Thursday, August 6, 2015

Clambake! Gonna Have A Clambake!

Let’s talk about my favorite Elvis Presley movie… Clambake!

Clambake was made in 1967 and stars Elvis as Scott Heywood, the son of oil tycoon Buster. When Scott decides to abandon his family to find himself he jumps in the car and drives to Florida. During his drive to Florida he stops at a roadside restaurant and meets Tom (Will Hutchins). Tom is on his way to a Miami hotel where he will be their waterskiing instructor. Scott and Tom hit it off and when Tom makes a remark about how much attention he must get because of the fancy car and money Scott gets a crazy idea.
Scott talks Tom into switching identities with him so when they get to the Miami hotel, Tom will pretend to be millionaire Scott and Scott will pretend to be the poor ski instructor. Scott wants to see how people react to him as a poor person rather than what he’s been treating his whole life. Once they get to the hotel Tom has tons of fun living as a rich man. Scott on the other hand has to get straight to work with a ski lesson.  His first water ski lesson is given to Diane (Shelley Fabares), a hotel guest who’s there to catch a rich husband. She has her sights set on James Jamison (Bill Bixby) who’s there to race in the Annual Orange Bowl Boat Race.
Scott immediately takes a liking to Diane. They get along and seem to share a connection but Diane is determined to get James to notice her. Diane thinks that Scott’s motives are the same as hers and that he’s there to land a rich wife. Scott decides to help her so he can stay close to her. He even decides to get in the race himself and finds a man who’s willing to let him race a boat. While Scott tries to juggle his ski instructor duties, work on his boat for the race and work on Diane’s heart his father is trying to track him down.
When Buster shows up at the hotel and is shown to Tom’s room. He’s in for a shock because his son has definitely changed looks. Tom and Scott are both in for a shock! Will Diane come around or is she destined to marry James and live the life of luxury? Watch this Elvis classic and find out! It's one of my favorites!


Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

Oh my goodness -- I haven't seen an Elvis movies in YEARS! This would be such a fun movie to watch this summer. Thanks for the reminder.

Claire said...

I've never seen it! In fact I'm sure I've watched Elvis movies when I was young but I just can't remember any! Have to do some home work x

elle jo said...

You know I've never watched an Elvis movie, I may have to start soon.

liz @ sundays with sophie