Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Awkward Moment & Theater Thursday

On Monday I experienced one of the most awkward moments in my 26 years of life. Not even kidding. So allow me to finally explain the awkwardness which took place. If you've never heard about the crazy things my neighbors do then after this you might want to read about them here.

As you all know (if you've been reading), I've been sick since Sunday evening. I've only left my house twice since then and my pajamas have been my attire of choice. Last week, we began having problems with the water pressure in our shower so we knew we were going to have to get someone in here to take a look at it. Well... of course they came on Monday. The day that I've got a wicked fever and throat that feels like it's on fire. I'm laying on my couch in my pink fleece pj's with white rabbits on them and hear the door bell. The guy is here to take a look at it and figure out the problem so it can be fixed. 

After a few minutes and many trips up and down my steps to the basement, he realizes he's going to need another opinion (code for I have no idea what I'm doing). Ok, great! Insert sarcasm. So he leaves and a few minutes later comes back to my door, opens it up and says, "Is it ok if I bring in Doug (not using his real name)? At this point, I'm like What?!?! Um..ok? Because Doug is one of my next door neighbors who has never been in my house let alone in my upstairs bathroom. They know each other and apparently he knows a lot about indoor plumbing, electricity, etc. He comes into the house, basically because at that point it would have been even more awkward not to let him come in because he was standing on the porch waiting and could hear the guy asking if it was for him to bring him in. 

Here's where the awkwardness really begins. I get up off the couch so I don't look like a complete slouch.  I look at my neighbor who's just come into my living room and he literally is standing there with bare feet, a white t-shirt and in his yellow underwear. Nope... not even kidding! Let's address all the points of his awkwardness and inappropriateness:

1. The bare feet- He had no socks or shoes on. He lives across the street. It was raining out. Not a drizzle but non stop raining. That means he walked bare foot on the brick street, thru the wet grass and then put his feet onto my carpet. Um, gross! I also caught a glimpse of his toes and it was not good. 

2.The white t-shirt was not white. I could tell that it was probably white at one time but now it had this tint to it. It was also a v-neck and I could tell it was one of those shirts that you're suppose to wear under other shirts not for just everyday use. But the shirt isn't the hot button issue here...

3.The Yellow underwear- to top of his look he walked into my house wearing his yellow boxer shorts. Like he had just been caught mid-change or pre/post shower. From the looks of him though no shower had been involved. So what the heck was he thinking?!?! Wouldn't you want to put on shorts or pants before walking into someone else's house?! It literally would have taken like 5 seconds. 
So there you have it, I'm also now trying to avoid any eye contact with that neighbor. 
This weeks Theater Thursday is A Summer Place

A Summer Place (1959) stars Sandra Dee as Molly, a teenage girl vacationing for the summer on Pine Island, Maine with her parents. Pine Island holds special memories for her family because her dad Ken, a now millionaire use to lifeguard there in his younger days. Ken runs into an old flame named Sylvia and they soon find out that their love is still there. Appalled by their parents behavior Molly becomes close to Sylvia's son Bart (Arthur Kennedy). 

Eventually Molly and Bart realize they have more in common than their distaste for their parents actions and begin seeing each other. Once the summer ends Molly heads off to college as does Bart. They continue to see each other but discover something that will always keep their two families intertwined.

This is a great old movie, if you love Sandra Dee or old movies then you'll love adding this one to your collection. Now for the fun part! Have a movie that you love? Great! Post about it and then come back here and link up. That way everyone will get to see movies that they may not known about otherwise. Don't know how to link up? Just e-mail me and I'll walk you through the steps! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Still A Huge Fan

Did anyone else watch Glee last night? I did! I'm not gonna lie, I didn't watch a single episode last season but once I heard Britney was going to be on I knew I was going to have to tune in. I started last week with the first episode of season 2 so I could figure out the show a little bit and I love it! I'm gonna have to score season 1 to catch up. 

