Thursday, May 18, 2017

No One Wants To Talk About This

No I'm not talking about miscarriage today. I'm talking about something less important but important none the less. I'm talking about something that 35 million people around the world have experienced.

Nail fungus.
totally my thumb nail

Ewwww, gross! Yuck! I know that's what you are thinking but guess what? It can happen to you! It happened to me a few months ago and I want to bring more awareness to how it can start and how to get rid of it.

Take a look at these beautiful nails. Look at all the fun, colorful designs that I displayed.
How did I go from super cute nails to a nail fungus? Well let me tell you. For a year, I was going to a nail salon about every three weeks. I started with fake nails being placed on my real nails and once my real nail became long enough they could just start filling them in. I kept doing a fill for months. My real nails were doing great and growing out like clockwork. At least that's what I thought. Once day I was working and I noticed that my thumb kept itching. I noticed that it was a little red and swollen around my nail. I was only a few days away from getting my next fill so I decided to go home and remove the gel color to see why my finger was itching so bad.

I got home, removed the gel color and once my fingernail was clean proceeded to immediately freak out at what I saw. My nail had black underneath. The sides were completely loose from the nail bed and my poor little nail was barely hanging on. So then I took off all of the gel polish and took stock of my real nails. I had this black fungus under 8 of my ten finger nails. Guess what I did once I calmed down? I called the nail salon and cancelled my appointment. I told them that I got a nail fungus from them and their response to me... We can give you some free nails.

Um... no. You need to learn how to clean your tools.

Think about it. Even if they clean the tools, all it takes is one person who has a nail fungus to have picked the same polish that you do. If miss may over there picks that seafoam green you were eyeing for vacation and has a fungus that's going all over the brush that's in that polish bottle. You use the same one and then bam! So obviously the salon wasn't watching this or they weren't cleaning their tools after each use.

So then I went on a 9 month quest to get rid of the fungus. I tried over the counter nail fungus. I tried a prescription cream. The doctors took a nail culture and still couldn't get a final name on what kind of fungus it was. Then I started asking my friends, my mom then suggested that I try Apple Cider Vinegar. I went out and bought the biggest bottle that I could find of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar that I could find, got a bowl and dunked my fingernails into it for 5 minutes at a time. Have you ever just smelled it? It's a very strong smell. My fingers would reek of the smell but I didn't care because guess what? After two uses, I could tell my nails were looking a little better. The fungus started to pool together under my nails and was getting closer and closer to the edge. 

Once the fungus got so close, I actually had to dig the fungus out and trim the nail to the quick. I thought I was going to lose all of my nails. I had to keep trying things. I had to explain to people that my nails were not going to cause them to immediately get it by being in a room with me. It was rough but after a few months the fungus was gone and then began the long repair of getting my nail shape to take hold. Because the fungus had lived in the dark under the gel paint, it had got really strong and reshaped how my nails looked. Slowly, my nail beds took their normal shape and finally 10 months later my nails are starting to finally go back to what they were before. Granted my nails are really short but that's better than a fungus and that's better than them being an inch from falling off.

I have no idea if I'll ever go back and get my finger nails done again. If I do, I definitely won't be going back to that same salon. I'm also going to ask them about how they clean their products and how often they change out their nail polish. Remember it can happen to you! Even if your just getting a manicure. So ask questions! Watch them clean their tools! Ask for a new nail filer, etc! Keep your nails looking good and fungus free!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Secure All the Time

Recently, I was hacked and a lot of my information stolen. Living in a such technology savvy world, being hacked is one of the worst things that can happen. I had to spend so much energy on correcting things, changing accounts and getting access to my own information again. I wish I had heard of AVG before my hack. Have you heard of them?

AVG is dedicated to your online security. They protect devices, data and people. They are a security pioneer, offering a wide range of protection, performance and privacy solutions for consumers and businesses.  They are now a part of the Avast family of world leading digital security products, dedicated to keeping people around the world safe.

They even have a free antivirus app! Now I'm protected!

Think about it... devices, data and people... everything is connected. In our homes, our offices, and umpteen places in between, the Internet is almost always within arm's reach. We often don't think of protecting our phones besides using a passcode. Their AVG AntiVirus guards against viruses, spyware, thieves, & snoops.

Apart from being protected from viruses, my favorite thing is the Camera Trap!

See who's got your phone or tablet
Now you'll know if an annoying brother—or master thief—tries snooping on your phone or tablet. When anyone fails 3 times to unlock your device, Camera Trap will take a secret photo of them and then email that photo to you with the time and location of the incident. How cool is that?! You can find out who's trying to look at your phone and guess what? It's free with the app!

Another feature with the app that I love is that if something happens and I lose my phone, I can remotely find it, lock it and even blast an alarm at full volume to help me find it. But say that I lose it for good? I can remotely wipe all of my information from the phone.
Besides their free antivirus app, they offer several different amazing services. Check out!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Take a moment today to say, Happy Mother's Day to all those moms you know! I want to say, Happy Mother's Day to my mother in laws and of course my mom!

I love you mom! I miss you everyday and can't wait to see you! 

