Sunday, September 25, 2016

Archive Rentals

Last year when I was planning my wedding, I would go over every detail with a fine tooth comb. I wanted our wedding to have a specific look and feel to it. I had a budget that was very strict and I was nervous I wasn’t going to be able to get what I wanted and needed. I would search local stores and companies for items I could afford and would fit into our theme. I also had to use multiple vendors to provide the things I needed. I had to use three different vendors for the rentals, the event design and floral. If I would have only known about Archive Rentals! I would have been able to incorporate so many more design elements and at a more affordable cost. I wouldn’t have had to deal with so many vendors either. Have you heard of them? Let me lighten your next event, party or wedding stress…

Archive Rentals provides wedding furniture rentals at an affordable cost. They offer an unparalleled collection of furnishings and accessories for gatherings of any size. It doesn’t have to be a wedding to use them! Aside from their vintage rentals they also offer Commercial and Home Staging, Seasonal, Holiday, Short-Term and Long-Term Installations and floral design. You can have both floral, d├ęcor and design services, under one roof, and on one invoice. That gives you both the convenience and confidence for your next event, party or wedding. Let’s be honest… who wants to stress on the day of their event? No one! Using one place for everything takes all the stress away. You only have to deal with one company.
Archive Rentals has team members that specialize in areas that maximize your event. Have an event that’s more than one day? The owners Regina Crosby and Kista Jon specialize in luxury, mult-day events and luxury destination weddings. They’ve got you covered?
Don’t even know where to start planning? Need some ideas for your next event or party? Have no fear Archive Rentals can even give you some rustic event rental ideas to help speed along the process. They can save you stress, money and time. Give them a call for your next event needs. The photos of their work speaks to their talents and abilities.