Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hello!! Welcome to our blog! This is my first posting in our blog so bare with me....
Tonight Randi and I went and saw the Beach Boys in concert. We're not really huge BB fans but we thought it would be something fun for us to years down the road we can tell our kids we sung along with them to kokomo. It was a pretty eventful day....we arrived about 5 hours early and spent most of the day shopping. I think I created a monster by introducing Randi to a lovely store called "Hobby Lobby". She was in awe of the store and we spent about an hour and a half in there. 
Once we left Hobby Lobby we headed over to Cheddars to chow down. OF COURSE they had a 40 minute wait so we were forced to sit out in the cold on their terrace. There was no empty tables so we sat down at a table already being occupied by this really old couple. I think they were afraid we were going to be mean or something because they didn't seem to excited about us being there. They got in before us and we were later joined by a man who became VERY bitter that our little light square started vibrating before his. SUCK IT old dude. My hair smelled like cigarette smoke because of you! AND you kept blocking the sun which I needed for warmth. 
After eating we still had time to kill, so we rolled over to Sephora where we got accosted by the sales woman trying to give a sample of every single thing we touched. REALLY lady if we wanted it...we would buy it.
The concert...I've never seen so many old people in one place......there was some die hard fans there. Some even in beach boy like attire. I would say more Hawaiian looking but whatever....It was a decent concert and we laughed and joked the whole way thru it. Once that was ended we attempted to see the pumpkin house but it's not up and running yet. 
Alright kids....that's my first blog...I'm sure Randi will end up being much better at this than me....later gators.

PS: The photo is of us getting ready to rock out before the concert haha.


Unknown said...

I love Cheddars!!! It's the best!