Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Giveaway Time

I love Christmas and I love giveaways, so why not combine the two? So I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY! I'm giving away this lovely Christmas ornament/decoration. It's about 8 inches tall and can either be hung on your wall or on a tree.
The giveaway is open to EVERYONE no matter where you live, it'll get shipped to you! 
Want to win? Here's how: 
1. Become a follower. 
2. Follow me on twitter.
3. Follow my travel site!
4. Follow my travel site on twitter.
5. Mention my travel site (including a link) on your blog. 

Already follow? Just leave me a separate comment for each entry. So that's 5 separate entries that you can get! 
The giveaway closes on November 6th at 11:59pm est. Good luck!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and it's time for this week's Theater Thursday! With this week being Halloween it's a Halloween Edition! This week's featured movie is Halloween!

I debated between Halloween and another movie but I had to give it to the classic. Maybe it's the music, maybe it's the mask but this movie still scares the beegeezs out of me! I can't be at home watching this alone without getting scared. 

Jamie Lee Curtis stars as Laurie, a high school student who's spending her Halloween evening baby-sitting. Hearing the rumors all day about a small boy Michael Myers who killed his sister 15 years earlier, she's on edge. The day begins to go from bad to worse when Michael successfully escapes his mental institution that he's been serving in only to come back to town.

With Michael on the loose and almost the entire town out partying the Halloween night away, Laurie (Curtis) will have to fend for herself when Michael comes into the house. Her only hope of being rescued and saved his a doctor who's been treating Michael for years and believes he knows the true evil that Michael is. 

If you've never seen Halloween, you must get this classic movie and watch it this weekend. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Guess who's ready for Christmas!?!
(Me Circa 1986 eating my first piece of candy ever)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I REFUSE to Settle

I refuse to settle. It's as simple as that. 
I'm 26 years old, unmarried, no children and single. Does that make me sad? No... ok sometimes. Do I want to get married one day and have children? Yes. But I refuse to settle for anything less than what I want and deserve. The majority of my friends are either married, have kids, having kids or engaged. Then there's me. I only notice my single hood when we're at gatherings. Or...

When I'm sitting at home alone watching the Sex and the City Movie. Realizing that the holidays are fast approaching and that the only people that I'll be seeing this season are coupled up. Can someone tell me, did I miss the memo? Everyone is walking two by two. When did this become Noah's arc? Well I'm still rocking the single title. 

I'm independent. I love to travel. I refuse to depend on anyone else for money or my livelihood. When a guy comes along that is equally independent, travels the world, has a job and doesn't depend on anyone else financially then my head will really turn. Until then these are a few things I'm wanting in a man. And of course I threw in some guys that I think are handsome...
I want a man who's rough, who goes a day without shaving because he's busy working. I want a man who can change a flat tire and check the oil in my car. Who can be handy around the house and can make me feel safe no matter where I'm at. I want a man who's honest, fair, loving and truthful. I want a man who wants to be with one woman forever and ever. I want a man who doesn't need to be on his iphone 24/7. I want a man who can love sports but will be happy to go ice skating with me in the winter. I want a man who loves to travel and be adventurous. 
I want a man who doesn't go out to the bar each weekends and still behaves like he's in college. I want a man who doesn't "sext" (sex text). I want a man who will hold my hand in public and open doors for me. I want a man who can laugh and laugh at himself. Who is content to sit at home and watch a movie on a Friday night. A man who wears pj pants around the house with slippers on cold nights. Who sends flowers without a reason.
Is that too much to ask for? Sometimes I wonder. I've lost a lot of faith recently in guys but I guess I just have to believe that he's out there and waiting to be found. Who knows, you never know what tomorrow may bring. So.. if you see me this holiday season at a party come over and say hello and introduce me to your single friends. HA! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Man Eating Chicken...

This past weekend I did some major retail therapy and at one of most unluckiest places for me... Old Navy. I hadn't shopped there in awhile and I was pleasantly surprised at all the great things I found! My favorite thing that I purchased was this scarf...
Besides the retail therapy I took part in, I went out to dinner with 17 of my coworkers. We went to my favorite local place Fat Pattys. That place is amazing and the food is becoming nationally known. 
Their Luau burger (a 1/2 patty served Hawaiian style. Topped with grilled ham, provolone cheese, pineapple & tomato. Served with honey mustard glaze on the bun) is a small piece of Heaven. The real reason we all went out to dinner there, is so two of the coworkers challenged each other to a chicken wing eating contest. The winner ate 3 pounds of wings... let's just say around 4am she saw all those wings again. 
(about 2 pounds into the challenge)
Last weekend I mentioned going to a bonfire (where I met the awkward guy who pretended not to know me). I finally have the pictures from it! 

