Monday, December 31, 2018

Christmas Wish Came True

In November, I told all of you that I wanted one thing for Christmas.


Well guess what? We went to West Virginia for Christmas! We got to spend a glorious 8 days and 7 nights in my hometown. It was great to spend time with family.

Presley got to spend his first Christmas in my hometown.

We hit up all the local places to eat.

We opened presents.

And we just enjoyed being together.

It was the perfect first Christmas for Presley.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

What I Watched in 2018

I was on maternity leave for three months so that helped me burn through some shows. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Altered Carbon and Jack Ryan. I liked Altered Carbon so much so that I watched the entire season one twice. I can't wait for Season 2! I also got sucked back into the life of Jersey Shore. I can't believe how crazy those people are still! But hey... they entertain and they make that money. 

I started watching season 2 of Making a Murderer. I got lost in the blood breakdown but I'll catch up again. I'm still waiting on them to be released! I firmly believe that Brendan was coerced and did not partake in the crime.

I need to watch season 3 of Man in the High Castle but I still firmly believe that Joe doesn't want to be a Nazi. I still have faith in him.


I can't say enough about the Bodyguard on Netflix. I was sad to hear that it was meant to only be a one season, mini series. I am happy to report that they are in talks for a season 2. I just thought this was so well done and really entertaining. 

Who killed Sister Cathy? I'm still waiting to find out. I hope those women never give up. I wonder if it was that male priest? Was it the cops? Who was it!? How has time gone on all these years and they still don't know.

What did you watch in 2018 that you loved? Am I missing out on a show? Let me know and I'll add it to my list.

Friday, December 28, 2018

2018 Reads

Every year I try to read as much as I possibly can. I feel the feeding your mind with stories other than the ones you see on television can be a good thing for your brain. While some people read a lot of self-help, non fiction, etc, I for one am a fan of fiction books. I love a good mystery. This year I didn't know how reading would go for me since I was due in February and I didn't know what life with a newborn would be like. I'm happy to report that I'm finishing the year out with 22 books read in 2018. Was this my highest year total ever? No... but that's ok!

Here's a look at the books I read in 2018. If you want to see any of the books I've read in other years click the tags at the bottom of this post.

I'd have to say out of these 22 books that the top three for me was The Closers, Ready Player One and Altered Carbon. I loved the Netflix show of Altered Carbon and the book is very much the same. I love the Michael Connelly Bosch series but The Closers was probably my favorite one so far that I've read in the series. Ready Player One was a surprise for me. I didn't plan on ever reading the book or seeing the movie. When my husband gave me a free copy of it that he got through work, I thought OK I'll give it a try and the book was amazing. The movie was just OK for me.

The books that I had the hardest time finishing was The Running Duck (the movie Cobra is based on this book). I thought I would love the book since I love that movie but the book was FAR different than the movie. The book wasn't horrible but I can tell you this... Stallone did a great job of adapting the book and making it into a far better movie.

Happy Reading in 2019! I've already got some books lined up on my shelf and ready to go.

What will you be reading in 2019?