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Can you imagine never being able to leave your house in the daylight without hundreds of fans mobbing you? That was Elvis' everyday life. He started living his everyday life during the night. His one escape though was Hawaii. The people of Hawaii would for the most part treat him like any other visitor. They would allow him his privacy and for that he thanked them many times.

Elvis first visited Hawaii in November of 1957. Sailing there on the U.S.S. Matsonia. He performed on two islands before heading back to the mainland. His next return to the islands would be in 1961 for a benefit concert. He was determined to help get the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial completed and he gave a concert where 100% of the proceeds went to completing it. The concert raised $65,000 dollars and the memorial was completed in 1962.
He returned to the U.S.S. Arizona in May of 1968 to tour it.

Elvis filmed three movies in Hawaii: Blue Hawaii, Girls Girls Girls and Paradise Hawaiian Style. He loved the beaches and the water. It was his vacation spot and every year he would try to come there and enjoy himself. He would also bring a large entourage with him to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
In January 1973, Elvis performed the Aloha from Hawaii Special.

This would be the first live performance to be broadcasted live via satellite around the world. It aired in over 40 countries across Asia and Europe. In case of an accident during the live broadcast they recorded an entire concert in Hawaii a few days before the live show so they would have something to go to incase technology failed them. Elvis was so excited for this performance that he lost 20 pounds before the airing. When he arrived on the island he was greeted with fans awaiting to Lei him.

When he hit the stage he wore a white American Eagle jumpsuit that included a matching cape. He opened the show with trademark opener, See See Rider. The broadcast however, was not happening live in America. It was being held as a recording because the NFL Super Bowl was happening at the exact same time.

At the end of the concert, Elvis removed the cape and flung it out into the audience stunning the world. The cape location was unknown for many years but has finally found it's resting place at Graceland for all to see. The last song of the night was, Can't Help Falling In Love."

The entire concert raised 75,000 dollars for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund in Hawaii. Elvis did not charge a set price for the tickets. He asked the Hawaiian people and fans to only pay what they could give. The merchandise and ticket funds raised the amount. Elvis also made his entire entourage pay for admittance into the concert. No one got a free ride for this charity event. This concert was not his last visit to Hawaii. Elvis came here many more times over the years and was even in Hawaii the on the year of his death.

And on his last trip...


Shann said...

I can't even imagine the life Elvis lived. My Aunt is a huge fan, and probably knows everything there is to know, but this was all new information to me. Thanks for sharing.

elle jo said...

So glad I'm not Elvis, half the time I look like a hot mess when I leave the house so having all of these people mob good.

I love his song can't help falling in love.

liz jo @ sundays with sophie

Claire said...

I like to hear that a celebrity can have a bit of normality somewhere, what a life they lead, I know that's part and parcel of fame but you can't imagine how it would be on a daily basis can you?

Cynthia said...

thanks for sharing!
Cynthia @craftoflaughter

Unknown said...

So much Elvis love. . .I'm digging it!