Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When Real Life Mean Girls Strike

The last few months I've dealt with some real mean girls. I've always said if you've got haters then you're doing something right. However, to help anyone else out who might be dealing with this or find themselves dealing with it in the future here's a few tips:

1. We can all agree that not everyone in the world is going to get along. People are different. We like different things. We have different view points. We have habits and dislikes that others like and love. We are all adults so let's agree to disagree and let each other be.


Trash talking others to co-workers. That just brings it into work. Don't do it. Steer clear!

3. Sometimes friendships end for whatever reason. Wish the other person the best and be done with it. Don't talk about them and talk about their business with other people. If people want to engage you into talking about them either tell them A) I'm not going to talk about them/it. or b) It's not something worth talking about and change the subject.


Real life mean girl or girls won't leave you alone. If you're in school- report them. If you're in a work environment- report them. No one likes a mean girl, especially a dean/principal and especially not a boss. Most work environments have an HR or a way to talk about working in a hostile working environment.


Vent it out. Write it in a journal. That's the beauty of a journal. It's private and yours. Its not out there for the world to see. Be classy.


Lock it down. Real life mean girls love ammunition so stop their news flow. Make sure your facebook/twitter/instagram is all private. If you don't allow them to follow you then you've at least put a stop to them seeing it on their phones/computers.

7. I know you really want to do this....
It's tempting but don't do it. That's just what they want. Breathe in. Breathe out. Eventually the mean girls will move on or learn their lesson. Either way you'll be a stronger person and prepared for the next time another mean girl comes along.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I hate when this happens. I mean, we aren't in HS anymore and shouldn't be "mean" to one another. However, yes, we are all different. Different tastes, ideas, habits, etc etc
We should just keep the meanness so to speak to ourselves. I kind of lost a dear friend lately. We used to be close and since she moved to CA we lost touch. Maybe she realized that our lives were different. I knew that already and was fine with it but I think she wasn't. Either way I am sad but won't be mean to her because we are after all adults and should act responsibly and nicely.

Three more weeks btw!!!! WOW.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Oh no!! Mean girls aren't good at all :-(

I had a boss that was a "mean girl" but HR wouldn't helped, so I didn't bother because it would have made it worse :-( Oh well.. it's been 2.5 years, but it was hell living it at the time.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I had this happen with my best friends from high school. They were all mad at me about something ridiculously petty and rather than be adults about it and come to me to talk about it they instead bullied me. It hurt me so bad, especially my very best friend who I truly thought was above all that. Even though it happened several years ago I still hurt from the situation.