So yes, Britney Spears was the featured music performer last night and it was amazing! I thought the song choices were great. The dancing was fantastic and the way they made all sets look like the music videos made me nostalgic. I remember watching all the videos when they first came out and loving every minute of it. 
Now that I've taken that trip down memory lane. It's back to bed because I'm still sick! I swear that awkward moment will finally be discussed tomorrow because I have a picture to upload with it! Ekk! Let's just say it involves a plumber and a neighbor. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sick Days

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. Sadly the sore throat turned into full on sick. So what have I been doing since Sunday evening? Laying in bed and watching old television shows on dvd. Thank goodness for my extensive dvd collection! Here's a few things I've been watching to help pass the time. I love old television shows!
(Hart to Hart Season 1. Love it! I now need season 2)
(The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries Season 1. I like the Hardy Boy episodes better than Nancy Drew)
(Mission Impossible Season 5. Oh I love this show!)

(Jag Season 3. I already own season 4)

Besides being sick and just laying in bed watching television, I've been missing out on the fall weather that started taking place. It's become cold here and not just like jump from the 90's to 70's. I'm talking 90's to the high 50's. Once the rain stops and I feel better, I'm going to bust out the Ugg boots and sweaters and join the world out in it. Also, I had one of the most awkward moments in my life happen yesterday. Stay tuned... I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Mixed Weekend

My weekend was a mix of excellence and suckage. Let's get to the good stuff first! 
One of my BFF's Erica, was in town for the weekend, so we got to hang out! We dined at one of my favorite places, Cheddars! 
If you've never been to a Cheddars, GO! They have great food that's easy on the wallet and the portions are huge. I got the bacon cheeseburger with fries and it was pure heaven.
We also went and saw, Easy A. We'd both really been wanting to see this movie and it finally happened!
I thought it was really cute and totally worth seeing in the theater. I'll probably end up buying it on dvd when it comes out. It had some references to older movies and I loved that. 

This is the part now where I tell you how the weekend went down hill fast... I've been working a lot more than usual over these past few weeks but this week took the cake. I had to be up one morning at 4am and if you know me, you know that I am NOT a morning person. I normally don't get up until 9:30 and sometimes even later. So that in it's self was a battle. 
Well the early mornings must have somehow caught up to me because when Saturday night rolled around I was exhausted and fell asleep at a 1st graders bed time. The next morning, I woke up with a throat so soar, I was convinced I'd be the next adult scheduled at the hospital for my tonsils to be cut out. In fact, my throat is still so sore and raw that I should probably be in bed at home rather than at work.

Humor me... I have a poll on my left side bar. If you could give me your input that'd be great! 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What Not to say/do on a date Part 10

That's right! It's back! I haven't posted one of these since June and this one is more than worthy of sharing. If you've missed any of the previous segments, you can find them here. I might add that yes... all of these awful and horrible things have happened to me while being on dates. 

This summer my friends and I were fortunate enough to be able to all gather and head out to the lake together. The first time we were at the lake together I was in a relationship and was only looking to have a good time with friends. While there I came across this cute guy who was working at the docks. I didn't think anything of it except the fact that he was cute. Once we left the lake that day, he never entered my thoughts again. 

Flash forward to the end of the summer and my friends and I head out to the lake again. This time, the only difference was that I was single. And guess who we saw?!? Yep, that's right the same cute guy from before. 

All day we were out on the boat, had a good time and as we came back to the docks there he was again. One of my best friends, Kristin, God love her instantly started grilling him with questions. Yelling them from the boat.  

Kristin: "Hey! Are you single?"
Dude: "Yeah."
Kristin: "Well remember our friend that was with us last time? She's single but she doesn't live in town. And then there's our friend here who's single."
Dude: "Um...ok"
Kristin:"You got a car?"
Dude:" Yes..."

At this point she looks at me and goes, "He has a job, a car and he's single. There ya go"

I think my face was 5 shades of red. We get off the boat and I proceed to go change. Kristin stayed behind and gave him my number. Later that night, the lake guy starts texting me. At first I thought it was funny and then the bombs started dropping. 

First of all he was 22. I'm 26. 
Second, he's 22 with 3 kids under the age of 3.
Third, he had the worst grammar and spelling I've ever seen in my life. (yes, I judge people on their spelling). 

