Thursday, January 19, 2017

Two Movies for Tonight

Looking for something to watch tonight? Time is precious and you don't want to spend time searching for a movie to only be disappointed with it in the end. So that's why I've brought you two movies for tonight. The movies I review here give you an idea of what's good to watch any time you want to quickly get a movie and start watching it. This week I'm giving you two movies that are totally worthy of your time. 

The first movie... Criminal.
This movie came out in early 2016 and I had never heard of it until about a week ago. I was surprised because it has so many big name actors in it. It stars Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones. I thought the movie had a really original story line and enjoyed the movie. I'm really surprised it didn't do better in the theater to where we heard more about it.

Ryan Reynolds is living in London with his family as a CIA agent Bill Pope. When he comes into contact with a man known as the Dutchman, his life soon becomes unstable. The Dutchman has hacked all of America's warhead codes and can launch a missile anywhere and at anytime. He comes to the United States and to Pope because he wants asylum and money. Pope takes him to a safe location and is the only person to know where he's located. When he becomes incapable of telling the CIA where the Dutchman is located they bring in  lifetime career offender- Jerico (Costner).

Jerico has never been able to have feelings due to a frontal lobe injury as a child. So living a life of crime has never bothered him. He's never cared for anyone or anything except money. When the CIA does an experiment to give him Pope's memories and feelings in effort to locate the Dutchman he doesn't understand the feelings he feels. He also wants no part in helping the CIA. He does however, want the bag of money he saw in a memory of Pope's. While he goes out in search of the bag of money, he comes across Pope's wife and child and begin to cares about someone for the first time in his life.

Watch this interesting movie and you'll be entertained for sure.

The second movie... Duff.

I laughed so hard during this movie. It really reminds me of another hilarious movie... She's the Man. I can't wait to re-watch this movie that's how funny I thought it was. I had never really heard of the term DUFF until now but it's totally true! Duff stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. When you think about it... everyone has a Duff! Watch this movie, trust me... it'll make your cheeks hurt from laughing.

Bianca is a senior in high school living in the suburbs of Atlanta. Her two best friends are Jessica and Casey who when she describes them are labeled as more popular and better looking than her. Bianca's next door neighbor and childhood friend, Wesley is a star football player and wanted by all the girls. Bianca only has eyes for Toby, a guitar player/singer whom she can't bring herself to talk to because she's so shy. When Jessica and Casey persuade her to attend the most popular girl in high school, Madison's party she goes in hopes of seeing Toby there. The party turns out to be the worst night for her.

Wesley without realizing it as first informs Bianca that she's a DUFF. He quickly tries to explain to her that the duff doesn't have to be ugly or fat. It's just someone less popular in their group of friends who is more accessible and people go to when they want to date or hook up with their hotter friends. Bianca is shocked and then realizes that she's Jessica and Casey's DUFF. She's so upset she unfriends them and vows to get Toby to go out with her. To accomplish this she enlists the help of Wesley in turn for tutoring him in Chemistry so he can keep playing football.

Bianca and Wes begin to fall into their old pattern of being childhood friends once they start hanging out to study and he gives her lessons on how to get Toby to go out with her. Along the way they have their ups and downs and hilarious events take over Bianca's social life.

Watch Duff. You won't be sorry!