Monday, October 10, 2016

Work Travel

In the past year for my job, I have started traveling more frequently for work. I think the first year that I was in my drive I travelled twice. This past year, I've flown 40 times on work trips.
Yes... 40.

To some people that might not seem like a lot but for me it has been. This past year I was promoted and with that came more responsibility. While I welcome the challenge and don't mind the travel sometimes I just feel worn down. As an example... one week I was in three different cities on 4 flights all within 5 days. While the traveling can be tiresome it definitely comes with it's perks. My work contracts with Southwest so I only fly on that airline. They have free checked bags. They send my drink coupons (not that I ever use them) and I rack up the frequent flyer points. That leads to free personal travel because my work allows me to keep the points! But the best perk of all...

I've flown so much that I've earned a Companion Pass!

I am so over the moon excited about this! I found out at the beginning of July that I was going to make it happen by the end of October. Well this past week I hit it! Now what's a companion pass? It's a pass that you earn if you've flown 100 Southwest flights in a year, you get to designate someone who will fly for free with you for a year! How exciting! I obviously  designated my husband as the person to fly for free. Now if you're doing the math like me then you know that I'm only at 40 flights so how am I getting it if you have to do 100 flights? Well in July they offered me a promotion that if I had so many flights within a four month period they would reward me with one. SOLD!

I'm already trying to plan the trips we will go on! I have this list so far...

New York City
Cabo San Lucus
Chicago (but worried about the crime rate)
Washington D.C.
New Mexico

If you could fly for free... where would you go first?


Kenya said...

I would fly to St. Thomas because that's our favorite island!

Congrats on hitting such a milestone!

Anonymous said...

I had a fear of flying for many years, but 2 years ago I got on a plane for the first time. We flew to the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) and that was a short but awesome flight. This year, we traveled to the Bahamas and that too was a short but fun flight. Now I'm ready to go out west somewhere. I'm not as well-traveled as you are, but I'm down to fly now that I kicked the fear :)

Sarah Prince said...

If I could fly for free, I would go to Hawaii or Rome first. But my bucket list for travel is so long that it's hard to choose!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

That is awesome! (and i'd be happy to take those drink tickets off of your hands :-P haha!)

jasmine said...

Cabo sounds pretty good to me right now, on a chilly October morning!

Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

Back to Hawaii in a heartbeat. Man I miss the islands!

Chrissy said...

That is awesome! I would definitely go to Chicago! My favorite city! Miss it so much after living there for 3 years!