So moral of this story, do not yell from a boat at a random guy that your friend thinks is cute. You'll get more surprises that you though you would. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Theater Thursday

This week's Theater Thursday pick is Great Balls of Fire... 

Dennis Quaid plays the famous singer and musician, Jerry Lee Lewis. In the 1950's after Elvis paved the way for rock n' roll, Jerry Lee went to Sun Records to make it big. Along the way he stayed with his cousins and become reacquainted with his cousin Myra (Winnona Ryder). Who he would later marry.

Before making it big he lived with his cousins, touring in small dives hoping to have a hit record. Once Jerry Lee's song, "Great Balls of Fire" hit the charts he began a life of drinking and led a playboy lifestyle that was looked down upon by many people including his cousin (Alec Baldwin) who happened to be a preacher. This movie follows the early beginnings of Jerry Lee's career and life that ensued. 
I love this movie but I have to admit it makes me cringe in spots. It's so trashy in parts but the story is based on his real life events. If you've never seen it... check it out! 

Now here's the fun part. Have a movie that you love? Great! Post about it and then come back here and link up. That way everyone can see and hear about great movies that they may never have watched. Just Post, then come back and click on the "Link up, You are next" and follow the steps. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Kings Castle

Graceland was my main reason for going to Memphis. I've been a fan of Elvis's since I can remember. I heard his music and got into his movies when I was about 8 years old. One Christmas, I asked for anything and everything Elvis. In all my photos from Christmas morning, I'm holding Elvis t-shirts, water globes and elvis memorabilia. So to say that I waited a long time to finally get there, is an understatement! 

Before I let the pictures speak for themselves, I should let you know that I went on the VIP tour which I highly suggest for anyone planning on making the trip to Graceland. It allows you to take your time viewing everything in all of the museums and you have multiple access to the mansion during the day. There's also a few extra things to see that you can only view if you're a VIP. Totally worth it! 
On the steps at the front of the mansion
some of my favorite photos from the inside of the house
jumpsuits from the vip room
standing at the gates, signing my name on the wall
This was definitely one of the most memorable trips I've ever been on. Seeing the inside of the house in person was mind blowing. It's totally 60/70's and I loved it. I love vintage and seeing it up close and personal was great. My favorite room was by far his living room with the peacock stain glass. I also thought that the over the top jungle room was a fabulous must see! 

One thing that really surprised me was the size of the house. From the photos and footage that I had always seen the house looked giant inside. Well once you're actually in there, it's not. Now don't get me wrong, it's not small by any means but it definitely feels cozy. The grounds are beautiful and the pool/meditation garden are so peaceful. I can see why Elvis feel in love with it and chose it to make it his home. 

I've heard the mansion is beautiful at Christmas. I think that'll have to go onto my must see list! I already want to go back! Who's up for a road trip? 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Pilgrimage to Memphis

Well I made it back from Memphis and let me tell you it was such a great time! The drive down took 9 hours (thank you traffic jams) and I got to see cotton fields for the first time in my life. 
Once we arrived in Memphis and got checked into our hotel we hit the ground running and went straight over to Sun Studios. 
I'm a huge fan of many artists that recorded at Sun so it was really neat to see where it all took place. Once you start the tour, you literally go into the 3 rooms of the building. The first room is full of memorabilia. The second is the entrance to the offices where artists would come to see if they could record or if Sam Phillips was there. The third room is the actual recording room which has virtually gone unchanged throughout the years. 
(inside the recording studio)
Artists such as Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash all recorded in the building. Music is still being recorded there each day. 
(the famous photo taken at Sun Studio)
Once the Sun Studio tour ended (and I had spent 67 dollars in souvenirs), I headed out in search of vintage clothing. I found some great things at a store called Flashback which deserves a post all to itself. When the shopping was done, we headed down to Beale Street for some fun! I discovered my favorite store, Tater Reds which was so eclectic. I found Saint candles (which I don't know if I've ever mentioned but I collect them) and was SO excited!  
The next morning, we got up bright and early and headed over the historic Lorraine Motel. The famous site where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot and killed. 
If you've never been or want to eventually go, it's amazing. Words can't even describe what it was like to be there. It's eerily quiet and looks like it's been completely preserved from 1968. It's like you've stepped into a time capsule. The Civil Rights Museum is also located right beside the hotel and has items from MLK's room. If you have the time, I highly suggest going inside to see the artifacts.