Friday, May 12, 2017


Spring is in full bloom and summer is right around the corner. What comes with warmer weather? Great Bike rides!
Have you guys heard of BikeBandit?

If not then you are missing out on the web’s largest source for powersports parts, accessories, gear and tires! This online shop has got everything! From street motorcycles, cruisers and dirt bikes to ATVs and snowmobiles, they’ve got over 8 million products to ensure you have everything you need to get riding. Their goal is simple: supply their customers with a professional-quality tool to purchase the parts and accessories they need and provide industry-leading customer service. No more trying to explain complicated parts over the phone or having to go to the dealer… you pick ‘em… they ship ‘em… it’s that SIMPLE!

In this day and age, great customer service and quality items are hand to find together. BikeBandit prides themselves on bringing you both!

We always do a little spring cleaning and that can mean sprucing things up too! Looking to spruce up ride or riding look?  Well they’ve got backpacks, gear bags, saddlebags, stickers, tie downs, utilities, ramps and cameras. Ever go on a ride and wish you would have a video of the scenery? Well you can select one of their many camera options and make that happen! Already have a camera? They’ve got the mounts for them! They have also got the best motorcycle tires for sale! Check out these great tires...

And guess what?! It doesn’t have to be a holiday for BikeBandit to offer you a special!

They’ve got Daily Deals and Bandit Bucks Rewards! These two great programs offer daily deals on items and rewards for every purchase that you make on . You can earn up to $1,000 in Bandit Bucks from purchases each calendar year. Soooo….. What are you waiting for? Go start earning by checking out their website! You’ll be riding in style all season long… every season!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Because who needs a lot of words when we can just look at pretty pictures?


Puerto Rico
New York
Lake Tahoe
Noticing a theme? I think it's vacation time!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Learning How To Sew

For Valentine's Day I received a sewing machine (it was exactly what I asked for) and was thrilled to start using it.

I have never known how to sew anything besides a pin cushion I made in grade school. I can also hand stitch buttons on and small holes that happen in clothing. Actually sewing with a machine is something that I've wanted to learn for a long time because I have dreams of making more fabric Christmas ornaments with it and making myself some cute skirts that I see tons of people making online and wearing.

My thought was if these women can do then I can do it too!

Cue three months later and I still haven't made one finished thing. It's hard! I've learned that much. First of all, reading a pattern is like learning another language. Thank goodness my mom has been sewing since she was a kid because if not I'd have no clue how to read those sucks (and frankly I still don't really know). So once I picked out  pattern with the help of my mother, I then set out to pick out my fabric for my first skirt. That part was the easiest. Then I learned out to cut the pattern out to my size and pin it to the fabric. Ok that only took me a week (again with the help of my mother on Skype). Now I've successfully cut out the fabric on the pattern.

The other day I started practicing sewing in a straight line with some scraps and learning how to back stitch to start and close the lines. Later this week I'm going to finally bite the bullet and sit down with my cut out pattern and start sewing it together. I don't know why but it just terrifies me. I guess I just don't want to mess up the fabric and I understand I could always go buy more but I don't want to! I want to do it right the first time and have this great skirt to wear around. I'm sure my mom could have already made this skirt in an hour but it's hard to learn via Skype and youtube videos people. Speaking of which Youtube is a good thing! Haha!
I was also very happy to actually sew two pieces of my scrapes together and not cause a huge thread knot and to not get it stuck in the machine! Baby steps! Maybe I might actually get this skirt done to still wear in the summer.

Have you ever tried sewing? Any tips for me?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

First of all... I can't believe it's already May! Where is the time going? I think the older I have got and the more busy I have become time literally just starts flying by. I have to remember to enjoy the moments and take in every morsel of the things that bring me joy. We have been so busy around our neck of the woods. Once we got back from our vacation in New York in March we have just been on the go so much. And it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon....

Later this month we are back to travelling! We will be hopping on a plane (not United that's for sure) and heading to my favorite place. If you guessed Tennessee then you would be right! I'm also going to see family and that makes me so happy. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that my mom can retire to California soon! Wooohooooo. Sending that affirmation out into the world!

Once we get to the Smokey Mountains we are going to take in some shows...

eat some good food...
and ride the Ober...

