Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We Have an Officiant!

Before we got engaged, we already knew who we wanted to marry us. The real question was, How were we going to ask him? Once we got engaged we knew it was only a matter of time before we were going to pop the next big question. If you've been reading for awhile then you already know that Beezy's family is very close. He has an uncle Dan who is hilarious. He's originally from New York and he's been a part of Beezy's family for over 15 years. He's smart, funny and a genuinely caring guy. He's been ordained and performed a few weddings in the past. Any time his family would hint around to us getting engaged they would ask if Dan was going to officiate? We'd play coy and not really respond and that of course made Dan always tell us his strong points for being a good fit to officiate.

Once we got engaged, we knew we would ask Dan to officiate our wedding. The next big question was, How are we going to ask him? And when are we going to ask him? We scoured the internet for cute ways to ask and we chose to ask him on a bottle of wine. Dan loves his wine. So we headed out to BevMo to find the perfect one. When we made a pit stop at World Market we found this cute little suit that goes over a wine bottle. Sold!

When we got to BevMo we found wine that you can actually write on! Sold! Beezy came up with a cute little rhyme and I wrote it on the bottle. Then we packaged it and held on to the bottle for a whole week.
When the Christmas party came we knew that would be a great time to give him the bottle. It would announce the wedding date to his family and be a great time to share the moment of asking Dan to do the honors. He didn't expect a thing until we sat down beside him to get him to open the early Christmas gift.
 Realizing what the bottle has written on it.

And guess what?! He said yes! We have someone to officiate! It's going to be great. Dan knows Beezy so well and he knows how to make people really laugh. He's going to do a great job on our special day.