Thursday, March 5, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and around here that means it's Theater Thursday. Each week I pick out a movie that I've recently watched that I found entertainment in. The movies I pick are always something that's out on dvd not currently in the theater. If you have a movie you love, join in and do your own Theater Thursday! Just let me know and I'll come check it out. This week's featured movie is... La Bamba.
I recently watched La Bamba. Beezy has been on me for months to watch this movie with him. The day finally came and I watched it.
Lou Diamond Phillips stars as singer and star Richie Valens. The true story of Richie Valens begins in Northern California where his family is picking apricots to make a living. When his older brother comes to get them and moves them to southern California to start a new way of life. Richie loves to sing and play the guitar and he's determined to make it. His mother believes in him and tries to help him get his career going. When she books the American Legion hall for Ritchie to do a show, a recording manager shows up and likes what he hears.
He gets Ritchie into the recording studio and soon he has a young star on his hands. Ritchie at the same time really starts to care for a girl named Donna. Donna comes from an upper middle class white family. Her dad wants her to have nothing to do with a latino boy. Ritchie really cares for Donna and to prove his love for her, he writes a hit song called, Donna. Now having performed on American Bandstand his music is starting to pick up. He's got two songs that are tied for number one on the charts. He's got one little quirk though... he hates to fly. Ritchie gets his manager to drive him everywhere. They take a bus or he doesn't get there. Doing the bandstand though, he gets on a plane. 
If you've never heard of Ritchie, I won't ruin this true story for you so watch the movie. It's worth at least one viewing. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I need to see this!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love this movie! I actually drive through the city he's from (for Luke 5 secs on the freeway) to get to work and one day as I was driving through and LA Bamba came iut. I got so excited haha!