Needless to say, I've had two great weekends in a row!! Hope all of you had a great weekend as well! 

Friday, October 22, 2010


The time has finally come! As hard as it's been, I've been keeping a secret for the past two weeks...and now I can finally share. I started my very own travel website! 

That's right! I did it! After months of thinking about it, it's finally became a reality.

If you've been reading for awhile, then you know that I love to travel and frequently am out on the road. So why not write about them and share all of the details! The site just got started and I hope you'll all hop over and join in on the fun! 

Don't worry, I'll still post a few snippets of my travels here as well as my daily Crazy Shenanigans that go on. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Traveling Thru...

I thought I'd take a break this week from Theater Thursday, to tell you about my little road trip I took on Tuesday!

I got in the car and headed to Cincinnati! I love that place and since it's only takes about 3 hours to drive there, I thought why not and headed to the Newport Aquarium! 

If you've never been to the Newport Aquarium then you're missing out. They have everything from fish and frogs to birds, penguins and even alligators. Just remember... the Aquarium is actually located across the bridge in Newport, Kentucky so if you're driving downtown aimlessly unable to find it... that's why. 
Inside one of their overhead tunnels & yes there was a diver in there as well.
Sea Turtles are my favorite! 
I thought this guy was pretty cool looking too! 

A great view of Cincinnati
All in all it was a great day at the Aquarium and in Cincinnati with my Mom! We also hit up Jungle Jims and if you know anything about Cincinnati then you know that it's a great market! I even indulged in my love for Big Boy's burger and fries! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 Strikes and You Are Out!

Yesterday I went to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky. Incase you don't know where that is, it's literally right across the bridge from Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Blogger has been having a lot of issues lately or maybe it's that I'm having a lot of issues with them. Either way...I guess I'll have to post about that trip tomorrow because blogger is having some major issues and isn't letting me upload any of my photos. And what good would a post all about my trip there be without photos? Exactly... bad!  Strike 1 Blogger.

Last Wednesday, I bought a custom domain through blogger and since then it has not worked. You're suppose to be able to just purchase it and blogger does the rest for transferring everything and redirecting. Well I went to my settings to make sure that I've got the redirecting set up. I do

Does anyone know why this would be? It's been a week and when you type in the address it just won't even go there. It says not found. Then if you type in my blogspot for it that I had, it won't even go to it as well. HELP!  Strike 2 blogger...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

This week's topic is...
Top 2 Favorite Old Pictures

This is one of my favorite photos from my time studying in England. It was taken in Dover, England 2006, right after we had got on the ship to go to Paris, France. The 3 of us stuck together like glue and we'll always be good friends. 

This photo was taken at the Santa Monica Pier in May. Nothing better than a yummy corn dog, hanging out on the pier! Love it!

Monday, October 18, 2010

What Not to say/do on a date Part 11

Welcome to another installment of, What Not to Say/Do on a Date! If you've missed any of the other segments on my horribly bad dates, you can find them here

So this story is going to be a little bit different from all the rest.... This past weekend, I attended a party for one of my coworkers. They were having a bonfire out in the country and when I say country, it took me 45 minutes to drive there from my house and I almost got stuck on an uphill gravel road. Let's just say that my tires, on my poor little Kia Spectra were spinning their hearts content out trying to get up it. 

So when a group of us (who rode in my car) finally got there, introductions were made and food and drinks were offered up. Since there was good number of people there a few people never got introduced to one another. Well I'm getting a drink and my coworker came over to introduce me to his neighbor. Instantly my heart went into my stomach....

This neighbor is someone my coworker has been trying to set me up with for at least 2 months now. What's happened is he'll tell me a little bit about him, go and talk to his neighbor and do the same and then tell us each other what's been said. Confused? Yeah me too and I'm even involved in the situation. So this was it, we were finally coming face to face. I had heard endless conversations about him and him about me. Coworker makes the introduction and then nothing. It was a party so I didn't think anything of it. 

Later in the night, we ended up standing side by side and I struck up a conversation with him. He literally pretended like he had no idea who I was. It was as if  he was just finding out that I existed in the universe. Seriously? I knew that the coworker had been talking about me. He sure had been telling me tons of things about him! So I automatically assumed that he just wasn't interested in me and this was his way of letting me know. 

