Saturday, March 21, 2009


At least once in everyone's lifetime, you're going to have a bad neighbor. In my case, I'm living it right now. I thought I had had bad neighbors before but these people take the cake. Every other day it's something new with these people. 

It all started about 3 months ago. They live next door. They're an unmarried couple, living together (which I have no problems with), probably mid-20's to early 30's and they have a baby (I'm assuming together). Well, about 3 months ago they had a VERY public, on the street screaming match at each other. I overheard some of it, because let's face it my house is about 2 feet from theirs and a volcano erupting would not have deafened this fight. The fight ended, harmony went back to the neighborhood. 

Three nights ago, starting around 12:45 a.m. another screaming match begins. This time it lasts until almost 2:30 in the morning! Now, right about now you're probably thinking why didn't someone in the neighborhood call the police. Here's why: the police would arrest at least one of them (and no one wants to see the baby get taken away), people are lazy and HELLO it was more entertaining than watching television. You could make out every word these people were saying that's how loud they were. I even remember hearing, "Your new whore can come pick up your things." Soooo.....we can assume he became a cheater (see earlier post on my ideas about cheating). 

The morning after that fight. I go outside to start my To-Do list for the day and what do I see? Spread out all over their lawn...every men's clothing items imaginable, books, cds, you name it. I'm guessing the whore didn't come pick it up.

Now, this brings up to tonight. I'm laying in bed, enjoying the great musical of Grease on tv...when I hear a screech, a tire screech to be exact. Then I proceed to hear crunching metal, as in someone beating the crap out of a car. The next noise I hear...the wood, baseball bat hitting the concrete. Again...I'm guessing the whore isn't too happy that he's still living with his still girlfriend. The noises were too entertaining. I got up from my bed and looked outside just in time to see the happy couple coming out to inspect his truck. He didn't look too happy....

I'll keep you updated on any further developments. 
Later Gators