Friday, February 27, 2015

San Francisco Engagement

Last Saturday we headed over to San Francisco with our photographer to shoot the rest of our engagement photos. If you missed our casual shoot with the Sacramento Kings, you can see them here. This session in S.F. was more our formal photos and ones that we will use in our guest book at the wedding. We shot in three locations: The Golden Gate Bridge, Bernal Heights Park and at a private residence (his cousin's house). We really love how they turned out. So without further ado...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... It's Theater Thursday! This week's featured movie is, Cast Away.
Cast Away came out in 2000 to glowing reviews. I thought the movie was all hype and I never watched it. I had seen a few bits and pieces on television but had never actually seen the movie in it's entirety. This past week, we finally set down to watch...

Chuck is a high level executive for the worldwide shipping company, Fed Ex. On Christmas Eve he's told that he is needed in Malaysia. He says goodbye to his long term girlfriend, Kelly (Helen Hunt) at their Memphis home and gets on a plane to head over the Pacific. When a massive storm puts their plane off course, Chuck realizes they could be in real danger. The pilots are unable to control the plane and they end up crashing into the ocean. Chuck is the only one to get out that he can see and he lands on an uninhibited island.

He'll have to wait it out for help. In the meantime he'll have to learn how to survive. He'll need food, water and fire. Three things that he'll have to really work to get. As packages begin to surface on the island, he starts collecting them. Time passes and the packages stop coming. He also starts to realize that help isn't coming. The entire time he thinks about his girlfriend Kelly. She is also he can focus on to stay calm.

I'm actually really glad I waited so long to see this movie. I thought it was really good but at the same time it was long. It was also a little awful to watch in parts because of how sad it was for Chuck. If you haven't watched... check it out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Things

Time is hopping. Things have been going at warp speed the last few weeks and I feel like there's been so many little and big things that have happened that I've forgot to post about. Sometimes I just haven't had the time. So here's a few things that I feel like should get pointed out...

1. Beezy got me some great gifts for Valentines day. I got a dozen roses, new Nike shoes, Nike work out pants and new underwear. Tesco got a cute towel about cat hair being a the new accessory.

2. Our Save the Dates arrived and I love them! We went with a magnet so people can have us on their fridge for an entire year. We used two photos from our Kings engagement shoot. I would post a photo but it has our wedding website and Beezy's real name on it. We got them from Wedding Paper Divas and they came in the cutest packaging and nice boxes.

3. I finally got my butt into gear and asked my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids to officially be in my wedding party. Due to the storm hitting the east coast, only one of them have actually got their box and card. So I officially have a bridesmaid!

I want to remember everything that happens this year as we plan our wedding so I need to get on the ball about posting! I'll do better these next few months.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Review Time Two

I'm only a weekend behind...
Last Friday, I was all prepared to be going to Reno on Valentines Day morning. We were going to celebrate his mom's Birthday, enjoy being with each other on Valentines day and come back to rest on Monday before heading back to work on Tuesday. That all changed in a matter of 15 minutes.
On Friday at 4:00 p.m. I got a call from Beezy saying some of  his family was going to Vegas for the weekend to hang out with some of their family that lives in Las Vegas. They had called him to let him know and invite him. So he calls me, get's his mom to cancel Reno and by 7:00 p.m. we were on the road to Vegas. We got there at 4am on Saturday and realized our hotel, The Aria was celebrating the Chinese New Year which is the year of the Ram. We hung out with his family, rode the new Ferris wheel, hit up Hersey world and M&M world. Then we had to make the long 12 hour drive back because of bumper to bumper traffic.
Before we left Las Vegas, I also indulged in this little treat....
It was heaven in my mouth and it was worth it. I figured it would be my treat considering I was going back to a week of work.

This past weekend, we spent our Saturday in San Francisco taking the rest of our engagement photos. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Didn't they already take their engagement photos? We took our casual shots at the Kings arena but these were our fancy photos. I had my hair and make up done...
And then we headed off to San Francisco. We took photos in a few multiple locations but here's a little preview of one from our phone. I can't wait to get the real ones back! Our photographer is pretty fast with the turn around so hopefully we will get them in the next few days!

On Sunday, we finally got to relax and watch the Oscars! Now just another week of work

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Engagement Photos Have Arrived

We got a few of our engagement photos back and we are very excited!
Since we are season ticket holders with the Kings and the fact that it was the home of our many first hang outs and dates we thought it would be fitting to take some of our photos there. The Kings were nice enough to indulge us and let us use the arena and court. So without further ado... Beezy and I.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Smiles

Every Saturday, I'm going to try and post five things that made me smile during the week. Often I find myself getting caught up in the small stuff but this year I'm making an effort to be conscious of it. This year is about being happy and finding happiness even in the small things! Want to join me? Go ahead and post your Saturday Smiles!

