Thursday, April 28, 2016

2 Movies for Tonight

Looking for something to watch tonight? Maybe you don't have time to watch anything tonight but you'll be bored stiff over the weekend? Well don't worry! Here's two movies that will get you through it! Recently watched and now reviewed by me so you'll get a better idea if it's something right for you.
The first movie... Deja vu.

Denzel Washington stars as Special Agent Doug Carlin from the ATF. He finds himself on Fat Tuesday in New Orleans dealing with a ferry boat that has just exploded and in turn killing 543 people. The boat was carrying families and hundreds of U.S. Navy sailors across the Mississippi River into the city. When he gets on the scene he finds evidence of a bomb planted by a domestic terrorist. He also finds a body identified as a woman named Claire that was murdered and made to look like one of the victims of the bombing.

Impressed by Carlin's eye to detail, the FBI lets him in on a project that they've been developing ran by a small team. Using a machine they are able to go back in the past and see events leading up to the bombing. Carlin works with them on trying to locate the bombing and stopping it before it ever starts. At the same time Carlin becomes emotionally investing in keeping Claire alive.

I had not seen this movie until recently and I thought it was intriguing and entertaining. The story line was a little hard to understand at first because of the group going back and forth in present day and past. I really liked it though and it's not like your typical movie.

The second movie... The Siege.
The Siege happens to be another Denzel Washington movie. This movie pre-dates 9/11 and some of the references to terrorist were long before we would be involved in a war. I had not seen this movie until the past week and I didn't plan on reviewing two Denzel movies but it was pretty good and worth watching.

FBI Agent Anthony Hubbard (Washington) is working in New York City with his Lebanese-American partner Frank shortly after a Military installation in the Middle East was bombed. The USA found and captured the mastermind behind the attack. When Hubbard gets word that a bus has been hijacked and is fully loaded containing a bomb they go out in search of the culprits. The bomb turns out to be a paint bomb and the attackers get away. Searching for the terrorists hiding in New York City they begin working with an agent Elise Kraft (Annette Bening).

While Hubbard, his partner and Elise are searching for the terrorist, they begin striking out against the NYC population. They bomb several huge targets and the FBI is brought to center stage on having to root out the terrorist cell and stop the chaos that has been brought to NYC. When things get out of hand, the U.S. Military comes into town and starts calling the shots.

I thought this movie was really good and I thought that it was spot on with things that were really happening before 9/11.