Friday, February 28, 2014

Five On Friday

1. Is anyone else excited about the Oscars on Sunday? I love watching the award shows. You never know what's going to happen! The red carpet is also a focal point. I'm totally rooting for Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lawrence.
I think Matthew will win for Dallas Buyers Club but I don't know if Jennifer Lawrence can pull off two wins in a row. I hope she can though! I always love her.

2. I've got my Puerto Rico trip coming up but I've also got Hawaii in July and now Vegas in September. I'm hoping to work in a trip to Eagle Lake, California. It's a real place that was featured in a 1970's movie I love called, Winter Kill.
It's only about a four hour drive from Sacramento and I think it would be really cool to travel there for the day one day in the summer. Anyone ever been there? I'm also toying with the idea of going to Seattle. We shall see.

3. Does anyone else besides me ever notice how a large chunk of days off work are spent on chores? Ugh. Laundry, vacuuming, grocery shopping... the lists never ends. I need to win the lottery so I can get a maid to do things like that for me. HA.

4. Speaking of work. I did two interviews for jobs that I would like to do. The job I would love to have out of those two was frozen. Major let down. The other one... I received the famous, "thanks for taking the time to interview but you didn't get the job" call. I mean really, what's it take to finally get promoted? Or better yet, where is my dream job?

5. Two weeks ago I went to Home Depot (because remember I'm boycotting Lowes) and bought a bathroom cabinet. Finally after procrastinating long enough and enough begging for Beezy to do it for me, it's on the wall! Should I mention that it took five hours to get that thing on the wall? Yep.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

30 Before 30 Progress

1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

On Friday, February 21st I headed over to San Fransisco, home of the Golden Gate Bridge. I've been there numerous times and crossed it by car but I had never walked it. I had always wanted to but each time I had been there I never had enough time. This time I made a special trip just to walk the bridge. Here's some photos from the day and a beautiful one it was.
Walking it!
A view from the bridge!
Love the color of the bridge and it was such a clear day. No fog! I loved it!


So there you have it! I crossed another thing off my list and had a great time doing it!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good...
Vacation is within days. We're talking single digits. Puerto Rico here I come. I plan on having fun, laying on the beach and experiencing a new country. I can't wait! The best part about this vacation... it's not breaking the bank. Now Hawaii in the summer.. that one might. HA!

The Bad...
Remember last week when I talked about the job interview I had went on. Well I went on a second job interview. I've had two interviews in two weeks for things that would be a promotion from my current position and so far nothing. I'm not too hopeful because usually in my organization they let you know pretty quick if you got it. Sooo.. back to the grinding stone. I'm on the job hunt for something great. If anyone knows of great opportunites in Sacramento, California then let me know! I'm willing to entertain them.

The Ugly...
Let's talk about Tesco The Cat. I've never had a cat as a pet. Well recently Tesco has come to be at my house. He's a really well behaved cat. He's almost 9 years old (in human years) so he's middle aged in cat years. He doesn't claw at furniture, he uses his litter box and he just loves to be petted and given treats. There's one ugly problem about him though... he's a shedder. I'm talking major shedding. You pet him for a few minutes and you are covered in cat hair. Static cling cat hair. You can't get it off. It gets on your clothes. It covers the couch. It sticks to your skin and goes up your nose.

Well I can't deal with that. I'm a very clean person... maybe a little OCD about things being neat and clean. Hey... cleanliness is next to godliness. Anyways, Tesco has thrown a wrench in to my clean and very hairless home. So what did I do? I got online a researched the best way to stop or at least control the shedding. That's when this came into my life...
The Furminator. This thing has been a life saver. The first night that I used it, it was like a whole other cat of fur came off of him. This thing is definitely worth every single penny. If you have a dog or cat or animal with fur then invest. I got mine for half the price off of ebay. You can use it twice a week and guess what... we've met our limit for the week. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Update

This past weekend I did a little shopping...
It's the Mint Leaf Bodycon dress from Bebe. I had seen this dress on instagram and loved it. I mean literally loved it. I couldn't stop thinking about it and when I was at the mall this weekend, I knew I just had to walk in there and see if they had it. Well they did so I tried it on and it fit like a glove. I couldn't pass it up. I have visions of wearing it on vacation.