Once we get back from our trip to Tennessee it will only be a few short weeks until my Birthday and for that we are travelling again! While I'm over here counting down the days till all these vacations, work continues and so does our busy schedule! But I can't wait!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Big Pop Shop
In our household we are always on the go. When I'm not working my day job or making ornaments I'm out helping my husband in his newest adventure. Have you heard of Funko POP!s? Well if you haven't sit back and let me explain this phenomenon that has swept the nation and become a huge passion for my husband.
Funko POP! is an American company based right outside of Seattle in Everett, Washington. They were founded in 1998 and started as a bobblehead company. Funko hold hundreds of licenses and the rights to create thousands of characters. They are one of the largest holders of licenses and rights in the pop culture and collectibles industry. Their most widely known for their Funko POP! vinyl figures and Dorbz. Soon they'll even have a 17,000 sqft store open in Everett to shop at and have interactive experiences.
So what exactly is a Funko POP!? It's usually a 4 inch, vinyl figure that is designed, painted and created to look like a character in pop culture. Name one of your favorite characters in a movie, a television show, animation, video game etc and they've probably made it. If they haven't made it they probably will just give them time. See what I'm talking about...
I love 80's movies so naturally I own the Sixteen Candles set. It consists of Samantha Baker, Farmer Ted, Long Duck Dong and of course Jake Ryan. But the 80's doesn't stop there... They've got Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Gremlins, The Goonies, E.T., The Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers Day Off.... the list could go on and on! Don't even get me started on their television show ones or even their Disney and movies collections. You guys they have a Saved by the Bell set...
I mean really. Enough said! Aren't they adorable? Ok so now you get the idea and understand what a Funko POP! is. The next question is how did my husband get started in Funko POP!s? A few years ago we were dating the Game of Thrones show started on HBO. Well like every other person we became addicted to the show and the storylines. At the time Funko put out it's first series of Games of Thrones characters. It was six little POPs featuring a few of the main characters. We first saw them on a shelf at Barnes and Noble and we were like that's pretty cool. So we bought the first set and went on our merry way.
(The first POPs he ever bought)
Then the next series of Game of Thrones came out and then we started noticing that they were POPing up everywhere of everything you could imagine. Now there's limited editions (known as Chases), and store exclusives that make collecting them like a hunt. You could want a certain POP but have to hunt for it at several stores before you can find it. Their rare and highly sought after. By going out and looking for the POPs you are known to the world as POP Hunting.
The first time my husband got a batch of exclusive and hard to find pops he called me and told me he was literally shaking. Like actually physically overcome with excitement that his body shook. I guess you can compare it to the equivalent to meeting a celebrity in person. His passion is POPs. He loves going out and looking for them, he loves collecting them and he loves seeing other people get their POPs. It's become a really big passion for him. So much so that he makes a 120 mile trek to a special store just to see what they've got in stock each week. On a day off it's not unheard of for him to visit several Targets, GameStops, Walmarts and book stores looking for a specific POP.
Did you think finding the POP is the hardest part? Oh no... let's talk about the box that they come in. Some people who collect never take them out of the box. They look at the box like it's part of the collectible itself. If it's removed from the box they consider it not as valuable and not complete. Then there's other people who take them out of the box and even throw it away. My husband never takes his out of the box. If he's going to take it out of the box then he buys an extra. The boxes need to be in mint condition. Stores have a tendency to crease the boxes, scuff the corners and sometimes completely collapse them in areas of the box. When you find that POP you've been looking for nothing is worse that grabbing the box and noticing a giant dent in the back of it.
Now he's kicked his passion up a notch and started his own business of POPs. It's called Big Pop Shop and it's launching soon. The officially launch date is May 4th but it could launch sooner! He's been getting his stock together, hunting down Chase POPs and finding exclusives to bring to other lovers of POPs. He's even got a few preorder deals available. Preorders are limited but it guarantees that you get your POPs and includes the hard to find Chase....


If you are a lover of POPs or know someone who has their own collection of Funko POPs or Dorbz then go check out Big Pop Shop where their all available right at your fingertips. No more calling eight stores and sifting through row after row of badly damaged boxes because Big Pop Shop has got your covered.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Empire State Building

One of the top iconic buildings in New York City is the Empire State Building. Plus it's featured in two of my favorite movies... Sleepless in Seattle and Home Alone. Since we visited Seattle last October, it was perfect that we were now visiting the Empire State Building. While we were there the top of the ESB was green for St. Patrick's Day. Over the years, the ESB takes on special colors for holidays and special events. When it's not being lit up for certain holidays it's a white color.
Here's some of the amazing views from the top. We went to the observation deck that's open to the outside but you can go several floors higher and be enclosed. It was freezing the day we went up but it was totally worth it.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hip, Hop Goes the Easter Bunny

Can you guys believe it's already April? I sure can't! This year is flying by and before you know it, it'll be time to pull out all of our Christmas decorations. We've been keeping busy with work, vacations and tons of extra projects around the house. Easter has sprung and the pollen is in the air! In our house, we give Easter baskets to each other. I always give one to my mom and to my husband. We've been exchanging them ever since the first year we started dating. This year for some reason he's become hard to buy for! I always ask for little hints during the year at things he might like but recently he hasn't asked for anything that I could add to my lists. While that dilemma continues, I had no problem adding things to my massive wish list.

1. Christmas Village pieces

2. Adidas Shoes.
I use to have several pairs of these in the 90's and they were great! They lasted forever. I wish I still had my old pairs. I would rock them now! If my memory serves me correctly, these shoes run a little big so I think I would wear a 5.5

3. Movies.
I love all of these movies! There's several Hallmark movies that I'm hoping they will put out on dvd!

4. Books.
I love to read and these books are some of my favorite series to read. I haven't read any of the Longmire books but I loved the show.

We haven't secured our Easter plans yet but I'm thinking of doing a dinner. Making some dishes and a half of ham. How do you normally celebrate Easter?