Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gut Feelings

Does everyone have a gut feeling?

You know that feeling that is said to be naturally built into you? What if it's not? Or what if it's built into you but you just don't know how to follow it's instructions? The old saying goes, "Always trust your gut feeling and never second guess. Your gut feeling is always right."

When I was growing up and living my life through the years, I use to think that I had a pretty good gut reaction. I would know when something wasn't the right decision because I would get this feeling in the pit of my stomach. It would be an intuition feeling that affirmed my decision. It was something that I could always trust to help guide me in situations. Somehow in the last few years I think I've lost my gut feeling. Every now and then I'll get a gut feeling about something. The other day I had a gut feeling reaction. 

It had been a while since I had, had a gut feeling but I was applying for a promotion position and I had a gut feeling that I might get the interview. Well they called and I got the interview. I'm hoping that means my gut feeling is coming back. I've been going months maybe even a year that I haven't been able to get a gut reaction on anything. Maybe it's that I'm not getting these feelings but I was suppressing them or not listening to it? One instence a few months ago made think about my missing gut feeling.... Let me set the scene for you....

I was getting ready to go out of town and someone called me. They were upset and started telling me really unhappy news. Then they put it to me that because of the unhappy news that I wasn't going to get something I had counted on. Naturally, I was upset about the situation and not getting what I had wanted but I believed the person. Maybe there was a little doubt and wondering if it was the truth but I pushed it back. Turns out I was right. I should have listened to that little twinge of a gut feeling. 

So now I'm here and I'm listening for any little twinge my gut feeling give me. If it doesn't feel right then more than likely it isn't. If it's suppose to be then great... I'll go for it! I'm hoping that my gut feeling will speak up a little louder and that I haven't lost it forever. How about you? Have you ever had a gut feeling? Have you ever lost your gut feeling? 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Right now I'm not really trusting my gut a whole lot. It seems to be leading me in the wrong direction and that kind of sucks.

Deidre said...

My gut talks a lot and its hard for me to figure out when it's saying something for realsies or when I'm just nervous about something because I'm nervous about something.

PS - my other friend who was having trouble commenting on my blog changed browsers (she was using safari), so perhaps that might help?

Unknown said...

That gut feeling can make such a difference. I always try to go with my intution or my gut. I hate when I have a gut feeling and don't act on it, and realize the importance of following that feeling when it's too late.