't, I use to but not for about a year. Every now and then I'll mention or refer to my love life. The dates that I talk about in the "what not to..." segments is basically it for right now. Maybe one day I'll start talking about who's in my life. 

In the meantime, I've been thinking of opening the dating segment up to other people to share a story of a bad date. Any thoughts? Anyone interested in talking about a bad date? If so e-mail me. My e-mail is located on the sidebar. Have a great Monday!