1. Travel.
2. Free money.
3. Our Wedding website.
4. Valentine's Day!
5. Engagement photos with Beezy.

What's making you smile?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines Day Treats


Valentines Day is coming up quick! While there is a few shopping days left, I really have only asked for a card this year. Since we've got our wedding to pay for we are on a big no spending money freeze. Now if we did have a giant bundle of cash to spend, I'd love to get a few of these goodies come Valentines Day.

1. Nike Leggings...
2. This red Bebe dress...
3. A trip to Memphis...
4. A pair of Blue Suede shoes...
Aren't they all just perfect gifts?!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that only means one thing... it's Theater Thursday!  Each week I take a movie that's out on dvd or available to watch at home and give my thoughts on it while letting you know what the movie is all about. This week's featured movie is, Non Stop.
Non-Stop stars Liam Neeson as U.S. Marshal Bill Marks. On a flight from New York to London midway over the Atlantic ocean he starts to get text messages on his secure phone. These aren't just any type of message. The messages state that someone on the plane will die every 20 minutes until they are given 150 million dollars transferred into a bank account. When Bill thinks that it's just a prank but decides to break protocol and asks the other U.S. Marshal on board if he's getting any similar texts. When the other Marshal tells him he doesn't know anything about it Bill gets suspicious.

He searches the other agent's bag and realizes that he's smuggling drugs. An altercation ensues and at the same time the first 20 minutes is ticking by. Bill realizes the texter is telling the truth because the first person on the flight is killed. Now it's a race against the clock because another 20 minutes will go by before the person will strike again. Up against his bosses in D.C. who don't know what to think Bill is practically alone up at 30,000 feet trying to figure out how to save the passengers, get across the Atlantic and figure out who is causing all of the madness. His other problem is all of the passengers.

When the passengers start to realize something is going on and that they could be in danger they begin to turn on each other and Bill. They want answers and he's trying to give them to them while figuring out who he can trust. He knows the crew well from making this flight often but does he really know them? Who can he trust? Who will he trust?

Watch and find out! This movie was really good and I couldn't figure it out until the very end!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Update

On Friday, Beezy and I started taking our engagement photos. Months before we ever got engaged we had talked about how cool it would be if we could take some of our engagement photos on the Kings court. It seemed very fitting for us since that's where all of our first dates and hang outs really happened. The Kings got a brand new court this year and their really particular about who they let on it. Their also very selective in what they let people do at the arena. I mean granted they are an NBA team so they have their rules.

Once we got engaged, we kept thinking about how great it would be if we could really have them done. So we took our chances, told them our story and asked them. We basically told them that we would come any day or any time they asked if they would let us take the photos. They made us sweat it out a few days but they granted our request! We had to sign waivers, listen to the rules about equipment on the court and then of course asking me to take of my heels when walking. They gave us 60 minutes and we took full advantage of them! We won't get our photos back for awhile because we still have to take the rest of our engagement photos at the end of the month so for now you'll have to just see the ones we took with our phone...

I can't wait to see how they turned out! That's for sure! Our photographer is great so I'm sure they will!

Saturday, we headed out to get some necessary stuff done. First up was a tire rotation but who really wants to hear about that? Once it was done though we headed over to the Galleria to get Beezy's clothing tailored. We got his suit jacket and dress shirts tailored so they would be a better fit for him and look nicer in photographs.

After he was all finished there, we headed off to register at Macys! This is the last store that we wanted to add to our registry so we set out with a mission. Two hours later we finished it and left the store exhausted.
The workers in the store were really nice though. They helped us get started and then once we were done they gave us all kinds of coupons and enclosures for our invites. Word to the wise, go to the store to register, don't do it online! They give you all kinds of freebies when going to set it up in person.

Saturday evening we hung out with his family and had a pot luck. It was nice. It's also been pouring the rain all weekend. So that's why on Sunday, I sat around and did absolutely nothing but clean and get ready for the week! It's nice to have silent time. Oh and did I mention our wedding website is DONE!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Smiles

Every Saturday, I'm going to try and post five things that made me smile during the week. Often I find myself getting caught up in the small stuff but this year I'm making an effort to be conscious of it. This year is about being happy and finding happiness even in the small things! Want to join me? Go ahead and post your Saturday Smiles!

1. Finishing our registries.
2. Making plans for Valentines Day.
3. Feeling a little healthier.
4. Repeats of the show Hart to Hart.
5. Beezy. Always Beezy.

What's making you smile?

Friday, February 6, 2015


I was talking to my mom the other day about a theme park that we use to love going to when I was a kid. It started bringing up the fun memories of going there with my family. It made me smile. Sadly they tore it down to build a large hotel complex in the late 90's. What theme park? It was Opryland! 

