Monday, April 3, 2017

Central Park & Times Square

Central Park is massive. You don't realize it until you start to walk it. We arrived in NYC just a day after a large snowstorm hit so the park's ponds were frozen over in most places and snow still covered the majority of the paths and grounds. However, one area was uncovered for people to visit, Strawberry Fields.
Strawberry Fields is a tribute to John Lennon and can be found at West 72nd street after a small walk into the park. The area is considered to be a quiet place, a place to think and reflect. On the day that we were there a guitarist was playing Imagine to the pedestrians visiting the spot.
After we had finished at Central Park we rode the subway to Times Square. While we weren't there to do a lot of shopping we did stop in a few stores. Mainly we wanted to see where the ball always drops on New Years Eve.

While we were in Times Square it began to snow. We knew it was a possibility because we had been checking the weather constantly. When your in a city that is more than 80% walking you constantly check the weather for rain or snow. We were happy that it was snow and not rain.

Once we took a few photos and stopped in a few stores, we started walking along the streets the ten blocks to our next destination... The Empire State Building. The snow had started to turn to a little rain so we were trying to get there as fast as we could walk but we kept getting sidetracked because we saw some really cute animal statues and they were too cute just to walk by and not take some photos.