Monday, October 31, 2016

Seattle's Grossest Wall

The Gum Wall

Seattle is famous for many things, being home to the first Starbucks, the Space Needle, Sleepless in Seattle and even the grunge of the 1990s. The grossest thing they may be known for... the now famous Gum Wall.

Located in Post Alley right across from the famous Pike Street Market you'll find yourself cringing in disgust from the leftover pieces of gum located on several walls of the alley way. What may have started with only a few pieces of gum has grown and spread thickly over several of the alley brick walls. The walls are now colorful from the different flavors and brands of gum left behind my locals and tourists.

Along the other walls of the alley you'll find local graffiti, art and posters. Right now the most famous posters are chronicling the 2016 Election. The major party candidates were depicted on the walls both receiving the same amount of street cred.
While it was interesting to see the famous Gum Wall, I wouldn't say it's a must see when visiting Seattle. We wanted to see it and since we were at the Market we thought ok, why not? We are already here but if you are on the other side of town don't make the trip just for the wall. It really wasn't that great. It was fun to see though and it only takes about 5 minutes to visit.


Kaley said...

I currently live in Seattle and I grew up here, and while all my friends love this place I've also thought it was super nasty. But TBH I don't like the big city all that much anyways, so it's just something to add on to the list of things I don't like šŸ˜…