Friday, September 25, 2015

5 on Friday

1. Empire.

We binged watched season 1 over the last week and now season 2 is here! I didn't realize how big of a following this show had till the past two weeks. Maybe I was hiding under a rock when season 1 was playing out each week? But now I'm noticing Empire is everywhere. I really enjoyed Jimmy Fallon's spoof the other day. Are you watching? I'm sorry but I'm a Boo Boo Kitty fan. Bigger question... did she give Lucious back that Richard Burrton/Elizabeth Taylor engagement ring? That's serious money!
2. Aquarium Nails.

I just discovered aquarium nails yesterday and it's all I've looked at on instagram for hours now. What's an aquarium nail? It's an acrylic nail that literally has water in it and moves on your finger nail. Most I've noticed incorporate glitter or stars but some are really elaborate making it look like a wine glass is moving, an hour glass etc. Check them out! I totally want at least on aquarium nail so I'll be calling my nail salon and asking if they offer it.

3. Fall television.

Fall television is finally back! I just want to state for the record, I'm still bitter that they cancelled Stalker in the spring and that it didn't get a season 2. Shame on you CBS because CSI Cyber really worked out for you...not. Can I get an amen that fall tv is back? I was getting desperate for something new to watch. Here's a small list of my dvr list...

Blind Spot- New
How to Get Away With Murder
Dancing With The Stars
Madam Secretary
Quantico- New
Mysteries of Laura
 Life In Pieces- New
Grandfathered- New
House of Cards
Secrets and Lies

4. Kim Zolciak.

I love me some Kim Z. I've been watching her since the first episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Then of course, I watched her wedding and not her show Don't Be Tardy. When I heard she was going on Dancing with the Stars, I started tuning in to see her performances. I hadn't watched that show in years. I was completely shocked yesterday when I heard she had a mini stroke! She's only 6 years older than me so that's just crazy! I'm hoping she can continue on the show but I don't know if she will be. Get well soon Kim!

5. My boo...

Just because I love him. Good luck today!


Alexandra @ My Urban Family said...

Yay for fall tv being back on! :) I think I may need to cut back on tv watching though... haha so many good shows! Happy Friday!

Living Life With Joy said...

A lot of shows I've started in the first season and loved, they have cancelled and it's always made me so sad/annoyed. lol.

I watch/record a lot of TV shows. Here are some of my favorites:
Chicago PD
Chicago Fire
Law & Order: SVU
Rookie Blue (on during the summers)
Chrisley Knows Best

Some of the shows we both watch: Dancing With The Stars, Mysteries of Laura and Secrets & Lies.

I don't watch the Real Housewives except for New Jersey but I find Kim Z. really likable and I was shocked when I heard she had a mini stroke.

Amy @

The Flynnigans said...

I love Kim and Kroy's show. They're so authentic and relatable and funny too!

She had a mini stroke, though? I'll have to go look into that, I hadn't heard but now I'm curious... Yikes!

Have a great weekend hun. xo

Unknown said...

Aquarium nails takes the cake!!! I don't think I would ever wear them, but the idea is a lot of fun!!

Deidre said...

I have heard good things about Empire but haven't watched any of it yet. To be fair, I still haven't finished watching Mad Men haha.

LaNeshe said...

Looooove Empire.