Now what stands on the site is the Gaylord Orpyland Mall and Resort. I've never been back since they tore it down and built the mall. I probably won't return. Anyways, that got me to thinking about my all time favorite roller coasters. Not just at Opryland but everywhere I've rode rides at so without further ado, here's my top five roller coasters that I remember fondly...

1. Chaos.
Choas was an indoor rollercoaster at Opryland. It didn't go upside down but it was indoors and completely in the dark. They played crazy music and used tons of different lights but it made you feel like you were in an inspector gadget episode. Loved it!

2. The Hangman.

This ride was also at Opryland. It was one of the first rollercoasters that I went on that your feet had to dangle. After Opryland closed the Hangman found a new home in Vallejo, California which isn't far from me! It's now there but as the Kong ride. I'm only about an hour from this park but I still haven't went to it. Hopefully, I will soon now that I know one of my old rides is there!

3. Raging Bull.

I rode the Raging Bull when I was in Chicago visiting my uncles. My mom, my uncles and I drove over to the Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. My mom to this day is still scared of this ride. In her defense it was pretty scary. It's top speed was 73mph. It's still at Great America so if you go, ride it and you'll know why she's still scared.

4. The Pirate Ship and Ghost Town in the Sky.
Ghost Town in the Sky was only accessible by riding a sky lift. Once you got up the mountain you were in a ghost town. They had it set up like a creepy ghost town with fun carnival rides. The best one for me that I remember was the Pirate Ship. Not only was it fun but scary. It was literally positioned right beside the mountain drop off. When ship went into the air all you could see was straight down the mountain. The ride literally sat on the edge of the fence that kept people from falling down the mountain. Sadly this place is closed too!

5. Blazing Fury.

This ride has been at Dollywood for as long as I can remember. It's nothing super special. It's an indoor roller coaster ride that doesn't go upside down. This ride however, takes you through a town that is on fire. The fire is literally above and around you as you ride. At the end of the ride you find out if you've got the fire out!

So there you have it. Some of my favorite rides!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Five First World Problem Questions

I'm going to go ahead and just say it. This entire post is going to relate to my wedding.

I was brushing my teeth this morning and I thought, "I need my teeth to get way whiter for the wedding" so I started to think what's the best whitening toothpaste. Then that made me start to think of other things that I've been thinking about for the wedding...

1. A whitening toothpaste.

Which whitening toothpaste do you think works the best? When I was younger I use to use to the Crest whitening strips but they started bothering me after a few uses. I switched to the Crest Whitening toothpaste but once I ran out I just never bought it again. So my question is which one do you think is the best whitening toothpaste out there? Thoughts?

2. Reslin Injections.

I apparently laugh and smile a lot. I've started to get a line on one side of my mouth that is a laugh line. I put lotion on my face in the mornings. I put primer and make up on and it's still getting in that line. I really want to get a reslin injection but Beezy thinks that is insane. So I need an alternative. My skin is very sensitive and breaks out so easily. I tried Arbonne and it broke my face out almost immediately after touching it. I use a lot of Neutrogena products so if you know of something let me know. I need it.

3. Make up for the wedding.

I always do my own make up. I've only had my make up done by one person and it was awful. I went to a MAC make up store to have them do my make up. I came out looking like a snow beast. Now I love MAC make up but the girl working there must have been use to painting houses instead of faces. Now I have to figure out who I'm going to have do my wedding day make up. The most important day of my life. I can't be looking like that snow beast. So now the hunt is on to find someone. I thought about doing my own but I don't want to the stress of having to do my own while having someone else do my hair etc. How much is a good price for wedding day make up? Thoughts?

4. Working out.

Everyday I wake up knowing that I should work out. I've been wearing the new fitbit that I got since Christmas and I've only hit 10,000 steps three times. Yep. Not kidding. I've done better this week though and even did a few sit ups. I've hit the 10,000 steps twice this week alone. I'm trying to get it together. I've also been doing better with my eating habits. I'm in this weird window of weight since I already have my dress. I can't lose more than 1o pounds which is what I'm shooting for but then on the other side of scale I can't gain more than 5 because they can't add fabric to it. So I've stepped up my game on this losing weight thing. It's definitely not as easy as it was when I was younger.

5. Wonky Hair.

Lately, one side of my hair won't hold a curl. I've never had this problem before but in the last year anytime I've went to curl my hair one side will look great and the other side doesn't want to keep holding the curl. Does anyone know why this is? With my engagement photos coming up and other important life events, I need to figure out why this is happening. I haven't been using any odd products. I haven't had a Brazilian blow out. Does anyone know what can fix this?