Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Review

I spent my entire weekend in Sacramento hanging out and learning more about my city. I went to the Sacramento Zoo and then strolled the wooden streets of Old Sacramento. It was such a nice day out. The sky was blue and the sun was bright. Since the nights have been getting cold, I was glad to see the sun out and appreciate the warm day.

I got a fortune the other day and it said, "Develop an appreciation for the present moment."

I'm trying kids. I'm trying.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

That sounds like fun! I keep meaning to drive to the Twin Cities to do some exploring but never get around to it =-(

P.S. I'm giving away a pair of really cool sunglasses today, come check it out!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Glad you had a good weekend!

Deidre said...

Sounds like a lovely day out! What's the Sacramento zoo like? Is it a good one?