Speaking of being at the mall. I went to the mall with Beezy because he's been obsessed and on the hunt for this things called Funko Pop. They are these little tiny toys/figurines and their made by a company called Funko Pop. They make them for all different kinds of movies and television shows. The ones he's been looking for is the show Game of Thrones. There is 22 individual miniatures. Then they have these ones called variants.

Lord help me.

He's at least accumulated the first 22. We've been to like 6 stores already and online shopped. I've never been inside so many Barnes and Noble stores in such a short period of time in my life.
Yep. That's what 22 of those look like. And I don't even watch Game of Thrones. Apparently I'm going to start season 1 soon.

I spent some time this weekend to get my St. Patrick's Day stuff out. Since Valentines Day is officially over I knew that I wanted to change out the display on my foyer table. That meant I needed a new yarn wreath! I've been making one for each holiday...

I also completed another thing on my 30 before 30 list (post coming later this week) but it involves this...

I attended an engagement party for one of my best friends who happens to also live in Sacramento. They had their special night at the top of Elks Tower in downtown Sac and the view was amazing. Congrats to the happy couple! I can't wait for the wedding.
Hope you had a great weekend!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Smiles

Every Saturday, I'm going to try and post five things that made me smile during the week. Often I find myself getting caught up in the small stuff but this year I'm making an effort to be conscious of it. This year is about being happy and finding happiness even in the small things! Want to join me? Go ahead and post your Saturday Smiles!

1. Being so close to vacation!
2. Watching hard working Americans win Olympic medals.
3. Warm weather.
4. Relaxing and watching movies.
5. Rewards points = free things.

So what's making you smile this week?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Confessions

I have a confession to make.
I'm obsessed with Instagram but that's not confession. My confession is that I'm obsessed with a workout couple on there. They are Frank McGrath and Marissa Rivero.

They are both professional bodybuilding athletes. I came across her page one day when I was looking up fitness things and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I noticed that she would post photos of her food, exercising, bodybuilding trips and then personal photos. That's where Frank came in. I kept seeing her reference Frank aka pumpkin tits as she likes to call him. So I got on his page one day after she referenced him and put his @. Well then they started talking about how they do a long distance relationship. She lives in Florida and he lives in Canada. I started following both of them.

I like seeing them work towards competitions. I like to see the exercises and the food they pick to eat. That's how I originally learned about Quest Bars. Marissa had been posting them and saying she really liked to eat them. Well guess what some of them aren't too bad. I bought a whole box with one of each flavor. Trust me I know.

I also really like seeing their relationship. When they are together they spend time working out together and enjoying each other. She always has really great style and I love seeing her outfits. She's like my own little mini celebrity on instagram. So if you ever get bored one day on instagram and need some motivation for working out check her out! Frank is a beast! He's got some major muscles and from what I've understood he's been through a lot to get to where he's at today.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday! Since this is February aka the month of love, I'm going to feature romantic themed movies for this month! This week's featured movie is, Hitch.
Will Smith stars as Alex aka Hitch the love doctor. Have you ever wanted to be with someone and you thought you could really hit it off if only you could get them to notice you? Or maybe have someone help you figure out your dates? Well that's exactly what Hitch does. He creates that moment for you to make an impression. He helps you get noticed then he helps you through your perfect date and dates. He's there for advice. He's there to stop you from getting in your own way. That's why he's helped tons of couples who are now just that... couples. As an added bonus he's also private and is only found through referrals and word of mouth from clients.
Now he's trying to help Albert (Kevin James) get an opportunity with a New York celebrity Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta). The only problem is that she doesn't notice him amongst her financial advisors. Albert and Hitch have their work cut out for them since she's a special case being a wealthy celebrity. Along the way, Hitch may meet someone who makes him question his own ideas on love and relationships. Maybe Albert can teach him something in return.
I personally think this is one of Will Smith's best movies. It's right up there with Independence Day for me! Watch this great romantic comedy.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Review

First of all, I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. First up Valentines Day on Friday. We basically celebrated Valentines Day on the 13th. Beezy and I exchanged gifts, made food for each other and spent the day together. It was low key and relaxed and that's what I love. I didn't feel like dealing with any crowds so it was perfect. We also watched a movie that I'm going to feature on Theater Thursday soon... Escape Plan.

