Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Review

The hustle and bustle of life has really ran us ragged lately. I was so thankful that on Friday night we were able to order a pizza and stay in. We watched a movie together and just stayed home. We haven't had a weekend in forever that we haven't had multiple commitments so we were taking full advantage of this one. It's the last one we will have for about 3-4 more weeks.

On Saturday, we went and saw Jurassic World.
Can you believe it made 82 million dollars the first day it opened? Crazy! The movie is over 2 hours long so fair warned. I thought the movie was really good. The first Jurassic Park will always be the best but this one was pretty good. I'm a little bummed that Jeff Goldblum didn't make a guest appearance or any of the other main characters from the original. Chris Pratt definitely carried the entire movie. When Hollywood recently called him the new IT guy they were right. When's the next Guardian of the Galaxy?

I also finally found some time to read my favorite author, Stuart Woods. He has three new books out this year so I had to catch up. I'm constantly looking on his website to see if he's doing any signings close to me. He was in LA last summer but that was a little too far to go. I'm currently reading...
I know I've said it before on here but if you really love a good mystery book. His Stone Barrington series is the best! Start with the very first book New York Dead because they build upon each other.

On Sunday, I got up and made us some good breakfast. And by good I mean Bacon and hashbrowns.
Then we spent the afternoon watching a Christmas movie...
Nope not even kidding. We totally watched it and it got me completely geared up for the holidays! I love it. It's my favorite time of the year and I'm always thinking of new ways to decorate! The countdown is on! I even got on the Hallmark website and checked out the ornaments set for release this year. They've got so many great ornaments coming out, I want them all!


The Flynnigans said...

Wild! Stuart Woods is one of my fave authors too! Love his easy reads, it's captivating and they hook you. Especially love anything with Stone in it. I'm a bit behind but I think Paris Match was the last one I read. I have one or two on my e-reader but haven't gotten to it yet.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

And now you have a whole house to decorate! How exciting! ( had a house you have a fiance to decorate with this year! ;-) )

Cole said...

It's crazy that Jurassic World made that much money on their opening weekend! I want to see it...but don't want to fight the crowds, so I might wait another week or so.

I'm glad you got to have a nice relaxing weekend!