Thursday, December 15, 2016

Two Movies for Tonight

Looking for something to watch tonight? Time is precious and you don't want to spend time searching for a movie to only be disappointed with it in the end. So that's why I've brought you two movies for tonight. The movies I review here give you an idea of what's good to watch any time you want to quickly get a movie and start watching it. This week I'm giving you two movies that are totally worthy of your time. 

The first movie... Selfless.

I was completely invested in this movie. I thought it was interesting and a new concept for a movie. I like that I wasn't able to predict what was going to happen next. I found this movie very interesting and compelling. It's a little science fiction but not so much that you're like that could never happen. So what's Selfless about?

Billionaire business man Damian Hale has been on top of his game for years. Then one day he's told that he has terminal cancer. Damian isn't ready to leave this world so when he comes across a business card directing him to call a company that "can help" he gives it a try. Damian meets Professor Albright who has a radical medical procedure that takes one person's consciousness and places it into an artificially grown healthy body. Since Damian has nothing to lose he agrees to pay a large sum of money and undergo the procedure. It's successful but with one minor side affect... vivid hallucinations.

Professor Albright supplies Damian with medication that he must take every 12 hours for a period of time that will cause the hallucinations to stop and stay at bay. However, he has to meet with him every week to get his supply. He also needs to stay in a house of the Professors choice for an extended period of time to be monitored.

When Damian has such a vivid hallucination he starts googling the things that he sees. He quickly learns that it's a real place. He shakes Professor Albright and goes to see the location of his hallucination and what he finds completely rocks him. You'll have to watch this movie to find out what happens!

The second movie... The Christmas Shepard.
The Christmas Shepard is a Hallmark Christmas movie that I just recently watched. Like every other Hallmark Christmas movie it sucks you in with cute animals and a heartwarming story happening during the holiday season. I even got my husband to watch this one because of the dog.
When Buddy the German Shepard runs away in a scary storm, Sally frantically searches for her beloved Buddy. He is one of the last connections she has to her now late husband. Buddy was found overseas while her husband was serving in the military. Her late husband brought him home and he became their family pet. Now Sally's son is serving overseas and Buddy is the only living thing she's got for Christmas with her.
Sally posts on all kinds of websites and visits every shelter. Much to her surprise and delight her dog is found. However, he's been adopted by a new family who found him at a shelter. Buddy's new adopted family has been through hard times and Buddy begins to be a light of happiness in their lives. When Sally shows up wanting her Buddy back, Mark and Emma (Buddy's new owners) are reluctant to let him go. Where will Buddy end up and who will be happy? Watch and find out!