Saturday I attended a Birthday dinner at Frasinetti's.
It's Sacramentos oldest Winery and Restaurant. It was started in the 1800s and even though they no longer have a vineyard on site they do have their own wine. The food is Italian in their restaurant and the fettuccini alfredo was really good! We also had some Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting from the Freeport Bakery.
 The restaurant had a really great fireside room that they use for large groups. Since there was 15 people at the dinner it worked really well.
Other than Valentines and going out to dinner, I did some online shopping. The place that has those vintage bathing suits that I like... well guess what? They had a weekend Presidents Day Sale with everything being 20% off. I couldn't pass that up so I got these two beauties for my upcoming beach vacations...
I got the black and white strip bathing suit and the tan hat. I can't wait to wear that hat! I'm just hoping it doesn't get bent up in my luggage to and from! Maybe I can find a great vintage hat box to pack it in. Suggestions?
I'm pretty superstitious about things like this but... I had a job interview for a position that I would love to be working in. I probably won't know anything for another week but keep your fingers crossed for some good news. It would be such a great thing!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Smiles

Every Saturday, I'm going to try and post five things that made me smile during the week. Often I find myself getting caught up in the small stuff but this year I'm making an effort to be conscious of it. This year is about being happy and finding happiness even in the small things! Want to join me? Go ahead and post your Saturday Smiles!

1. Valentines Day.
2. A Clean House.
3. Beezy. My cutie.
4. New bathing suits
5. Delicious desserts

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Either one you are celebrating, I hope you have a fun, happy day. I've already got my Valentines Day off to a great start! I got up yesterday and made some pancakes and bacon...
Then I received some beautiful flowers. I always love getting pretty flowers. They make me smile.
And if that wasn't enough, I got two cds and a journal to complete one of my 30 before 30 tasks. I'd like to say that I'm two days into that challenge and I've 28 more days till I can cross that off my list. As for the two cds I got...
My mom sent me a box in the mail with tons of treats in it. I got a new holiday decoration for my foyer table. I got an entire Chocolate heart box and some Elvis posters. Love him! I can't wait to get some frames for them.

Now it's on to San Francisco this weekend for a little bit of fun. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. If you're single go spend the day with the people who make you smile!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday! Since this is February aka the month of love, I'm going to feature romantic themed movies for this month! This week's featured movie is, The Wedding Planner.

The Wedding Planner stars Jennifer Lopez as Mary Fiore, an expert wedding planner who's on a mission to become partner in her event planning firm. Her path to getting what she wants is putting together the successful wedding of a millionaire mogul. There is only one problem... she's fallen in love with the groom Steve (Matthew McConaughey) herself.

Now she's going to have to learn to put her emotions behind her and do the job she was hired to do. Will she be able to do it? Along the way she'll make friends with the bride and learn how much she's willing to give and take for her career and the goals that she has for herself. While Mary is figuring all of this out Steve, the groom to be has his own ideas on their friendship and his upcoming nuptials. What happens is hilarious.

If you've never seen The Wedding Planner check it out. It's one of Jennifer Lopez's funniest movies and it's a classic. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Seeing Red

February is the month of love. Lately, I have been loving some reds and pinks. Here's some beauties I want to add to my closet...
Hunter Boots.
Classic short in Red.
Alex and Ani...
The Love Wrap

Unique Vintage...
 Red, White & Blue Stars & Stripes Ruched Gloria Swimsuit
These boots which look like Uggs to me...
Nike Shoes...
What have you had your eyes on lately?