Friday, July 8, 2011

A Little Housekeeping

Seriously, where has the summer gone? I can't believe we're already into July. The days are flying by and I just keep trying to play catch up. Summer months are so busy, packed with birthdays, vacations, preparing to move, hanging out with friends and going out on dates there's hardly any down time in between. 

The laundry piles up, television shows go unwatched, cleaning falls to the wayside and answering e-mails becomes a chore. I've been trying to balance everything but sometimes things just fall through the cracks. So let's do a little housekeeping, shall we? We shall!

-Let's start with my move to California. Yes, I'm still moving. I can't give my exact move date on here yet but I box up stuff all the time and pray to the transfer Gods that it'll be very, very soon. Because I am more than ready to be on the west coast. 

-Many of you have noticed via twitter and/or facebook that I've been hanging out with a nice guy but haven't blogged about it. Well you should take notice that I haven't posted a, What Not to Say/Do on a Date either. Hence, that means it's going well. 

-I've been spending a lot of my spare time with one of my good friends who's in town for the summer. She's also my partner in crime when it comes to getting ice cream at Austin's the local ice cream joint. 

-Remember me talking about the horrible dermatologist appointment I had in April? The one where I cried because the doctor was so mean. Well I did what any bitter girl would do and I took it to the internet. I found a natural, over the counter supplement to try. I'm entering my 3rd month of taking it and let me just say, it's been nothing but great. I've noticed my skin look so much better and so has others. Check it out, it's called Biodermazen. 

It's about $30.00 a bottle but isn't it worth it to have clear skin? I sure think so! Thank goodness, I'm not allergic to any of the natural ingredients. 

-Books. I set a goal this year of trying to read 50 books. Last year I read 45 and I thought it would just be fun to try to beat it with reading a total of 50. Um... right now I'm currently reading book number 24 and I'm wondering if I can still do it! Ekk! Wish me luck

-For one of my NYE resolutions, I set a savings goal for each month. So far, I've met the goal each month. I'm also seeing my debt come down and that means good things! Here I come, home loan! 

So that's what is going on in my world. What about yours? 


Llama said...

Sounds like so many positive things are going on! Im so happy for you, you deserve it sweetie! I need to set a book goal~ you inspire me!
As for the boy...when are we going to hear details?! HAHA!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I may have to check out that acne stuff, my skin is being horrible lately and I absolutely hate it!

Lily said...

I have to agree, summer is going by pretty darn fast! I haven't even done anything summer-ish (ie. travel, beach, pool etc.)

I am definitely going to try the Biodermazen once I am off my accutane, if I start breaking out again. I have been on accutane since March (for the 2nd time, I was on it last year for 4 months and broke out again when I got off it) I have a love/hate relationship with accutane. It does wonders for my skin, but the side effects SUCK BIG TIME! I cannot wait until I am done (hopefully in September)

Anyway, good luck with your move! I'm excited for you, I have been trying to get out of NYC for 2 years now, but it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon unless I get an amazing job offer somewhere else.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I kinda feel you there on the moving part. :) Just saying. ;) And seriously, we're already into July yes, but it's almost mid-July too. CRAZY. ;(

I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. Will you do the same for me. ;)


Steph said...

I agree that the summer is going too fast. Glad to hear everything is good in your world.

Style Journey said...

Life is crazy, but it sounds like you have it under control. I really commend you for paying down your debt especially. What a monkey off your back! And I also commend your 50 book goal. I read a lot too, but I am sad to report I haven't picked up a book in 3 months :(

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Yes - summer is flying by!! Keeping all fingers crossed for you!

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Fiji said...

You've got so many wonderful things happening! With the books, I'm disappointed with myself, I could often get up to 200 books a year, I've only read 36 this year...My husband and I are at 0 debt which is exciting. We've decided that doing things on credit is so not chic so my Chanel handbag and our recent holiday tickets have all been cash and it felt great....Now...I'm interested hearing about this boy you've been mentioning in bits and pieces ;)

Amber said...

You can do it, you can read the 50 books! I can't wait to read about mystery man ;)

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Exciting about the move... fingers crossed it works out for you soon enough! And the guy... fingers crossed about that too ;)

Deidre said...

Yay! I hope you get to move soon. But it sounds like summer with your partner in crime and the boy has been pretty great :)