Let's just say the conversation was rough. It became like one of those moments where you're sitting in the dentist chair and you know the silence is inevitable. I ended up leaving with the group I came with shortly afterwards and felt like complete crap. I had even curled my hair and put on make up... only to get shot down. So I'm guessing this is the date that will never be....

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Almost Christmas...Kinda!!

Christmas is just __ days away! Every year I hear the same thing from my family and friends, "You're so hard to buy for. I never know what to get you." Well this year I've decided to take care of that and make a list! 
So without further ado my 2010 Christmas Wish List! 
White Vanity from Target
Vanity stool by Shabby Chic at Target
The Bailey Button Triplet Boot from Ugg
White Jewelry Box from Amazon
The Pavo quilt/comforter from Anthropologie
The Pavo Euro Shame from Anthropologie

The Wildfield Euro Shame from Anthropologie
All of this in addition to the dvds and books that I'd like to have.... but it's Christmas and even if I didn't get one thing I'd be ok with that. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Theater Thursday

This week's edition of Theater Thursday features the movie, Casual Sex. 

Casual Sex (1988), is about two friends Stacy (Lea Thompson) and Melissa (Victoria Jackson) are determined to find good men who aren't afraid of commitment. To find these men they head out to vacation at a health spa. 

Along the way, they meet tons of guys who are nothing like what they want. Once they get to the spa they realize that their search might be harder than they thought. This makes them reevaluate what kind of man their looking for and realize that most men are just looking for casual sex. So will Stacy and Melissa find true love? 

I hadn't seen this movie for years until recently and it was just as funny as the first time. If you've never seen this movie. Check it out! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simply Wordless...

Last night I was glued to the television for hours. Simply amazing.....

(The first miner to reach the surface)
The whole story has been completely remarkable. I wish those 33 men nothing but the best and a lifetime of good karma. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Planning a Road Trip

It's no secret that I love the holidays, especially Christmas. When I was trying to decide where to go on my next road trip I just couldn't narrow it down. There's just too many great places that I want to go. So I've decided that at the end of November I will be heading to....
And yes, I know I just got back from there but I've heard the Christmas decorations they do are fabulous and we all know how much I love Christmas! From what I've seen on the internet and heard Graceland decorates each room for the holidays.
Elvis supposedly loved Christmas and use to have it decorated when he was still alive so they've continued the tradition. I've also heard that there's a tree in every room.... um that's my kind of place! 

(Elvis reading his draft letter at Christmas)
I can't wait to see it again and decorated for the holidays!! November is going to be a busy month because I've also got a second road trip planned for this month! More on that later but yes... it's Christmas related!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello Weekend

I worked all weekend long, technically my work week is everyone else's weekend. Wait... did that make any sense? No. Ok, how about this... my work week is Thursday-Sunday. So my weekend actually just started.

For the next three days I plan on getting a lot of things done. One being getting my Halloween costume all together. I was originally going to go as Jem from Jem and the Holograms, but since my work environment makes it impossible to spray paint half my hair pink, nor can I find the right wig, I'll now be going as this...
I've also become addicted to bidding on vintage items on.... 
I'll be watching my auctions like a hawk! I won a great vintage 60's dress last week and I can't wait for it to get here. It's made to wear in the fall and I am itching to wear it!! 

I also decided where I'll be going on my next two road trips and since I'm ocd when it comes to planning and schedules, I'll be using the next three days to make my itineraries! Don't worry, I'll be spilling the beans soon on where I'm going. Both of the trips will be taking place next month so I need to get cracking on reservations! 

Hope everyone has a good Monday! 
PS: I'll probably also watch Twilight and New Moon because I'm stilllllll waiting on Eclipse to come out on dvd! Does anyone know when it should be? 

Friday, October 8, 2010

450th Post! Your Questions Answered!

Wow! This is my 450th post and honestly I never thought this day would happen. When I first set out blogging I had no idea that I'd actually stick with it, enjoy and love interacting with other bloggers. Looking back at it now, I'm really glad that I began to blog. It's allowed a lot of great things to happen in my life. 

In honor my 450th post, I opened up the floor to any questions you may have. So without further ado, your questions answered. 

Kendra asked, "Of all the places you've traveled, Which place was your favorite?" Outside of the USA- London England. Inside the US- Los Angeles, CA. 

