Thursday, June 18, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that means it's Theater Thursday! I love movies and almost every Thursday on here you'll find me talking about a movie that's available to watch at home. Since yesterday was my Birthday, I'm going to pick one of my favorite movies that I loved watching when I was a teenager. Who am I kidding? I still love watching this movie. This week's featured movie is, My Father The Hero.
My Father The Hero came out in 1994. I was in middle school and totally wanted to be Katherine Heigl. TI was obsessed. I wanted to dress like her, go to the bahamas and stay at the resort that she did (that still rings true) and I was loving the music. I totally knew who the Baha Men were years before they got a big hit (Who Let the Dogs Out!). If you haven't seen it then you need to watch it...

The movie follows Nikki (Heigl), a 15 year old girl who is headed to spend her yearly two week vacation with her estranged father Andre (Depardieu). Andre lives in Paris, France with his girlfriend. This time he's come to New York to pick up his daughter and head to the Bahamas for the two of them to spend some quality time together. This year though he's noticed how much Nikki has grown up in the past year. Nikki wants nothing to do with this vacation and she is determined to let Andre know that fact.

Once they touch down in the Bahamas, they arrive at their plush resort (The One and Only Ocean Club) and she immediately runs into Ben (Dalton James). A local guy who works at the resort. She is instantly smitten on and what happens? She runs into a table in front of him. To try to impress him she lets on that she's a runaway and Andre pretends to be her father but is her boyfriend. Ben doesn't know what to think but he likes Nikki and wants to help her. He pleas with her to leave Andre and stay in the Bahamas with him.

When everyone around the resort starts to hear that Andre is her boyfriend and that he's basically with a child they start to shun him. He has no idea what is going on until it gets to be too much for Nikki and she comes clean with her dad.
And that's when things start to get really interesting... If you want to know what happens you have to watch!

If you've seen this movie and have questions come ask me on instagram! You can find me at jmomiller. I'm telling you this movie is fun and campy and I still love it!


The Flynnigans said...

Honestly, one of my faves from back in the day.

SWMNBN said...

This sounds like my kinda movie... and now I need to see it!!!!