Monday, September 17, 2012

Lately (photo heavy)

When I got to Sacramento, I hit the ground running. I'm just now starting to slow down some and here's a few things that have been going on... I should mention I do a lot of crafting now. Anyways, here's a little bit of what I've been doing to fill the time. 
Putting a few pieces of furniture together.
Mowing grass. This made me appreciate Josh a little bit more since he's been mowing the grass all summer long. I can't wait till he's out here and be in charge of the lawn again. 
Making tons of yummy food! Top Right: Grilled/smoked hot dogs, maple bacon & eggs. Prepping cheese, baked macaroni and cheese. 
 Crafting! This one was obviously still in progress. Ceramic tiles and making them into coasters. 
Halloween tree! All of the decorations came from Michaels Arts and Crafts.
Trying to pick out a paint color for my tropical theme master bathroom. I'm leaning towards the shade Oasis. What do you think? 

A lot right? So that is what I have been up to lately. I still have a lot to do but as my mom likes to remind me, "Rome wasn't built in a day."


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I would cry if I didn't have Izzy and my brother to mow the lawn. Which is funny because I CAN mow the lawn, I just choose not to ;-)

Dreams Do Come True said...

I love grilled hot dogs. I believe I could eat a whole pack if they are grilled. I love the coasters. I would love to know how to do that.

Summer said...

what is that saying about Sacramento? It's from a movie I know you would know it, chemo brain at it's finest so I can't remember lol! Soooo you are already there boo! So will you be back in visiting your bf, so we can meet up? I know you have been wanting to, and I have too, I have just had so much going on, I feel like a bad blog friend boo on me! OMG that mac and cheese looks amazeballs and makes me want to break out my mother n laws recipe and make some lol! I love the colors but I can't see the one you said you like they all say different shades but that one ha! You go girl mowing the grass whoop whoop! That coaster idea looks really cute, you so have to share! So why did you move? love ya Sums

love jenny xoxo said...

i love crafting, wish I was better at following through with all those ideas i see on pinterest like you are!

And I love the colors you are picking, I think you picked a winner.

Can't wait to see more pics!

Love Jenny XOXO

Stephanie said...

You had me at baked mac and cheese! OMG that looks good!

Unknown said...

I've started up with crafting too. I didn't come home to too many friends and Hal is basically non existent with school. Yay for having new homes to decorate to stay busy with.

Kristin said...

were doing the paint thing right now too! we picked a teal for a ascent wall in our room