Kassie asked, "If you were running out of the house from a fire, What would you grab? Things not people/pets." Photographs. We keep photos and negatives all in one place. Clothing, furniture and everything else can be replaced. Photos are really important to me and some of those could never be replaced. 

Aimee asked, "When did you discover you wanted to travel a lot? I've traveled since I was a child but I knew it was something I wanted to do often when I was in middle school. How do you travel a lot? I'm going with luck. I also save, plan out and go on the cheap. How do you get time off work? Well I'm lucky because my normal work week is only 4 days so that's 3 days off a week right there. I also get a total of 19 paid vacation days a year so that helps. Best vacation experience ever? Los Angeles, CA and the first time I ever left the country to go to England. Where is the one place you haven't gone to that you would be super disappointed if you were never able to go?" Egypt. I've always wanted to see the pyramids. (Aimee, you asked for specific examples of some things for a more detailed answer please e-mail me)

Love Jenny Xoxo asked, "What is the biggest turn off in a guy?" Smoking. 

Mariahsmile asked, "How do you find your deals for trips? I have a AAA membership, I find the cheapest outlet to book hotels, airfare and attractions be it on their official sites or discount. What is your favorite thing at Sephora? The eye shadows.What is your favorite movie and television show of all time?" Movie-Back to the Future/Shag. Tv- The West Wing/ Mission Impossible.

JG asked, " What are your goals for the rest of the year? Continue to pay off debt. What do your Saturdays typically look like?" I work on Saturdays. So I'm usually up around 7am and continue to work the majority of the day. Once I'm off, I'll run a few errands and relax. 

Kelly & Sara asked, "If you were invisible for 1 day what would you do? I would follow someone else to see what their life is like and what they're really like in private. If you won the lottery, honestly what's the first thing you would do? Pay off debt. What is your favorite book and movie?" Book- Choke by Stuart Woods, Movie- See above. 

Samnhal asked, "If money wasn't a problem, where is the one place that you would go for a 2 week vacation?" Somewhere tropical like Tahiti or Bora Bora and be in one of those huts on the water.  

Still have a question or want to know something else? Please feel free to ask, if it's not something you want to post on here then e-mail me. Thanks everyone! Here's to another 450 posts!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Theater Thursday

This weeks featured movie is Elvis and Me. What can I say, I've been on a huge Elvis kick since coming back from Graceland. 

Elvis and Me is a made for tv movie based on Priscilla Presely's book titled, Elvis and Me. I usually hate made for tv movies based on the lives of celebrities but this one I just can't get enough of. I first saw this movie when I was in middle school in the late 90's and at the time it was probably the raciest thing I had ever seen. 

Made in 1988, Dale Midkiff stars as Elvis Presely and chronicles his life from his time in the army while living in Germany to his death. Susan Walters stars as Priscilla and since the movie is from her perspective we follow her life from the beginning of her move from Texas to Germany at the age of 14, through their courtship, marriage, divorce and Elvis' untimely death. 

The movie is also full of home footage from their times together and photographic montage at the beginning and end. This is definitely a great movie to watch if you're wanting a closer look at Elvis and his life. 

Now here's the really fun part! Have a movie you love? Great! Post about it and then come back here and link up. That way everyone can see your movie and maybe find something new to watch. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vintage Closet Memphis!

When I was in Memphis, I just had to find a vintage clothing store. Luckily for me, they have one! So on my first afternoon in town I fed my vintage clothing addiction at Flashback
(Inside Flashback)
Not only do they sale clothing and accessories but they have housewares as well! When I get back to Memphis, I'll be sure to stop in again and take a longer look at all the kitchen items. As for their clothing, I expected more of it but I was able to find a dress shirt and in my size.
(close up of the fabric)
I did however luck out in the jewelry department and found a ring and bracelet cuff that I fell in love with and just had to get...
(Hula Dancer ring)

(Cuff Bracelet)
All in all I feel like it was a successful vintage shopping trip! If you've missed any of my other vintage trips you can find them under my labels: Vintage Clothing.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reaching a Monument!

I just realized that my 450th post is coming up soon and I can't let that pass without something! So, I've decided to do a questions and answers post. Along with giving away a little something.
So I'm opening the floor to questions. Have something you want to ask me? Feel free. I'll answer the question in my 450th post and have the giveaway up. I'm still trying to incorporate my traveling into the giveaway. 

Besides realizing my post numbers. I'm trying to determine my next big road trip and I can't decide between either...
Washington DC