Friday, September 4, 2015

How To Have A Strong Nail Game

I use to never go to the salon and get my nails done. Then I got engaged and everyone started looking at my ring and would notice my nails. So I decided to start going and getting them sculpted. Did I mention I was a nail biter? I would bite my nails all the time but that stopped and my real nails were able to bounce back. I have really small hands so my short, little nails would stand out when they'd be painted. They looked even worse painted so I knew it was time to get some professional help. See how short and uneven they were?

Now my nail game is coming on strong! So how do you bring a strong nail game?

First you have a find a great salon. I found one and their perfect. They have hundreds of polishes, ample space and their super close to my house. The only thing that sucks about my great salon is that their so busy you HAVE to have an appointment to get in. They are literally that busy and packed every single day. Once I tried to call in and they had no openings for 3 days. Now I have a standing appointment for every 2-3 weeks with my favorite nail girl.

Second, you have to throw in a little sparkle. Who doesn't love the glitter?

Third, accent nail! Why have ten stubs all looking the same? Mix it up and show off that ring finger with a special design, color or sparkle.

Fourth, try some different designs on your nails. I've recently done an some color ombre designs and glitter designs.

Fifth, Don't be afraid to use bright colors! Now that we are getting into the fall/winter you can really do some great holiday designs.
Last, the shape! I go with square because I've always loved square. I have them round my edges sometimes if their feeling a little too sharp. When I first started going to the salon they would ask me what shape I wanted and started spouting off all these names. The only one I first knew was square so here's a cheat sheet incase you didn't know all of them either!

If you can't decide what to do with your nails on your next appointment check out my pinterest. There's tons of great designs and polishes on there. I'm surfing over there next to find something for my next appointment.


Megan Gonzalez said...

I love the round shape. It suits my nails really well. I never get them painted because they have a natural french manicure look, but I love getting pedicures! When I go with my friends, they always laugh at me because I make such funny faces when they scrub my feet. It tickles!

The Flynnigans said...

Forget about the nails, I'm always mesmerize by your ring every time I see it. It's incredible, girl!

SWMNBN said...

I just cannot get over how amazing that ring is!!!!!!!! Lucky lucky girl you are!

Loving your nails. I started taking vitamins because my nails were getting so think and breaking all of the time. But I've loved getting them painted- keeps me from biting!

Unknown said...

Your nails are gorgeous!! I'm a nail biter too! Eeek! And I'm engaged and going thru all of that. I need to be better about taking care of my nails.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I change my nail color way too much to go get them done, I'd spend so much money! Plus mine are so short that it doesn't make much sense AND with my job I would ruin them so quick.

My splurge is massages. Just signed up for a year membership. Hello happy back and neck!

Shann Eva said...

My nails never used to be long, but since having kids they've gone a little crazy. I even clip them now sometimes. Your nails look fabulous, and your ring is so beautiful!!!

Lauren said...

I tend to pick at my nails but am doing better lately! I love getting them done, but in the in between, I use Jamberry sometimes and that makes them look super cute and keeps me from picking at them so they grow! Fun post!

Anonymous said...

Definitely squoval for me, has been since I grew my nails out in high school some 20 plus years ago.