Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why I Will Never Shop At Lowes Again

Everyone has probably been in a Lowe's at least once in their life. I know I've been there multiple times and since buying a home I've been there a lot more. However, after my last two shopping encounters there, I will no longer be giving them any of my business. Hear me out on this...

When I lived in West Virginia I had shopped at Lowe's numerous times. I can remember going there and getting home repair pieces with my mother and other odds and ends more than once. I think we even bought our hot water heater there, not to mention other costly products. I had never had any issues with the store, their employees or their prices. It wasn't until I moved to California that I started to experience the bad side of Lowe's.

I moved out to California and into a newly bought home. The entire house had been flipped, remodeled and redone. The only thing I needed to do was put my belongings in it and unpack. The rooms had been freshly painted, the new carpets put in, the hardwood floors refinished and all the appliances placed in it. However, being a new home owner I found certain little things that I needed and knew that Lowe's would be the place to get them. I looked up the closest Lowe's and it was only a few miles from the house. I didn't have a single problem the first few times I shopped there.

I decided to make a craft project I saw online and it required some plywood. I went over to my trusty Lowe's to get it. I noticed the store was a little busy and started looking down the wood isles for what I needed. I located the item that I wanted to purchase (with my hard earned money) and then set off to find a sales associate since I would need help loading it and getting it cut. TEN minutes later  I still couldn't find one, single associate. After walking from one side of the store to the other I finally found someone wearing one of their vests. I nicely asked if I could get some assistance with a cart for the wood and if I would be able to get it cut. This kid (I'm guessing he was college age) basically pointed to the other side of the store and was like those wood carts are over there and the guy is in the back cutting now.

Umm.... OK! Well clearly I only weigh about a buck twenty five and that plywood is way too heavy. HENCE why I walked around the store searching for an employee to help me! Also if I could have found one of those flat bed carts that wasn't being used I would have grabbed up one. CLEARLY. I was so annoyed that I literally walked out of the store. Didn't buy one thing. I vowed not to go back.

Then yesterday, I needed a sprinkler part because I broke one of mine. I thought I'd give Lowe's another try and chalk up my last encounter with them as they were busy and under staffed that one day. I get to Lowe's and it's not that busy. It took me at least 15 minutes to get helped. I had to ask two different associates for help and all they did was call on the loudspeaker. Forget them trying to come down the isle and help me. Then when the lady did finally come to my isle she was probably the meanest employee I had ever encountered. Told me I didn't know what brand I needed even though I was holding the piece with the brand name on it. A fellow customer basically helped me more than her once she stalked off in her slip on clogs.

The last two trips to Lowe's have been some of THE WORST customer service I have ever experienced. In times like this, I won't be giving them anymore of my money that I work extremely hard for. They say it's a DIY paradise but clearly you have to do it all yourself in the store too.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ouch. You ought to send this post to them via their website. Maybe it's just that store? The store manager ought to know how unhelpful the employees are.

Arr said...

I truly don't know what's becoming of customer service. I've had encounters with stores like this and it make me angry.

Anonymous said...

That is terrible! I wouldn't shop there either! Have you tried Home Depot? I haven't had a too bad of an experience there.