Friday, March 23, 2018

Beauty Finds

1. Kylighter- Kylie Cosmetics- Salted Caramel $22.00
2. Flawless Finish Foundation- Elf Cosmetics- Sand $6.00
3. Perfect Eyebrow Styling Duo- Avon Cosmetics- Auburn $8.00
4. Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow- Stila Cosmetics- Next to Notte $24.00
5. True Color Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation- Avon- Sand Beige- $12.00
6. In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara- Mac Cosmetics- $23.00
7. Naked 3 Eye Shadow Pallette- Urban Decay- $54.00
8. Poreless Face Primer- Elf Cosmetics- $10.00

These products are just some of the ones I’ve been using and loving. I’ve had the Naked 3 pallette for awhile now and I really like it. i also have the 2 and there’s a good mixture of colors in both. I can’t stay enough great things about the Stila Glitter and Glow eyeshadow. It’s easy to apply, stays on forever and doesn’t seem to crease. I have it in two colors and I wish I could afford to get all of them. Sephora also have some exclusive colors so check them out if you don’t see certain ones on the Stila site or at Ulta. I got the Next to Notte at Sephora and I believe it’s a color exclusive to their stores.

I also can’t say enough great things bout the Avon foundation. I know your thinking really? Avon? But it gives great coverage, isn’t expensive and blends really well.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?