Wednesday, November 21, 2018

All I Want For Christmas

Maybe it's because I'm another year older and another year wiser but what I'm really asking Santa for this year is to go home for Christmas.

Living 2,433 miles away from family is hard. Living that many miles away at the holidays is even harder. I've lived in California now since August of 2012. That's going on 7 years and I've been able to go back for Christmas for all of them except two. Last year I was seven months pregnant and wasn't able to fly the long distance. We vowed that I'd get home this year again for Christmas. There's only been one other time I hadn't made it home for Christmas and that was right after our wedding. We had just seen everyone 11 days before so we stayed in California for the holiday. This year we just went home for Thanksgiving so I'm really hoping we can get back there again for Christmas. That's all I honestly want. I don't need gifts, I just want the company of my mom and being able to sit in her living room, look at her Christmas tree and play with my son in front of while a Christmas classic is playing in the background.

Is the flight rough? A little. Is it worth it? Yes.

With a 9 month old, you feel like you have to pack everything and the kitchen sink. Trust me, you definitely feel that way when you're lugging the car seat, pushing the stroller, with your diaper bag while carrying your breast pump and lugging your own clothes from the car rental through the terminal but in the end it's all worth it. This last trip was Presley's first time to West Virginia. He actually did really well on the flights (there isn't a straight flight from Sacramento - Huntington) and the car ride to the house (almost 3 hours). He loved being at my mom's house. He loves to interact and play with my mom (which I love).

So yes... that's all I want for Christmas. While people Christmas day will be posting pictures of their fancy purses, headphones, new shoes etc. I'll just be hoping to spend the holiday with my little family.

Do you find yourself wishing you could go home for Christmas if you are far away? I know some people want anything but to be home at Christmas time and the holidays.