Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two Movies for Tonight

Looking for something to watch tonight? Time is precious and you don't want to spend time searching for a movie to only be disappointed with it in the end. So that's why I've brought you two movies for tonight. The movies I review here give you an idea of what's good to watch any time you want to quickly get a movie and start watching it. This week I'm giving you two movies that are totally worthy of your time. 

The first movie... Exit to Eden.

I might be the only person excited about this movie. Exit to Eden came out in 1994 and was quickly a flop in theaters. It then went out of print once it was produced on dvd and could only be viewed on VHS for years. Now... finally, Exit to Eden is back in print as a part of the Vault Series. This movie is so hilariously bad that it's good. I asked for this for Christmas and I was thrilled when I got it on dvd. Watch it, you'll enjoy it as a good laugh.

Exit to Eden stars Rosie O'Donnell (Shelia) and Dan Aykroyd (Fred) as two Los Angeles Detectives who are out to catch some Diamond smugglers. When Elliott Slater, a professional photographer accidently gets a photo of the smugglers he becomes a target. Before the smugglers can get to him and his camera he jets off to the island of Eden. Eden is an island where BDSM thrives and you can live out all your fantasies. Quickly to protect Elliott Fred and Shelia go undercover to the island. Elliott and the gang end up getting more than they bargained for..... watch the outcome!

The second movie... The Long, Long Trailer.
The Long, Long Trailer stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as Nicholas and Tacy who are newlyweds. These two have bought a 40ft. trailer and are travelling across the United States to get to Nicky's new work location in Colorado. This trip will be a part of their honeymoon. Tacy is excited to make this trailer their home along the way and once they get to Denver. However, once they get the trailer things begin to go haywire. Their car isn't strong enough to pull the trailer so their forced to buy a new car. Then Nicky has to learn how to drive the new car with the long, long trailer in tow.

The mountains on their travels begin to take a toll on their trailer and their spirits begin to get crushed along the way as well. These two find out that being newlyweds is harder work than they originally thought. The trailer doesn't help them at working well together. Their journey turns out some hilarious moments along the way.

I had seen this a long time ago but recently watched it over the holidays. If you loved the I Love Lucy show this is very similar in ways. Give it a watch and I'm sure you'll find yourself laughing at the crazy situations they get themselves into.