Monday, December 30, 2019

Disneyland During the Christmas Season

Surprise! We hit up Disneyland again this year! 

Our anniversary was on December 13th so we thought hey, why not go to Disney for our Anniversary and see all of their Christmas decor. We’ve only ever been during the Halloween time or during no holiday so this would be all of the winter decor. This time we knew Presley was going to have even more fun because we’ve been letting him slowly watch Cars and he’s really into them so Radiator Springs was going to be real life for him. 

We only have one full day in the parks so we started the morning in California Adventure. We wanted Presley to be able to see Cars Land and enjoy his time there seeing all of it. He was even tall enough to ride Mater’s tow ride. We also visited Stanley the founder of Radiator Springs and saw everything they had to offer from Fillmore’s Organic Fuel to Sarge’s Surplus. We also got to meet Mater, see Lighting McQueen and meet Cruz Ramirez. 

Once we left Radiator Springs, we headed over to Pixar Pier. I do want to tell you though that I got the Macaroni and Cheese/Bacon bread cone at Cozy Cone and it totally changed my life. Probably some of the best Mac and Cheese I’ve ever had in my life. If you go to RS, get the cone... trust me.

Once we got over to Pixar Pier, Presley rode the carousel and the Imagine ride. We also rode the Cars ride and Incredicoaster while Presley got to pick out a toy in the shops.

We had went to a character breakfast earlier in the morning but Presley was thrilled to run into Mickey and Minnie again.

Next we headed over to Disneyland to spend the rest of the day there. We of course did all the fun photos in front of the Christmas tree and Castle. We rode Jungle Boat, Pirates, the Matterhorn and by then we were worn out. We will be back though! Christmas was super nice at Disney and this was our first time but it won't be our last!