When we were done at the Lorraine Motel we headed to my mother ship: Graceland. Which deserves and will get a post all to itself. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogging Friends!

This is a scheduled post. I'm currently in Memphis still...
I began my journey into the blogging world in 2008. When I first started blogging, I didn't know anyone from my real life that was also a part of the blog community. When I would mention the word "blogging", I could see a cringe from some people. It was as if I'd said a dirty word. It wasn't cool. It wasn't the hip thing to do. But I did not care. It was a fun way for me to talk about my life and share my crazy tales and travel stories. Along the way, I've met some great women and rekindled some great friendships. 

So I thought, I'd share with you some of my long time friends who blog! You may know some of them, if not... check them out. I can vouch for each and every one of them: They're awesome ladies! 
First up, Erica! 
She's new to the blogging community but we've been friends since college. If that baby faced photo above isn't proof enough then I don't know what else to tell you! She's been reading my blog for awhile but finally started to share her witty personality with the world! Since she just moved to South Carolina... I see a road trips in the future! 
Next up, Miranda!
Miranda is a WV girl now living in Hawaii with her husband Shelby and son Tristan. I've known Miranda since high school. She's also got a new blog design business. Check her out! 
Then there's Amanda!
Amanda and I met in college. We were in the same sorority but I was entering it as she was leaving. We weren't really close back in college but once we both entered the blogging world we got a chance to know each other more! She's currently living in Florida and expecting her first child with her husband! 
Last but not least Mariah!
Mariah and I went to high school together and undergrad together. However we didn't become better friends until... blogger!! Now that's she back in town from graduating from dentistry school, I hope we can hang out and go on some Sephora shopping trips together!

So there you have it. That's just a sampling of some the great women I know in the blogging community!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear So & So

Dear Vacation, 
You begin at the end of today's work day. Please hurry up and get here! Sincerely, Dying to go on vacation! 
Dear Hot Weather, 
Did you not get the memo? It's fall! Go away! No one wants to sweat through their clothing in September. People want to wear their cute clothing and boots. Stop putting a damper on the season! Sincerely, bitter that I can't wear my ugg boots yet. 

Dear Memphis, 
Watch out! I'm going to go hog wild while I'm there this weekend! I plan on pillaging your vintage clothing stores, taking a 1,000 photos at Graceland and being that person who asks 30 questions on the Sun Studio tour. Be warned, I also plan on trolling Beale street looking for cheap eats and souvenirs. Sincerely, Buckle up Memphis! 

Dear Admirer,
You know how to reach me. You've creeped me on facebook. You know my name, you know where I work, you even have that mutual friend to introduce us properly. I hear your really great. So what are you waiting for? Give me a call. We're not getting any younger and if you haven't heard life is meant to be lived. Sincerely, getting impatient. 

Dear Jag, 
Where have you been all my life? Mark Harmon, you are one hottie! How did I ever miss you when you were on television originally. That wrong has been rectified. Thank you CBS for putting the seasons out on dvd. Sincerely, a new fan! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Theater Thursday

In honor of my upcoming trip this weekend to Graceland, this week's Theater Thursday is an Elvis Presley film! 
I love almost every film Elvis made but I'd have to say that Clambake is my favorite. 
Elvis stars as Scott Hayward, an heir to an oil fortune who wants to be out on his own. He leaves Texas and heads to the beach where no one will know his name. Along the way he runs into Tom, a man who's set to be the new ski instructor at a hotel resort. Struck with a brilliant idea Scott persuades Tom to trade places with him, turning Tom into the guest. 

What happens from their switch is witty, charming and cute! If you've never seen an Elvis movie, this is definitely the one to watch! 
Now here's the fun part! Have a movie you love that you think others would like to see? Great! Post about it then come back here and link up!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Bring a date to a sorority formal that bores you to tears and this is what you'll want to do by the end of the night! Circa 2004. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hurry Up Weekend!

