Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Kylie Lip Kit and Gloss

For months on Instagram I had seen the craziness that accompanied the Kylie Jenner lip kits. Since Kylie's launch of Kylie Cosmetics her products have sold out within minutes of going online. In the beginning she came out with several shades of Matte lipstick with a matching lip pencil making up her Lip Kit. Once she had success with the Matte lip kits she launched new shades and other products such as glosses and metals. All selling out within minutes of being available online.

During this time, I continued to watch the frenzy of people trying to get their hands on these kits and the amount of money people were paying for them on resell sites. I was completely grossed out and fathomed at the fact that people were paying 30+ dollars for used lip kits. I mean really... If I'm paying 30 dollars for makeup it better be brand new in the box. Plus the idea of using a lip product that a stranger used... Gross! For me there is no way I'd use a strangers lip product what if they've got a big ol' sore on their lip and used it right on it?!? Gag! 

In the midst of all this I stayed in the shadows and played with the idea of actually trying to get my hands on the shades I liked. I started watching and following her Kylie Cosmetic Instagram account and would get the alerts of restocks. So a few weeks ago when I got the alert that the restock was happening I pulled the trigger and bought a lip kit and gloss. Even with getting on the site almost instantly things were selling out fast! Two of the three shades I had been eyeing were Sold Out! But the number one gloss I wanted was in stock. Bam! Put that sucker in my cart and bought the lip kit of the third shade I had been eying. I figured I would give it a try and if I liked the quality I would know to purchase again in the future the other shades. 
I got my two items purchased and went on with my day. I promptly got my confirmation email and thought nothing else of it until... the news hit a few hours later saying Kyle Cosmetics had received an F from the better business bureau. I started reading some of the news articles and some of the top complaints were their items came half full, the pencil missing in their kit, waiting weeks to receive their items etc. that make me a little worried considering I had just paid but I tried not to worry. A few days later I got another email saying my items had shipped and then I patiently waited for my items to arrive. 
Once my items arrived I quickly tried them on. I'm also happy to report that my items came full and exactly what I ordered. First up was my Kylie Gloss that I purchased. I chose the shade So Cute.

From the images I had seen online this seemed to be a very neutral shade. Once out of the tube and on your lips it's very thick. The applicator is a brush and I wasn't prepared at how thick it would be. It also has a very strong smell. Not as in a floral or citrus smell, but a chemical makeup smell. The shade is nice and it does last several hours before needing a reapply. I would not repurchase this gloss in the future. It's too simple for the price tag and the smell for me really is a major flaw. I thought it was just ok and something you could find in an off brand at a Sephora.

Now for the lip kit. I had really thought this shade looked amazing in everyone's photos and reviews online. I purchased the Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K.

Once I got the lip kit out and tried it on the shade it seemed way darker in real life. This shade is definitely not made for someone pale like me. It made me look entirely washed out or that I should be going to a 90s punk band concert in the actual 1990s. The matte goes on extremely easily and dries almost instantly. It does make your lips feel a little chalky. 

I used the pencil first to outline my lips and with one use the pencil already needs to be sharpened. While this matte didn't smell as strong as the gloss it did have that chemical makeup smell to it. All in all I would not buy this shade ever again. I also now see why others have stuck theirs on resell websites as they probably didn't work out well for them and wanted their money back. For me the gloss was a win but nothing too exciting to ever buy again and the matte was just awful for me personally.

Oh the best part... Kylie Cosmetics has a no returns, no refunds, no exchange policy. Happy Shopping! That's my final thought on her line.


Katie said...

The gloss looks great on you, but I hate when lip products have such a strong (unpleasant) scent as I feel like I'm eating that and end up basically tasting the smell if that makes sense! Thanks for the heads up to avoid... ;)

Unknown said...

No returns? Craziness. Thanks for your honest review. I think there's too much hype around that family. Haha. That color does look pretty on you.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord! I've wanted to try it but like you, didn't want to take the plunge. I can't believe there isn't a return policy!

Claire said...

oooo I'm loving Lip Gloss's at the moment

Anonymous said...

Glad I saw your review as I was thinking of getting it but now am not so sure