Monday, January 6, 2020

Entering the Roaring 20s

Am I the only person who’s sitting around trying to wrap their mind around the fact that it’s now 2020? I feel like it was just yesterday that everyone was running around, freaking out that computers were going to crash going into 2000. Now we are out of the teens and it’s the roaring 20s. It's crazy to me to think that my son could see the year 2100. I'll be long gone but hey if they ever get that freezing thing right... I could be back. 

It's a new year. It's a whole new decade! I've told you all about my goals. I've got my plans ready and I've got my dreams. I've already been working hard on my ornament side business. I've been working hard to get our new house in order.

Did I tell you that we moved? Yep. The house we built 4 years ago... we sold it. I hated it. I rarely showed any photos of our house on here because I just wasn't into it. It was all new, super huge and spacious but  I wasn't a fan of the "great" neighborhood and those really nice floors... (hard to clean and cold).  The super huge kitchen? Hated it, it was too dark. So we got out of there. We sold it and bought a house that we really liked. It isn't a cookie cutter home, it's in a great neighborhood close to things we love with mature trees and a street Presley could actually play on. 

We've been there since September and I have yet to unpack the garage and half of one bedroom. We went right into the holidays so now it's time to organize. I've been doing that while I pack the Christmas décor up and it makes me feel great! It may not look obvious to my husband but I'm cleaning, maximizing the space and it makes me happy! I'm hoping to have the house completely unpacked and organized by the end of January. I've almost got all the Christmas down and that right there will allow me to finish everything else. I've got a Christmas village up in one room but Valentines Day décor on our mantle already...

So while I'm over here trying to get organized, what's something you are working on as we enter the roaring new 20s?