Wednesday, April 27, 2016

4 Shows Recently Discovered

Crossing Lines

We just discovered this show on Netflix last week and it's so good! I can't believe I had never heard of it before. It originally aired overseas and is available for everyone online. This show takes detectives from all around the world to make up one team. They've got officers from Berlin, London, New York, Ireland, Paris and more making up this international team of Detectives who track down cross border crimes. Each episode they'll be in several cities following, tracking and investigating their cases.

Boardwalk Empire
I know I'm a little late on starting this show but I am loving it! We are currently in the middle of season one and I find it so interesting. They've taken real life events like prohibition and real people like Al Capone and ran with it. I can't wait to see what happens because I'm hoping that two of the characters get together. Set in Atlantic City we see how people were really affected with prohibition and how both sides lived with it.

Game of Silence

This a new show on television and has only had three episodes air. I'm always a little leery of spring shows because you never know if their going to make it. This show is about a group of adults who use to be childhood friends. When an accident sent the boys of the group to juvenile prison that's where everything in their lives would change. Flash forward to 20 years later and we are learning what really went on in that prison and how it's effecting their lives today. Each episode we learn something new about their lives and what they've been going through. Now that one of their own is dead they'll stop at nothing to get revenge and set things right in the world for others who were victims.

The Catch

This a new show currently airing on ABC. I watched the pilot and wasn't really that impressed with it. Now that a few episodes have aired it's getting better. We originally watched it because the main actress was the star of one of our favorites shows, The Killing. The Catch follows Alice (Enos) as a private investigator in Los Angeles who's planning her upcoming wedding. Her fiancé Benjamin has been with her over the last year and they are buying their first house together. When a case that she's investigating hits close to home, she rushes home and all around town looking for her missing fiancé.

She arrives home to find him gone and all of her money along with him. He scammed her and it turns out that Benjamin never really existed. Now before she's embarrassed and ruined in the investigation business she's got to find him and get her life back together.

Know a good show? Recommend it! I'm always looking for something new to watch!


Carol said...

I'm trying out Game of Silence.

If you have Netflix streaming -- watch Bloodlines....season 2 comes out this month and we are SO READY for husband literally asks me every day when its back