Thursday, October 22, 2009

Theater Thursday

It's that time again! Another Theater Thursday Christmas Edition! This week we're looking at a winter/holiday favorite Snow Day.
A Snow Day is every kids dream come true. The movie Snow Day follows what happens when a small town gets an unexpected snow storm overnight, canceling a day of school. 
The movie follows three main story lines. 

The first follows Chevy Chase as weather man Tom Brandston. Tom (Chase) is in the thick of a full out ratings war with rival weather man Chad. The two spend the entire day fighting for ratings and who can claim calling the first warning of the storm. 

The 2nd story in the movie follows Hal (Mark Webber) and his best friend Lane (Schuyler Fisk). Hal sets off inquest of getting the attention of Claire Bonner. Claire is the most popular girl in school with an on again off again boyfriend. Hal believes the snow day has fated him with a chance of being her new boyfriend. Lane tags along even though she had other ideas of she'd like to spend the day with Hal. 
The 3rd story follows Hal's littler sister Natalie (Zena Grey). Natalie and her friends on a mission: to get a 2nd snow day. The only thing person standing in their way is Snow Plow Man. Natalie and her friends must figure out a way to stop the plowing before it becomes too late and hope is lost. Will they get a 2nd day? Who will be the top weather man? Will Hal or Lane get their way?

Watch the movie! It's really cute and family friendly. It also gets you into the winter/holiday spirit. 


Laura and Ryan said...

I love that movie! I love any Christmas type movie though :)

Dollface said...

I have never seen it, but I cannot wait to watch Christmas movies, i love them!! the one Jew who loves it, hahaha xxxoo

Megan said...

It seems like you have been watching quite a few Christmas movies lately! You must be ready for the season!

Samantha said...

ugh, you should feature a few of my favs (bc I said so, and bc you love me ;)): The Santa ClausE (1 and 2) and/or, Miracle on 34th Street (my FAV) and/or Surviving Christmas with Mr. Ben Affleck (it's funny!).

Just suggestions. ;)

The Queen of Clearance said...

I use to love this movie! I need to find it and watch it!