Thursday, March 12, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and around here that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday! Each week, I pick a movie that I've recently watched and feature it here. I always pick movies that are available to watch at home and not currently in the theater. Since Harrison Ford's recent accident that left him with a broken pelvis and ankle, I figured it would be fitting to feature a movie that I saw last week for the first time with him as the star. This week's featured movie is, Clear and Present Danger.

Clear and Present Danger stars Harrison Ford as CIA analyst Jack Ryan. When his boss James (James Earl Jones), un-expectantly goes out sick with pancreatic cancer, Jack is chosen to be the Acting Deputy Director of Intelligence for the CIA. Before going into the hospital James gives him a warning about people in high level positions are like sharks and not to trust any of them. Since Jack knows his boss well and trusts him, he knows to take this warning seriously.

The first week Jack has the job he lands right in the middle of a Columbian drug killing. However, this time it's not a random person, it's an American citizen who happens to be long time friends with the President of the United States. Tasked by the President, Jack must find out why he was killed and who is to blame for his friends death. While Jack is trying to figure it out, the President wants revenge on the Columbian drug lords. He secretly OKs a black ops, super secret mission that takes a team of American soldiers into Columbia to seek the revenge.

Jack is left completely in the dark and as American soldiers go into the Columbian jungle to kill, he's in front of Congress telling them the CIA won't use money their asking for to fun the CIA for any secret missions. But when a the private war starts to go crazy and become not so private, Jack must figure out what to do and how to get it all under control. He'll also have to risk his own life in the process by going down to Columbia.

Will he do the right or wrong? Watch and find out.