Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Review

This weekend was a big one! It was Super Bowl weekend!

For the first time we hosted the Super Bowl together at the house. Last year we went over to Beezy's cousins house. This year the entire gang came to our house. We started prepping the night before the big game by getting the ribs ready. We also hit up Party City for some cute decorations and plates. They had patriot napkins but we only chose to get our hopeful pick.

We had a packed house! The party was good but the game... not so much for us. Everyone in the house was rooting for the Seattle Seahawks and then they blew it in the end. Beezy's family is really big and this was the first time all of them were together in our house. It was special to have them over.

Beezy did get me flowers. That made the loss easier to take. I always love it when he does cute things for me. It's the best when you don't ask for it.
I was also able to squeeze in getting my hair colored and cut. I also got my nails done because this week we are taking some of our engagement photos!! I can't wait to take them! I even started looking for outfits for our other photos being taken later this month. It was pretty productive.

Now it's back to the work week but a short one since I took the day off for our photos.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Eek I can't wait to see your engagement pictures! And it sounds like your weekend was fun despite the loss.