Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Review

Weekends go bye way too fast! I need every weekend to become a five day weekend. Who knows how to only work two days a week? Let me know!

So let's see... I got a new outfit compliments of Beezy.

It's a Piko top in white and the maxi skirt is called Free Life Maxi Skirt in Sky. The entire outfit is from Red Dress and I love it. The top is so comfortable and can be styled many different ways. The skirt's material is so soft and comfortable. I have a feeling this outfit is going to be one of my summer favorites. I'm packing it for Hawaii that's for sure.

When I wasn't lusting over clothing, I stuffed myself with this yummy meal from Brookfields Restaurant.
Bacon and potatoes is my favorite breakfast items. Add in some waffles and we've got a happy JMO. I always love this restaurant so when Beezy suggested we go for breakfast I was all about it. He tried to short cut it and go to ihop but heck no! The next day I made a breakfast even Ihop would have been proud of...
Check out that All-American placemat. Yep! I've busted out some Summer theme/patriotic décor.

Apart from eating and shopping, I was stuck watching the NFL Draft all weekend. What can I say, Beezy is a fan and I'd do anything for him. Including watching hours of draft picks of people who I've never heard of and will probably not remember.
Happy Monday!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Mmmm all that food is making my stomach growl. So yummy! And I love that outfit, that maxi skirt is fantastic!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I love the skirt!!! Beautiful. Bacon and eggs is my favorite breakfast. Some gluten free pancakes/waffles (which I would have to make myself) added, and mimosas and coffee...and I'm good to go. :) HAHAHA