Thursday, June 27, 2013

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and around here that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday! This week's featured movie is... Bridal Fever

Bridal Fever stars Delta Burke as Dahilia, a best selling novelist who is currently working on her autobiography. To get her biography completed she's enlisted the help from her publisher and got a new assistant editor named Gwen(Andrea Roth). Little does either one of them know that this relationship will become more than just a professional one...

Gwen and her best friend find themselves as the last two single girls in their group of friends. When Gwen's bff sets out to find a husband she aquires the help of Dahilia who happens to be Gwen's client. Dahilia is more than happy to help her find a husband and she's up to getting Gwen one too. She even promises that they'll get engaged within six months of them following her plan. The only problem is that Gwen thinks she might have met her match in a book store employee named Jake (Gabriel Hogan). Jake on the other hand has problems growing up so Dahilia tells her to move on. 

Gwen and her best friend meet great guys and along the way, Gwen helps get to the root of who Dahilia really is for her biography and so her fans can see the real novelist. Dahilia didn't become an expert in love and romance over night. 

Watch Bridal Fever. I thought it was going to be some corny, little movie but it actually turned out really cute.