This weekend I will be in Memphis! 
I'm so excited to finally be getting to see things such as Graceland, Sun Studios and walk down Beale Street! I also can't wait to vintage shop and see the historical site where Martin Luther King once stood. I think it's going to be a great time. 

If you have any suggestions on places to eat at, shop or see then please let me know!!! This will be my first time staying in Memphis so suggestions will be appreciated!

Before I leave, I wanted to make sure you guys know that I'll be tweeting from the road and uploading pics on there so if you don't already follow me over there check me out! JmoMiller

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's A Monday

1. For those of you who watched, then you already know... Friday night Marshall lost to WVU. The stadium was packed out! It was a record crowd of just under 50,000. Here's just one side of the stadium...
The game was amazing and went into overtime. We had the lead for the first 2 quarters but just couldn't hold it in the end. The Marshall boys played hard and hopefully next year will be our year! Go HERD! 

2. Last night, I finally figured out what I'm going as for Halloween! Yes, yes... I know some of you might think it's too early to already be thinking of that but I hate waiting till the last minute! Plus I need time to figure out my look for the outfit. So this year, I will be going as... 

Jem! From Jem & the Holograms!
A friend of mine is going to go as Pizzazz who was the leader of Jem's rival band... The Misfits! I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun and anything that allows us to dress up 80's will be a hilarious. 

3. Speaking of friends. The friend who will be going as Pizzazz, just started blogging! Her name is Erica and I've known her for years! We're from the same town, went to the same university and was even in the same sorority. Over the years, we've always been friends and now she's living in South Carolina.

So if you get a chance, go over and check out her blog! She's hilarious and I can't wait to see what she writes about. And hopefully, I'll see her in about 2 weeks down in SC!!

4. Besides doing yoga, I'm trying to get back into doing cardio workouts. However, I've been having a very hard time with the whole "Keep moving" attitude. I listen to my ipod to get me through it, Do any of you have some song recommendations? Nothing slow! Thanks!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thunder Struck!

Tonight an epic battle will take place in my hometown. My alma mater, Marshall University will take on WVU to win the Friends of Coal Bowl. As an alumnus of Marshall, I know first hand the fierce rivalry that this two schools hold between each other. Even though this game doesn't count for a conference (because they're in 2 separate ones), there's a lot of bragging rights that go to the winner! 

During my four years as an undergrad at Marshall, I never missed a home game. I was also fortunate enough to attend almost every away game as well! Thankfully, twirling got me to the away games for free! There's nothing like being in the Marshall Stadium and hearing the rumbling of Thunder Struck starting before the team comes out. 

Freshman year at the GMAC Bowl
Of course there was some games where it was so cold, I still try to forget about them....
Freezing in my warm up during a pregame
But then there were games that we so exciting, that I didn't want to leave once the clock stopped ticking. Those were the games that brought everyone together. The Thundering Herd can definitely put on a show! We've also had a few players go pro.  These guys played for Marshall before they went big time....
Chad Penninging, Randy Moss & Bryon Leftwich
So if you get the chance tonight, turn on your television and tune into a game that will definitely be rocking this town and state tonight! And you never know... you may see one of our biggest fans in the crowd...

(McG & Matthew McCoughney)
Let's go Herd!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Theater Thursday

Welcome to this week's
This week's featured movie is, Quick Change!
Grimm (Bill Murray), Phyllis (Geena Davis) and Loomis (Randy Quid) are three best friends who rob a bank together. Once they rob the bank they just need to get to the airport so they can make their getaway complete. Sounds pretty simple right? Wrong! 
Anything and everything that can go wrong, begins to go wrong for the trio. They have to deal with a fire, getting robbed themselves, a cop who's making it his mission to find them and a unexpected personal surprise. From beginning to end, this movie it hilarious and is right up there with Bill Murray's classic funny films. If you've never seen it, you must! It'll make you laugh all night long. 

Now here's the really fun part! Have a movie you love? Great! Post about it, then come back here and link up. That way everyone can hear about a movie they may have not seen.