Wednesday, September 12, 2018

18 Summers

A few months after Presley was born, I heard a story that stuck with me. It basically came to the fact that you only get 18 real summers with your children. Yes, you'll spend time and other summers with them after their 18 but those first 18 are the most precious. As children become adults they get their own friends, want to do their own thing, move away, start jobs, go to college etc. The moral of the story was to enjoy and make the most out of those first 18 summers.

I heard this right as we were going into the summer months. This summer Presley was a baby. He may never remember the trips or the stories or the sights but the memories for his mommy and daddy and the photos will live on forever. So what did we do? Well I booked a vacation.

Presley's first trip was to Lake Tahoe for Mothers Day.

Then we jumped on a plane and went cross country for July 4th to our Nations Capitol. He did really well on the flight to DC but the flight back to California was a different story. He was starting to get a little head cold so that didn't help either. Thankfully he didn't get full blown sick and was just a little stuffed up for a few days.

While summer may have came to a close, we have trips lined up for the rest of the year. Next up is Disneyland next month. While I've been to the one in Florida, this will be my first time going to the one in California. Since I've lived out here 6 years now, I guess it's about time I visit. Haha! Wish us luck on the theme park adventure.