Sunday, February 10, 2019

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Last year, I went into labor on Valentines Day. Luckily for us it wasn't until around 11:00 p.m. and we were home. This year is clearly very different! While we will be celebrating Valentine's Day, I'm sure I'll also be getting things ready for Presley's birthday the very next day. Plus it’s Presley’s very first Valentines Day! 

I’ve even included a little gift guide for him as well. Here’s a few things that I wouldn’t shove a bow up Cupid if he were to drop on my doorstep...

1. A puffer Coat I have been wanting a puffer coat for a few winters now. I know, I know... you think California doesn’t get that cold well guess what? I live in Northern California and it still gets very cold. This one that I’ve included is a made for Macy’s DKNY with faux fur trim hood. While it isn’t grey it makes me think of Joan Wilder in Romancing the Stone. 

2. Keds I got a pair of Keds two Christmas’s ago and I literally wear them almost every day. As I’ve gotten older my feet enjoy only being in certain types of shoes and my feet love these keds. I wish I could get the exact same pair that I have now because their a salt and pepper blend and they go with a lot of the black pants that I wear but they don’t make that design anymore. 

3. Ped Egg At Christmas I said I wanted a Ped Egg but apparently no one took me seriously. No really! I want a Ped Egg! Maybe it was having a baby but my feet have taken a toll lately and I have so much extra dead skin. I have seen so many people raving about the ped egg and since I have no time to actually go get a pedicure this might be the next best thing. 

4. A Vacation I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and stay at the Royal Hawaiian. I use to watch Gidget Goes Hawaiian growing up all the time and she stayed at this hotel. While I’ve been to Hawaii, I didn’t stay on this island so the dream continues on. Also... Pigeon Forge because that’s my home away from home and I love it there. I wouldn’t snub my nose at either of those!

1. Mickey because Presley loves all things Mickey and we’ve got him the Christmas one and several others.

2. Books Presley loves all books but we haven’t tried pop ups yet!

3. Shoes Presley is currently standing himself up and cruising a little with the furniture but soon he’s going to walk. I think these would be great first shoes for him and they will go with a lot of outfits.

4. Drum Presley loves to beat and thump his hands on stuff and he loves all of his musical toys. I think this would be good for him.