Saturday, August 29, 2020

Well... Let’s Rewind

Remember the one post that I did back in December with all my wishes for 2020? Well... that’s out the window! Due to Covid-19 everyone’s year and life has completely changed. What a garbage year this has been. No travel, everyone sick and if their not their afraid of getting sick, not seeing friends and family in person. What a skid mark in the underwear! 

One of my goals this year was to blog more but clearly that went out the window too with everyone else’s hopes and dreams for the year. We typically would have been on a vacation by now but that didn’t happen in June because of Covid. I’m still bitter...

Between teleworking and watching my 2.5 year old all day, I’m beat. I’m also making face masks like a crazy monkey all night long once he goes to bed. While this year has been completely crazy and nothing like a normal year, I am thankful that I’ve got to spend so much time with my Presley. I didn’t realize how much he really needed me till I started staying home during the pandemic. He’s talking so much more, playing and even finally started eating a little bit more. The one thing that really suck though is not seeing my mom. We usually see her in June, November and December. We didn’t see her in June and unless there’s a vaccine we won’t be able to travel cross country and see her in November and December for the holidays. For us it’s just too risky to take multiple airplanes and expose are ourselves to that many people and then expose my mom once we get there. 

I’m really hoping something will turn around and we can salvage the holidays. I’m trying to mentally prepare but it’s hard. 

In other news, Presley is obsessed with watching a video on Niagara Falls and Greenland. When everything is over, you can guess what trip we are planning. 

I just thought I’d check in with everyone and let you guys know I’m still here. Still living life and trying to plot my way home for the holidays. Stay safe!